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Generic and overpriced program with terrible customer service

I signed up to the Scaleable and Saleable program back in late 2014 after a hard sell from one of the 'entrepreneur development managers'. The way they rope you in gives you a very skeptical feeling - essentially a gym membership type sale. When I said I needed time to make my decision, the lady literally told me I had to sign the contract first and call later to confirm. I was obviously reluctant but after they reassured me that there was a 1 month trial, I went along with it.
After being underwhelmed by the online content (relative to how expensive the course was), which was essentially a rehash of their free events plus generic info you can find online for free, I called to try and cancel before the first workshop. To my surprise they flat out refused and said that you needed to go to the workshop before you can leave, in a fairly rude manner. For some context, I was a young kid who hadn't built up a business yet so leaving at this stage because my career plan changed should have been more than reasonable.
When I reluctantly got to the workshop to tell them in person that I wanted to cancel, they stalled again and told me that I would need to speak to their senior manager who was also one of their speakers. After a week of trying to get a hold of this person over the phone, they finally agreed to process the cancellation after telling me off. In hindsight, the whole experience leaves you with a bitter taste as the way they treat their customers is so incongruent with what they preach. I almost didn't want to post this review given my respect for the founder but people should be made aware of this before deciding whether to sign up to their courses.

NO! Invest the money into your business! Hire a real 1:1 Business coach. Do not sign up!

They don't really care about you, only the money. My goal for my time with the Entourage was to build my business up to either run itself or sell. The man and one of the head guys back in 2014, knew I was a single mother with a little boy with special needs and I was working ridiculous hours on only a few hours sleep a night. I knew he was using all those sales tricks on me, but whatever, it's not unusual and I chose to look beyond that.

So the 15min coaching calls.... yes, a 20 something bachelor with no children working in the fitness industry can REALLY relate to my situation.... absolutely NOT! being told to get up an hour earlier when you already get up at 4am after 2-5 hrs sleep to work on strategy, etc is not the best solution. I can't tell you how many calls I had that I ended up feeling like a loser and a couple of times in tears.

I also couldn't attend any of their events as they were all in hours I couldn't possibly get too.

Finally I decide to sell my business and I thought, great! Now maybe these guys can really help.... no they couldn't. After nearly a year being told to employ someone else for your weaknesses, I was now being told that these entrepreneurs knew no Business Brokers and I should sell the business myself. Thanks.

And as for customer service when you actually need.... good luck.

Thanks Entourage for fooling a hardworking single mother to part with $15k that could have actually been used on something useful. For making her feel like she wasn't good enough.

And I also noticed that after a whole heap of 1 star votes on the Scaleable Saleable review page and a few low ones on here, there are now a heap of 5star votes created all within about a week. Funny that.

Smoke and Mirrors

I did the Scalable and Saleable Program. The owner used to say "making truth out of untruth" well that's a complete lie. This is just a sales exercise- they get in your head, mirror you and use sales tactics. They promise a lot and they emotionally bully people to get what they want- which is your money. They talk a lot about culture- well their culture is sexist, emotionally abusive and they value only greed. They have no respect and take more than they give. If you want your talents trampled all over and your money taken- sign up! "Enable greatness" is their logo- more like tripping up greatness for one's own selfish greed.

Feeling duped by a company of no substance

I signed up to a Diploma of Business after attending a fantastic conference and seeing and hearing all the possibilities from this company. I started my diploma with gusto! I had my wow guru who took 2 weeks to initially introduce himself and then never heard from again...wow what a guru!! I had no support...students were expected to give each other support which is ok if your getting something else from the entourage...which didn't happen. I feel I was scammed and duped by a company thats just in the business to make money...what an entrepreneurial way to do it! Use small business owners vunerability to use what little money they have at start up stage and then drop them like a sack of potatoes once they are signed up and paid...disgusting! I wanted to warn others as I wish I had. Good luck entrepreneurs, there are many other ways to get the info and its not through the entourage.

Charismatic Con

I did the build program. Wow where do I begin? They talk a lot about values. In my experience their values are: greed, money, not caring about others, ego, false promises, superiority, dishonesty, selfishness, shallowness, dog eat dog for the sale and money. Money is their end game and if that comes at the expense of your confidence, being respected, wasting your time, being lied and deceived to- so be it. Don't do it to yourself- you're worth more than that. Take your money and your dignity- because they have zero qualms taking those from you. A real class act. Just goes to show- money doesn't buy you class as a human being.

