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The First Years Close & Secure Sleeper

The First Years Close & Secure Sleeper

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Amazing! Perfect for day sleeps & travelling

I used this when she was tiny for all her day sleeps in the living room while I'd be cooking and busy so I could keep an eye on her and she loved being close to me. I also used when we travelled. It was really handy but as I had an arms reach co sleeper cot, the deluxe model, I didn't need it for night time except travelling. Highly recommend.

Love this. Has helped heaps with my sleep which was a priority plus babys too

Love this sleeper. I put my Tshirt that ive worn that day over the matteress.it helps sooth baby as im sure he can smell me. Its easy to lift him in and out at night for feeding then pop him back in. No in and out of the bed every half hour to the bassinet in d cold nights plus i find my son is sleeping better and longer beside me-again a comfort thing. Its quite large so ive put it on one side of the bed instead of in the middle of our king bed. I didnt rate it 5 stars as the only one downfall i have is that i wd like it to be longer in length. My boy is now 3 months old and the full length of it. Other than that Its awesome and easy to grab and bring with us if we want to stay anywhere overnight. Love it. I recommend it to any mother with a newborn. Sleep deprivision is the worst. Its now being sold in Target for $35 bucks. Well worth it

Not suitable for sleeping in Queen bed with 2 adults

When my husband and I tried this out in our queen size bed it took up so much room my husband ended up putting his pillow at the other end of the bed just to get some sleep/ not fall off the bed.
Also note that to you're meant to have 1 blanket per adult so you may need to get an extra blanket/ doona each.

This product may work for you if you're planning on using it inside a cot or have a bigger bed but it is definitely not a bassinet replacement.

I really like it

I really like the close and secure sleeper as you can place it directly in the cot and no need for a bassinet.
Baby snuggle in it well and is very happy. The price is also good, I paid about $70 for it from toys r us...only catch is it's not very long and my baby outgrew it in 2 months!!

Helpful product

I found the co-sleeper brilliant to use following my c-section. It meant that I didn't need to get out of bed repeatedly and made feeding at night so much easier.

The downside of the co-sleeper was the velcro at the end seemed superfluous and ruined the sheets on the bed. The mattress cover in the co-sleeper also had so much velcro on it that it couldn't be washed with anything else and was continually stricking together when washing it. GIven my baby vomited a bit, I needed to wash it quite often.

good all rounder

Love this. Used this on top of my babyzen yoyo newborn nest as my little boys bed for 2 months,so he could be at bed height without having to be in the bed. Made resettling easier as i could push the pram. The length isn't the best but my little man just put his legs over the end or the side and often sleeps on his side, so his legs are curled up. We still put him in it now at 6 months for some of his day sleeps, wrapped lying on his side, on the couch, so he is supervised at all times. And my little man is quite long too.

Only ok for a short while, it's to short and noisy

The First Years Close & Secure Sleeper is ok by my standards, it is quite noisy when my baby moves, he is only 6 weeks and already kicks the foot end. If they made it longer and a little more secure it would be great! The sides could be a little more secure, when he moves it folds under his feet.


I used this for both my girls and worked a treat. I could pack it up and take it with me where ever I went, no need to pack a port a cot into the car when we went away.


I bought one only because it was on sale but wasn't sure if I would use it! I used it for ages and I highly recommend it to everyone! My baby used it till about 4 & ½ months. It was brilliant not only for the bed but found it was also great on the couch and awesome to take to friends' places if my baby was to have a sleep at their place in a bedroom. Very happy!
Lightweight, easy to clean, folds up, easily portable, washable

Works for the first 2 months

I bought this sleeper to put bub in and co sleep after my Csection (I don't believe in co-sleeping due to SIDS risk but had no easier option due to my limited mobility). With my sore tummy and a constantly crying baby, the close and secure sleeper made it easier for me to check on him or pacify him without having to repeatedly get up from the bed. The downside of this sleeper - bub grew out of it before he was 8-9 weeks old, and he s a tiny baby! Unless you have an extra $70 to spare, i wouldn't recommend buying this product for a matter of few weeks.
Can co-sleep for the first 4-5 weeks, very portable, compact
Cant be used for a baby over 4-5 weeks.

Loved it

My baby slept like a champion and I loved being so close. The nightlight was prefect for minimal disturbance and he quickly learnt night from day. My only complaint would be that he grew out of it too quickly - I would've liked to use it for longer. I would definitely use it again.

