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The Indian silk original is much better than Chinese silk

I have about 5-6 shirts and 4 T-shirt’s.
I love to orignal silk shirts (made in India), the cut, size was perfect for me and they did not crease. I have more recently purchased the new Chinese silk shirts. I find the fabric does not feel a good, it is thinner and more see through and creases a lot. The major issue and why I am writing this review is the Chinese silk seems to shrink- resulting in puckering among the front and seams. I have persevered, but I’m not happy.

Be careful these clothes are very small

I have nothing over size 14 in my wardrobe and many items are smaller. I read the sizing carefully and ordered XL and am so glad I did. The shirt & top do fit me, but they wouldn't need to be a fraction smaller.
The quality is good. Regarding the packaging, it is lovely, however I would have expected the items to be ironed, they were very creased. i have just spent a long time ironing them. I haven't worn them yet, but they now look lovely.

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Hi Heather, thank you for taking the time to write this review. We're so pleased to hear you've enjoyed our product quality and packaging. We've noted your feedback regarding the creases. We do steam all orders prior to sending however as items travel folded in a box they will arrive with unavoidable fold lines. If you leave them to hang in your wardrobe they will naturally fall out :)

Size comfort excellent but shirt is see through bra is visible

Galaxy shirt.
Lovely fit and feel.
However description clearly states it is not transparent and bra wont show. This is inaccurate.

Hi Tania, thank you for sharing this review. We're pleased to hear you're enjoying the fit and feel of our shirts. We have updated our web site as a result of your feedback regarding the transparency of our Galaxy shirt. Just a reminder we have easy returns and exchanges if need be :)Thanks for acting on the feedback. Also thanks for offering full refund of purchase price and postage.

Armhole frustration!

I have two Fable shirts - one pre August and one from recent new stock Fable 2.0. Quality and sizing is great and fabric irons well but it is impossible to get a good ironed finish on the armholes due I think to French seam finish - the seam just doesn't want to sit flat and is quite puckered. The Fable 2.0 shirt was even harder to iron than previous. Can the French seam be reconsidered?

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Thank you for taking the time to share this review. Your feedback is very valued and we have noted your comments regarding the french seams. The reason we have chosen them is because they offer the most tidy and premium stitching solution, and the one that is the most durable as well. Our customers opinions on our product are the most important and we will take your comments into consideration for future production runs.

Beautiful Silk Shirt

I ordered my shirt through The Iconic. I knew nothing of The Fable. The white shirt arrived promptly and was beautifully and thoughtfully packaged. The shirt was very well folded in a case wrapped with silk paper. It is important to me because it shows, the company cares about what they sell and what their customers think. They do not treat their clothes as disposable objects.
The shirt is beautifully made. I was a little disappointed by the silk at first but, I know there are lots of different kind of silk. I tried the shirt on and it fits perfectly. It looks gorgeous. The silk is soft and very comfortable to wear. I washed it and I will iron it as I liked how the shirt looked like when I first got it. I think that if you take care of those shirts they can last a long way. It is not a Fast Clothing Item and I like that it is ethical. As French say, it is a classic piece that never stays out of fashion.
Now, I have been looking at The Fable website and I will most definitely order other items. I am a size 12, I usually fit perfectly in M and 12 but, I ordered a L as I have strong shoulders and sometimes shirts would require a larger size. As per the bust I am between a 12D or F depending of the bra. I am 164 tall. The L fits me extremely well all over. It looks like it has been tailored for me.

Thank you very much for your feedback, we're really pleased to hear this. Thank you for your comments regarding sizing and washing, this will be useful to others. :)Since my first purchased I have ordered two more shirts. One in pink and one in Royal blue. I do not usually wear pink but, I thought it would be a nice change. My skin has yellow undertones and I have dark brown hair with red. The pink suits me nicely. The royal blue shirt is for my sister who is very fair with blue undertones, blond with blue eyes. Royal blue is my favourite colour and I will get this shirt for myself as well. The silk is slightly different from the previous one I ordered but still beautiful, light and soft. I ordered L for both my sister and I and it fits us perfectly. I am usually an Australian M-12. But, I believe the company follows more if a French sizing. in France I wear L as well. The shirts as vety well tailored. Thank you The Fable!.