Just another number

I signed up in 2014, on a promise of being able to scale my business and get better sales.
I lost the heart of my business in commercialization and am still paying for it today. My business went downhill as soon as I signed up, even though I was implementing everything they told me to.
The "adviser" calls were a waste of time, I spent 15 mins explaining my pain points only for the coaches to turn around and say they had no solutions... and then cut the call off abruptly as they had to get on the next call.
The portal was useless - 2-3 hours watching previous workshops... not easy to find an answer in 2-3 hours when its all just chatting at a live event.
The networking was useless and expensive (having to fly to sydney)- they said they would match me to those in my area in the same industry.. They introduced me to one person who was in Sydney (and my biz is geographically limited).
When I told them I was in a dire situation - 4 kids to support, a partner who lost his job, I was chronically sick, we had to sell a car, and had to move to a teeny tiny house and try and run my business from there they commented and said "You get out what you put in"... I couldn't believe it. They do not care about their members at all.
I rang the manager and she wrote back and said she would be on holiday for the next 1.5 months and would call me on her return.. So I cancelled my credit card.
The next week someone higher called me and tried to work out a new deal with me to get back on my feet. He suggested 3 months of the program for free, so they could prove to me that they could help.
A month later - they backtracked and said just 1 month for free. I emailed him back, and questioned why the backtracking.. to this date (a year and a half later) I still haven't heard from them.
My business and family is STILL paying with low sales. 2014 was our peak, I wish I'd never signed up.. we haven't had any growth in two years thanks to their bad advice.
Don't sign up unless you have money to burn.

Solid knowledge, great peers, excellent delivery

I thought the Launch program was excellent. Having completed an MBA 8 years ago (at MBS) I had a high bar.
I'd like more small group work, not just pairs
longer to access the portal
More units where pre-work is demanded and then assumed (like sales)

Worst Organisation Ever - they take your money and you never hear from them.

I enrolled in a course with The Entourage and it all went down hill from there. I finished my assignments and had 7 of the 8 marked and then I received my certificate and it only listed 4 subjects. I have tried numerous times to get a hold of someone to fix this but it is all to no avail, by phone, email and through social media. I put in a complaint to ASQA and they informed me that the Entourage are no longer registered as a training organisation. I have contacted the records department and am waiting to hear back from them, the next step being a lawyer.

An exceptional Program I would recommend to ANY Entrepreneur

Thought provoking, collaborative, great collegiate atmosphere. Facilitators were knowledgeable, inspirational and of immense value. Content awesome. Left each Workshop bracket with so many ideas, initiatives and instruction that we have already been able to implement and much, much more to implement in the weeks and months ahead. Cannot recommend it highly enough. Thanks especially to Peter, Grant and the Events Team for making us all feel so special and valued.

Flips me out !!

I have gained tonnes of lessons , to empower my staff and my life .
I've met wonderful people that have given me a sense of support and friendship.
I am flipped out at how much beautiful energy and passion has gone into this company .
It is an absolute pleasure to be affiliated . Xo
Much love .

Exactly what I needed

Launch Program is a "boot camp" for entrepreneurs. Launch program is a journey where entrepreneurs are inspired and motivated by the presenters, armed with knowledge and challenged to wrap their minds and connect their hearts around the matter that is important to them. This course provides excellent foundations towards materializing whatever we have projected in our heads.

Clarity! I just stopped shooting in the dark

The launch program gave me clear direction on how and where to go, now i can create, follow and change if needed a plan to grow my business! I can already feel the growth and I am extremely happy to get closer to my goals! Thanks to Jack and his vision I am now starting to live my life on purpose!

What a fantastic experience!

The energy and the environment of the Entourage was electric! The journey of running a business is scary but the way they teach you the latest advice and tips makes it super easy, simple and so clear you wonder why you hadn't thought of it before. I would have liked the opportunity to have a mentor for this launch phase as it was a lot to take in over the 2 day workshops, it would have been beneficial to have someone to talk to after to clarify things and help move you forward when the fear paralyses you. I would definitely recommend the Launch program though and the people at the Entourage are fantastic too!

