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The Entourage

has changed the way I view business.

It has helped me grow as a person and will completely change how I view my business . From marketing to who my target market is.

Intensive mind-blowing course

Through out this 5 day program, it gave me clarity to launch the business I am passionate about which lead me to quit my full time job and pursue what I want to do.

Perfect for Start Up Businesses!!

Loved this program as it not only delivered quality content but the practical shove it gave to just get out there and start doing what all those little voices in your keep holding you back from. The guys are all quality leaders and have years of experience. Highly recommend this to anyone who has just started or thinking of starting a new business.

Secret of Alchemy reveal!!!

I wished I'd had done this sooner. The contents delivered is gold. Very knowledgeable, inspiring and charismatic facilitator. Awesome support network. A lot of tips and tricks revealed. Can't wait to use the new skill sets acquired immediately. Love the work The Entourage is doing.

Recommended for any small to large business for quality training

If you need to launch your business or create better sales psychology and understanding of what your customers are really thinking to better understand you and your products. Thanks heaps Petar....

Luke @ twoeyesee.com.au

Launch has changes my life - Both Personally and Professionally

I discovered The Entourage 2 years ago when they presented UnConvention in Melbourne. I was impressed with their speakers and their educational workshops. Back then I couldn't afford the price of their 12-month program. Funny enough, I decided to call them 6-months ago and was thrilled to discover they offer a more affordable model. I'm now into my 3rd module of the Launch program. The Launch program is not just for people with a business idea it's also for individuals with a proven idea that need to learn those fundamental principles and foundations that will set them on the right path to avoid future mistakes that could be costly. What I have learned from Launch has not only changed my life, it impacts all of my decisions when it comes to working on my online businesses that I want to grow and nurture. The presenters are great; they know their thing! I've written posts about my experience in a lot more depth on my blog just search for the word "Entourage" for those wanting to read more specifics regarding each workshop that is part of the Launch program. I love being surrounded with like-minded people who are just as fiery and passionate about business and this journey we are all on.

An exceptional Program I would recommend to ANY Entrepreneur

Thought provoking, collaborative, great collegiate atmosphere. Facilitators were knowledgeable, inspirational and of immense value. Content awesome. Left each Workshop bracket with so many ideas, initiatives and instruction that we have already been able to implement and much, much more to implement in the weeks and months ahead. Cannot recommend it highly enough. Thanks especially to Peter, Grant and the Events Team for making us all feel so special and valued.

Flips me out !!

I have gained tonnes of lessons , to empower my staff and my life .
I've met wonderful people that have given me a sense of support and friendship.
I am flipped out at how much beautiful energy and passion has gone into this company .
It is an absolute pleasure to be affiliated . Xo
Much love .

Exactly what I needed

Launch Program is a "boot camp" for entrepreneurs. Launch program is a journey where entrepreneurs are inspired and motivated by the presenters, armed with knowledge and challenged to wrap their minds and connect their hearts around the matter that is important to them. This course provides excellent foundations towards materializing whatever we have projected in our heads.

As it was sold

I was told that you would only get out what you put in.
This form of learning aligns perfectly with my style of learning. Although i found some subject simple, others challenged me to improve which was the ideal stage I was at. The scale program was a perfect lead on from where I am now.
Perhaps more structured outline of the entire program upon commencement so we can see the vision for us from you. A road map to completion so it can put the subjects into context with each other as a journey of growth.
Stress and show the way to us the portal to its best advantage.
Delivery model is excellent. Work books may be better refined as a resource to recall post subject.
Also a detailed analysis of an individual when and if they are ready to advance to scale at the back end of build is all i can suggest to refine its closing out.
Hope this helps - keep up the good work.

Clarity! I just stopped shooting in the dark

The launch program gave me clear direction on how and where to go, now i can create, follow and change if needed a plan to grow my business! I can already feel the growth and I am extremely happy to get closer to my goals! Thanks to Jack and his vision I am now starting to live my life on purpose!

Solid knowledge, great peers, excellent delivery

I thought the Launch program was excellent. Having completed an MBA 8 years ago (at MBS) I had a high bar.
I'd like more small group work, not just pairs
longer to access the portal
More units where pre-work is demanded and then assumed (like sales)

What a fantastic experience!

The energy and the environment of the Entourage was electric! The journey of running a business is scary but the way they teach you the latest advice and tips makes it super easy, simple and so clear you wonder why you hadn't thought of it before. I would have liked the opportunity to have a mentor for this launch phase as it was a lot to take in over the 2 day workshops, it would have been beneficial to have someone to talk to after to clarify things and help move you forward when the fear paralyses you. I would definitely recommend the Launch program though and the people at the Entourage are fantastic too!

Loved it!

Loved the way the training was presented. Loved access to experts when we needed it. Portal was great! I'd suggest having a mentor during this first stage as people starting out are really not sure what to do and where to go-really need a bit of hand holding at the beginning. Overall a brilliant program. I was happy travelling from WA for it! Thanks guys

Inspirational. Proactive Education

The Entourage is a skilled team of cutting edge educators. Over the 4 months I was in a safe space to test out new ideas while being shown new techniques and technology. My new concept Positively Productive is still work in progress but The Entourage is helping me progress with solid foundations.

Insight and incentive

I needed two things; to revise my "raison d'etre" and to get up to date marketing knowledge
The launch program through Mission and vision and product to market provided that and more.

Gave me the push I needed

I'd been in business for a few months while working fulltime but I didn't have the business running well enough or the motivation to take it full time, beyond the awesome advice given in the workshops from the advisors, the people in our group got me motivated to actually do more with my business and I'm actually seeing the results. Highly recommended

Getting on the road to entrepreneurship

I enjoyed the launch program immensely! the quality of information shared, the people coming to talk about their own businesses and successes, the energy...all was exactly what we need at Launch Time. Inspiration and knowledge on the steps to work on. And for that it was great but i was also left with the profound desire to have a one on one with someone who could not give me the general steps for what a business must do but look at my business and have the feedback i desperately needed, the next step! the direction. What it did is that instead of signing up to Build i looked for a personal coach because even after the course i realised i was still somewhat in the dark.

Not what I expected

Found the course brushed over important tools for what I wanted out of the course. Mostly wanted a focus on marketing and lead gen- we spent a whole afternoon on pod casts (which I appreciate works for many industries) but does not work for my business. Felt time should have been spent on re targeting and Facebook ads and really implementing.
Unrelated to the actual course I found it overly male dominated and could not relate to the advisors as I work in lingerie. Shama was great but really needed different opinions. Petes sales strategies was hands down the best part, and his wife's part on psychology was amazing.
Overall course was good I got a lot out of it, but seemed really rushed and a bit irrelevant for the fashion industry.

Not what I expected

The business growth seminar (free) was awesome value although I did pay for VIP tickets which was worth it! I joined and had my growth path with [name removed] and I've been watching videos and looking at content, nothing new to me. I've requested 3 times to cancel now within my first 30 days but simply don't hear back. It seems they like to take your money but recovering it and cancelling is another thing!

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