Perfect wardrobe key pieces

The shirts are excellent ,made of good silk and the style is beautiful.They wash and wear very well.Delivery is prompt and the packaging beautiful.
What I particularly like about the style is that the sleeves fit beautifully due to the slim fit. The dual buttonholes on the cuff are also insightful.
I now have three shirts ,all neutrals.

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Great to hear, thank you. We're so pleased you're enjoying your shirts. Thank you for your comments on the details, they will be useful to others :)

Love the new patterns but not perfect for the price

I already own a size S in the old/discontinued sleeveless style (still sad that you’re not making sleeveless anymore!) and I love it but I could tell if it had sleeves the shoulders wouldn’t sit right. So when the new styles came out I ordered 2 long sleeves in a size M. (For reference I am usually a size 10 in shirts but I am tall and have a 12C chest). They arrived today!! The sleeves are just right but now it’s a little baggy around the middle. I think that the new material feels more polyester-y than the previous style and the bottom button ends way too high - it’s above the waist band height of anything that’s not a full high waisted pant, so I have these long flaps of shirt at the bottom. Guess I’ll just always have to tuck them in. They are super wrinkly out of the packaging but I’m hoping it will smooth out in the wash (although your product description says crease-resistant)... Just doesn’t quite feel right for the price.

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Hello Kerry, thank you very much for writing this review. Your feedback is valued and helpful. The two shirts you ordered were from our new range, The Fable 2.O Collection. The fabric is now a crepe de chine (from Shanghai) instead of Indian crepe so you will notice a difference in the hand feel and fall of the shirt. In regards to the button positioning, you will find the bottom front button sits slightly higher than shirts in our previous range. Feedback from customers was that they preferred a more relaxed fit and in order to facilitate this we moved the button up slightly so not to constrict the fit around the hips. While our shirts are crease resistant, after having been sent overnight in a box folded they will have a crease line which is unavoidable. If you would like to exchange or return your order, please keep in mind we have an easy returns policy. Once again, thank you for taking the time to write this review, we appreciate all feedback from our customers.

I'm a convert

Great overall experience at The Fable. I'd been eyeing off their shirts for a while and sent my details through straight away when I saw they offered samples of the fabric/colours.
I received my shirts yesterday (ordered last Friday) and the packaging is so beautiful and delicate, I didn't think there were two shirts in the box! I tried them on straight away and I've never had such well fitting shirts. I'll definitely be getting a lot of wear out of them.
Best customer service I've experience in quite a white - thankyou Sophie!! I'm sure I'll be back soon xx

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Thank you for the feedback. Great to hear you enjoyed The Fable experience! We hope you get great wear out of your two shirts.

Questions & Answers

Hi, just wondered if the sizes have changed recently.. Bought 2 size M shirts a few months ago that fit great, but a recent purchase of an M has me swimming in the shirt? Please advise. Thanks.
1 answer
Hello, thanks for reaching out. We haven't changed our sizing although our fabric has changed slightly so depending on when you placed your last order, this could be why you're noticing a difference. We have easy exchanges and returns so please send us an email at info@thefable.com.au and we can find a solution for you :) Jessica

Hi there! is the white spot or rose quartz colour transparent?
1 answer
Hello Lana, Dalmatian isn’t transparent however we recommend wearing a nude bra with Rose Wuartz as it has a degree of transparency. Very best, Jessica

I'm thinking of buying the new T-Shirt in white but wondering how see-through, can I wear it with a nude bra and that wouldn't show?
2 answers
Hi Evas, You can. If you wear a nude or white bra underneath it will not be visible. Let me know if I can further assist. JessicaI wore it without a singlet (beige bra) for my first wear and felt exposed at work. I feel like I need a singlet under the white shirt.

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