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The Entourage Build Program

The Entourage Build Program

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Worst Decision Ever, Absolute Scam

Was sold the dream that they would be an entourage to help grow & nuture our small business only to be told to watch videos that have generic information that I could literally find on google for free and not for the $14k that I’ve almost paid. Every time I tried to contact an ‘expert’ they would never be available or links wouldn’t work. Called on multiple occasions for help or direction only to be told they would call back then to be never called. Tried to cancel my membership on many occassions and still haven’t allowed me to. I’ve wasted so much time, effort and money on what I believe is an absolute scam that should taken to the authorities. They pray on small businesses and take their money and would be the reason why a lot of small business close down. I understand their learning is a type of self learning and you get out what you put in but for the price they charge for this ‘education’ with no certification at the end is an absolute joke and they should be embarrassed of the company they have created.
You’ve taken hard working, trusting, families money and burned a hole in their pocket with no remorse.

Wouldn’t be surprised to see them on accurrent afair as the scam of the century.

Never again. Threw out my workbooks after I finished the course.

I was hesitant to leave this review 2 years ago when I did their ‘Launch' course, but with 2 years experience in the startup ecosystem, it has only strengthened my abysmal opinion of The Entourage.

To begin with, their sales tactics involve belittling you to feel like anything other than saying 'yes' to forking out 4k+ means that you neglect and fail to care about your business. When I showed hesitation during the ‘free 1hr consultation', the male bluntly chastised me with "don't you care about your business?". These people work off your insecurities, and much to my own regret, I signed up.

I had already been in business for a couple years, but they pushed me into the top of their funnel - the ‘Launch' program when I would've been more suited to the ‘Scale' program. This to me, was just another way to maximise their profits off me as possible by ensuring I had to start from the first course in their progressively expensive product line.

I TRULY believe you can spend less than $100 on bestselling startup books (The Lean Startup, Running Lean, Start With Why are just some) and you'll cover 90% of their 4k program (the cost has probably gone up since 2016). The remaining 10% was spent on learning about crowdfunding, which, was not applicable to most of the attendees.

Having built connections in the startup space, having amazing mentors to guide me, I can only hope that this review helps someone out there stop themselves from wasting away precious money that could be used in building their business. The Australian startup community is truly one that supports one another. You will undoubtedly find help and support if you seek it - and a lot of it comes for free from experienced, well-meaning people. Entourage are just leeches - they see an industry where they can make money by selling the dreams of entrepreneurship, but talk to entrepreneurs and hear how the advice is often, ‘you have to get out there and do it’ and ‘you learn more in practice than in a school’. This is not to discredit those mentors who come and speak at their programs, but if you’re after a specific mentor, there’s a high chance they’re in the events speaking circuit and you could find them at many other startup events.

Honestly, if you’re looking for guidance but don’t want to pay exorbitant fees (which you shouldn’t have to), find me on LinkedIn (linkedin.com/in/imlisatran/)

Not what I expected

The business growth seminar (free) was awesome value although I did pay for VIP tickets which was worth it! I joined and had my growth path with [name removed] and I've been watching videos and looking at content, nothing new to me. I've requested 3 times to cancel now within my first 30 days but simply don't hear back. It seems they like to take your money but recovering it and cancelling is another thing!

Perfect for Start Up Businesses!!

Loved this program as it not only delivered quality content but the practical shove it gave to just get out there and start doing what all those little voices in your keep holding you back from. The guys are all quality leaders and have years of experience. Highly recommend this to anyone who has just started or thinking of starting a new business.

Charismatic Con

I did the build program. Wow where do I begin? They talk a lot about values. In my experience their values are: greed, money, not caring about others, ego, false promises, superiority, dishonesty, selfishness, shallowness, dog eat dog for the sale and money. Money is their end game and if that comes at the expense of your confidence, being respected, wasting your time, being lied and deceived to- so be it. Don't do it to yourself- you're worth more than that. Take your money and your dignity- because they have zero qualms taking those from you. A real class act. Just goes to show- money doesn't buy you class as a human being.

Flips me out !!

I have gained tonnes of lessons , to empower my staff and my life .
I've met wonderful people that have given me a sense of support and friendship.
I am flipped out at how much beautiful energy and passion has gone into this company .
It is an absolute pleasure to be affiliated . Xo
Much love .

Smoke and Mirrors

I did the Scalable and Saleable Program. The owner used to say "making truth out of untruth" well that's a complete lie. This is just a sales exercise- they get in your head, mirror you and use sales tactics. They promise a lot and they emotionally bully people to get what they want- which is your money. They talk a lot about culture- well their culture is sexist, emotionally abusive and they value only greed. They have no respect and take more than they give. If you want your talents trampled all over and your money taken- sign up! "Enable greatness" is their logo- more like tripping up greatness for one's own selfish greed.

Feeling duped by a company of no substance

I signed up to a Diploma of Business after attending a fantastic conference and seeing and hearing all the possibilities from this company. I started my diploma with gusto! I had my wow guru who took 2 weeks to initially introduce himself and then never heard from again...wow what a guru!! I had no support...students were expected to give each other support which is ok if your getting something else from the entourage...which didn't happen. I feel I was scammed and duped by a company thats just in the business to make money...what an entrepreneurial way to do it! Use small business owners vunerability to use what little money they have at start up stage and then drop them like a sack of potatoes once they are signed up and paid...disgusting! I wanted to warn others as I wish I had. Good luck entrepreneurs, there are many other ways to get the info and its not through the entourage.

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