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The Big Cheese Traditional Mouse and Rat Trap Station

The Big Cheese Traditional Mouse and Rat Trap Station

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The Big Cheese Mouse And Rat Attractant> Absolutely useless

The Big Cheese Mouse And Rat Attractant is absolutely useless product.
I have tested TESTED with 4 different traps for 2 weeks duration. I'm totally dissatisfied.
don't buy this product & waste your money.

Purchased in May 2019 for $7.25.

Value for Money
Ease of Use
Infested Area Kitchen, Living/Dining Room and Outdoors
Pet OwnerNo

Poorly manufactured

What a waste of money. The trap is so poorly manufactured that it can never be triggered no matter what weight is applied to the trigger pad. No instructions supplied.

Purchased in April 2019 at Bunnings Warehouse.

Value for Money
Ease of Use
Infested Area Kitchen
Pet OwnerNo

Caught & released within 2hours!

I bought this product this afternoon as I had a baby male rat move in a few weeks ago! I purchased the attractant aswell also put shredded cheese!

rat killer

So far since we got the trap have caught 8 rats. Saw one running around yard. Think we only missed catching one night. One thing to take note of is the trigger plate gets caught up on the side so make sure it's under the metal stop built into cage

No good

Bought the ultra rat trap station as see a rat daily coming to eat the bird feed that falls to the floor put this trap right by where he goes and a week later rat is still there obviously the bait that comes with it is of no interest to it would not recommend this product.

Waste of money

Either your products are crap or we have a very clever mouse. Who knows!! I know we wasted $100 on your products. Bought the sound wave plug in point X2 ha what a joke same night the mouse was in our room never heard it in our room before so maybe it did the opposite attracted it in. Eats the cheese off every single trap doesn't set it off. Disappointed!

Jury is out !

Have caught 3 mice so far and then last night trap caught the mouse but by time I got up the mouse had eaten his way out of trap !

Caught 2 mice within the space of an hour!

This review is for the Ultra Power mouse trap, which I can't seem to find on here but figured this is similar and works the same.
This is so much more humane then regular wooden traps.. It kills virtually instantly. It's definitely worth paying a few extra dollars for a good quality trap like these. Would recommend!

Worked well

First night I set it in the pantry. Mouse in it this morning. Will reset it again and see if there is any more. Hate regular traps, these are far more humane. Will continue with these

Not of any use at all

Wastage of money and time .Bought from bunning yesterday to catch alive rats but they eaten all bait and didn't attract mouse at all .wasted my money ..v disappointed from this product .

Caught within 12hrs

I saw a mouse scuttle across my bathroom floor one night and decided to try out these traps. They work very effectively as long as you place them parallel to walls - the way they tend to walk. Caught the culprit on the first night we set the traps! Definitely a great alternative to the traps that kill them violently. We let him go a ways away from residential areas and it was a clean, no fuss solution :)

Caught a big rat

Caught a rat by the leg and never let go. I was certain the poor thing was going to escape but this trap held it very well.
I would've preferred to not have to kill it myself but am happy it's no longer in my roof.

Perfect for those that are easily scared of setting old fashioned traps

I've bought this one for the rat that was behind the shed and i bought the smaller black version for the mice in the house. easy to bait just unscrew the top, put bait in then screw it back. setting is easy as. place in box and press down on trap and walla trap is set with no chance of fingers getting caught in a premature SNAP!!!.

Rat was caught that night only thing is it stayed alive screeching until i tipped the whole thing in a bucket (most humain way in my opinion) of water.

Mouse was caught within first 30 seconds of sighting it that night (he died instantly). trap was reset within 2 minutes including dumping mouse in outside bin.

I've bought the big cheese multi catch (non killing ones) before and the mice get smart and block the trapdoor open to escape (true story)

Poor trap

I had a mouse under the couch had 2 set up ( the ones that pivot on a point then the lid shuts) at the only exit entry point the mouse loved the traps I watched it go in feed and out 3 times had to throw a Lego block at the trap the third time the problem is it needs to be a very large mouse to actual get it to tip and close but if you had one that big it couldn't fit in the trap these are very very poor.


I don't normally write reviews on products but I am happy with the plastic mouse trap that to get to the bait they must touch the part that sets the trap off. Only issue was they weren't that attracted to the bait and I substituted with peanut butter.

rip off

I bought 2 of these from Bunnings. All they did was FEED the mice. Our dog is quicker to catch a mouse than these things. I am going back to bunnings for a full refund. NOT HAPPY

Dosn't work

I purchased one of these from Bunnings, but as soon as close the lid, the trap shuts, I ended up working out it's not the lid but the trap itself is probaly poorly made. So as a test I set the trap on a bench( left it out of the station) then within 30 secs the trap would close(I tried about 20 times same result)

Close probably

Is the station supposed to close probably after the trap has been set up inside the station?
Because i was in Bunning today, and there was a sample of the station. The trap will be triggered if i close the station since the trap is too high or the ceiling of the station is not high enough.

The Big Cheese Poison Free Mouse Trap Station

This product works , I highly recommend, after failed attempts to catch the mouse with another mouse trap from Mortein that failed miserably, I purchased this and used melted cheese as bait, finally caught one of the little rodents, happy days.

Questions & Answers

What are the brass pins for included with the big cheese rodent trap station? Nothing in the instructions and no obvious use.
No answers

I am not able to actually listen to the You Tube how to do.. so I am hoping that it works going on what i think I have to do.. does it definitely need a bait.. will it capture a possum? I think thats what is in my roof. :(
1 answer
I'm not sure if it will catch a possum. Possums are a lot bigger and may not fit through the hole. And yes you do have to use bait. It has a snapping trap inside

Is the station supposed to close probably after the trap has been set up inside the station? Because i was in Bunning today, and there was a sample of the station. The trap will be triggered if i close the station since the trap is too high or the ceiling of the station is not high enough.
1 answer
Yes the station will close after the trap has been set inside, the trap is designed to be triggered only if there is pressure inside the trap , not from closing the station

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