Loved it!

Loved the way the training was presented. Loved access to experts when we needed it. Portal was great! I'd suggest having a mentor during this first stage as people starting out are really not sure what to do and where to go-really need a bit of hand holding at the beginning. Overall a brilliant program. I was happy travelling from WA for it! Thanks guys

Inspirational. Proactive Education

The Entourage is a skilled team of cutting edge educators. Over the 4 months I was in a safe space to test out new ideas while being shown new techniques and technology. My new concept Positively Productive is still work in progress but The Entourage is helping me progress with solid foundations.

Insight and incentive

I needed two things; to revise my "raison d'etre" and to get up to date marketing knowledge
The launch program through Mission and vision and product to market provided that and more.

Getting on the road to entrepreneurship

I enjoyed the launch program immensely! the quality of information shared, the people coming to talk about their own businesses and successes, the energy...all was exactly what we need at Launch Time. Inspiration and knowledge on the steps to work on. And for that it was great but i was also left with the profound desire to have a one on one with someone who could not give me the general steps for what a business must do but look at my business and have the feedback i desperately needed, the next step! the direction. What it did is that instead of signing up to Build i looked for a personal coach because even after the course i realised i was still somewhat in the dark.

Not what I expected

Found the course brushed over important tools for what I wanted out of the course. Mostly wanted a focus on marketing and lead gen- we spent a whole afternoon on pod casts (which I appreciate works for many industries) but does not work for my business. Felt time should have been spent on re targeting and Facebook ads and really implementing.
Unrelated to the actual course I found it overly male dominated and could not relate to the advisors as I work in lingerie. Shama was great but really needed different opinions. Petes sales strategies was hands down the best part, and his wife's part on psychology was amazing.
Overall course was good I got a lot out of it, but seemed really rushed and a bit irrelevant for the fashion industry.

Never again. Threw out my workbooks after I finished the course.

I was hesitant to leave this review 2 years ago when I did their ‘Launch' course, but with 2 years experience in the startup ecosystem, it has only strengthened my abysmal opinion of The Entourage.

To begin with, their sales tactics involve belittling you to feel like anything other than saying 'yes' to forking out 4k+ means that you neglect and fail to care about your business. When I showed hesitation during the ‘free 1hr consultation', the male bluntly chastised me with "don't you care about your business?". These people work off your insecurities, and much to my own regret, I signed up.

I had already been in business for a couple years, but they pushed me into the top of their funnel - the ‘Launch' program when I would've been more suited to the ‘Scale' program. This to me, was just another way to maximise their profits off me as possible by ensuring I had to start from the first course in their progressively expensive product line.

I TRULY believe you can spend less than $100 on bestselling startup books (The Lean Startup, Running Lean, Start With Why are just some) and you'll cover 90% of their 4k program (the cost has probably gone up since 2016). The remaining 10% was spent on learning about crowdfunding, which, was not applicable to most of the attendees.

Having built connections in the startup space, having amazing mentors to guide me, I can only hope that this review helps someone out there stop themselves from wasting away precious money that could be used in building their business. The Australian startup community is truly one that supports one another. You will undoubtedly find help and support if you seek it - and a lot of it comes for free from experienced, well-meaning people. Entourage are just leeches - they see an industry where they can make money by selling the dreams of entrepreneurship, but talk to entrepreneurs and hear how the advice is often, ‘you have to get out there and do it’ and ‘you learn more in practice than in a school’. This is not to discredit those mentors who come and speak at their programs, but if you’re after a specific mentor, there’s a high chance they’re in the events speaking circuit and you could find them at many other startup events.

Honestly, if you’re looking for guidance but don’t want to pay exorbitant fees (which you shouldn’t have to), find me on LinkedIn (linkedin.com/in/imlisatran/)

Not what I expected

The business growth seminar (free) was awesome value although I did pay for VIP tickets which was worth it! I joined and had my growth path with [name removed] and I've been watching videos and looking at content, nothing new to me. I've requested 3 times to cancel now within my first 30 days but simply don't hear back. It seems they like to take your money but recovering it and cancelling is another thing!

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