Best thing I ever bought

I've had my baby in here since day 1 and his now 10 weeks old. He sleeps 6-7 hours a night. I get to sleep because he is close by. I have a king bed so it allowed me and hubby to sleep without being squishy. I don't know how I would survive without this.
Only $50, compact, portable, made mummy sleep in night
The mattress can be quite loud if baby is figgity

great for the early months

This product was a life saver in the early months with my newborn. It provided peace of mind when sleeping next to my baby. We have a king size bead so there were no issues with the width for us. As it lays on top of you matress there was no issue with the comfort level.
aided sleep for the baby and me

Love the close & secure sleeper

I wish we bought this instead of our bassinet!
My son is 5 weeks old this week and for the first time last night since buying the safe and secure sleeper he self settled! We like to co sleep with bub as he was born two weeks early and has been hard to put down to sleep. I was terrified of sids but this product has helped reassure me about bubs safety whilst we co sleep. Every time I placed bub in his bassinet he screamed, yet he didn't make a sound when I placed him in the safe and secure sleeper. I love the night light too as bub always grizzled when all the lights were off. It is however a bit of a tight squeeze in our Queen bed for my partner, bub & I.
Safe, practical, easy to clean & carry.
Can be a tight squeeze in a queen bed for couples co sleeping


I came home from hospital after having a c section and just had to have one of these so I didnt have to get out of bed each time bub woke. It was soooo wide me and hubby only just comfortably fit in our queen bed with it, but when our toddler comes in there is no chance! The matress is really plasticy and makes loud noises when you put bub in.
safe and convenient after c section and for travel
short and very wide, plastic noisy matress, overpriced

Love love loved it

This was the best my baby girl is 6 months tomorrow and we just stopped using it ( we slightly modified the length at 4 months) but it made me feel so safe as i was very scared or SIDS. Was great that we could take it anywhere and our baby loved it.
Made me feel safe, could take it anywhere
Would be good if length was adjustable but easily modified by hubby

Can you please advise on how to modify the length? My baby is 2.5 months and squished already!Would love some advice on how you modified :) Thanks

Love it.

I loved this thing. I used it at home I used it on trips it went pretty much anywhere the diaper bag went, I was so happy with this product I wouldn't recommend any other if you are looking to have your baby in bed with you. It folds up nicely. Is super easy to clean if needed. The batteries on the light were easy I would say the only thing wrong with it is that the one I had the bulb fade or flickered if left on for more then a few minutes.
Easy to make mobile or have in home, easy to clean and so convienient
The light flickered on the one I had.

I loved mine

It's great for co sleeping as previously said. It is small but I slightly modified mine to allow bub to sleep in it longer..... I highly recommend it as long as you don't mind modifying it so bub can sleep in it longer. It's inexpensive and folds up easy for travel. I also bought a new mattress to put in it to make it more supportive and comfy
Co sleeping safely, inexpensive. Great for travel
Too short

How did you modify it?I purchased another one and sewed the ends together after taking out the bottom barrier. I used it until my daughter was 7 months

Not long enough

My baby had grown out of this product by about one month of age. I don't understand why they don't make them longer! Fortunately I purchased and sold product on ebay so didn't waste my money. Also, the mattress is quite thin and I would imagine not terribly comfortable. Not impressed!
Allowed baby to sleep close to us in bed in the first month (he wasn't fussed on it though and we went to a bassinet instead))
Not long enough - too quickly outgrown


I really love the idea of this product and have loved it for the 3 short weeks I have been able to make use of it but it is just too small. I am not sure of my babies exact length right now but he is not a large baby, slightly on the smaller side actually. Born 6Ibs8Oz and 45cm long if that gives you an idea.
-Safe cosleeping with your newborn.
-Night light
-Can easily place towel under top end to elevate for a reflux baby
-So small my son if one month old today and already he cannot extend his legs out in the sleeper, they should make it longer, he's not bothered but I will have to find something else asap.

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Questions & Answers

Are these safe for baby? Also are larger ones available?
2 answers
You can buy this product in England, America and Australian from shops like Toys R us, Target, Wall mart, so I am sure they are safe. I used it for both my girls and never had any issues. I think they only come in one size.Thank you

What age do u take bub out? my son's nearly one and still wants to sleep in it helppppp
1 answer
I don't think you should keep him in there any longer, have you tried just taking the mattress out and let him sleep on that and then slowly take that way too, it might just work.

How do u modify it? My baby is nearly 3 weeks old & will of grown out of it very soon
1 answer
I took the end of it out and cut away the material do it was all flat, put a larger mattress in it and sewed the mesh side bits down to the bit the mattress sits on, I loved co-sleeping so eventually purchased another second hand one and attached the 2 ends together. Hope that makes sense!


Close & Secure Sleeper
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