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The First Years Close & Secure Sleeper

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If you are planning on co-sleeping I would recommend this. We weren't planning on co-sleeping and were given this as a gift. We really only used it a few times, first inside the cradle and then on a few nights when sleep deprivation meant that co-sleeping was the only option left. It worked well both times but overall it wasn't really for us and our big lug of a baby grew out of it pretty quickly anyway. The nightlight, however, comes out and we still use it as it puts out just the right amount of light.
The night light (we still use it).
Great idea if you're co-sleeping.
Really hard surface.
Found the positioner fiddly and hard to get right.
Short length.


This is a good handy product that is very helpful in the early weeks of the babies life if bub does not want to sleep in a bassinet or if the cot seems overwhelmingly big.
This sleeper gave me confidence to have bub in bed with me the few times I have wanted to pull my hair out.
I now use this in the big cot as bub is only 6 weeks old and the big cot is overwhelming.
The sleeper is not very long. An average bub at 6 weeks is nearly to long for it.
It would be better if it was a little longer so you could at least get 3 months out of it.


We bought this when our daughter was a newborn four and a half years ago. I had read about the benefits of cosleeping for breastfeeding and getting more rest, and was attracted by the extra safety this product offered. It was easy to set up in our bed, but we didn't get much use out of it. For starters, I tried to sleep my daughter in just her wondersuit (like the picture on the box), and I think she was probably cold being a winter baby! Mainly, though, this got retired because I had to sit up and twist around to pick her up, then I fed her sitting up in bed before trying to settle my sleeping baby back into her sleeper. Twisting that far and trying to put her down gently was a challenge, and having to sit up for every feed quickly took it's toll - one time I nodded off and dropped my little girl's head against the side of the sleeper - perfectly safe (about 5cm drop max), but it showed me how exhausted I was getting. Not long after that, we retired the sleeper and just slept together in our bed - I was much better rested because I barely had to wake up to latch her on and could happily go back to sleep while she fed. We modified a cot we'd been given to make a bedside co-sleeper, but generally she was a little 'heat-seeking missile' and we slept curled around each other.
However, now that we're expecting our second baby in a month or so, I'm considering picking up another one of these (secondhand) to see how he will feel about semi-independent co-sleeping. If it works well, I'll seriously consider investing in the Arm's Reach Universal. To make it work better, I will swaddle this baby (I have bought some 'wrap me up' swaddles), and I will consider getting out of bed to feed or perhaps getting a bed rail for my side so that I can safely feed lying down and not worry if I fall asleep during a feed.
Inexpensive (and readily available secondhand), quality construction, nightlight is useful (put something over it if a bit bright), makes you feel much safer about co-sleeping safely, much cheaper than a bedside co-sleeper such as Arm's Reach for trying out the concept
Quite small (will only last a couple of months, and baby might get disturbed by the sides), but still takes up a fair bit of the parents' bed (we have a queen). Parents cannot cuddle each other, and should use separate bedding to keep baby safe from being covered. Although covered in soft material, the sides are solid (which is what keeps baby safe from rolling parents), but this means you need to actively lift baby out for feeds and cuddles. Because the bed sits between the parents pillows, to get baby out you either sit up and twist your body around or you kneel on the bed (which doesn't feel very stable).


A great product for using within a cot or for trips with a newborn. Very portable and compact. I would definitely recommend it.
Perfect for using inside a cot. I received this as a gift and since I had no plans of co-sharing I put it inside her cot. It was great in the first 3 months as the cot seemed huge in comparison to her size. It was also very convenient as a travel bed, I have used it at my parents house several times. I have also taken it on a week long trip and used it rather than taking a large portacot. It has removable fabric for washing.
Not very big. My baby is too long for it now, she is 3 months old.
Mattress is thin but doesn't seem to bother the baby.

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Questions & Answers

Are these safe for baby? Also are larger ones available?
2 answers
You can buy this product in England, America and Australian from shops like Toys R us, Target, Wall mart, so I am sure they are safe. I used it for both my girls and never had any issues. I think they only come in one size.Thank you

What age do u take bub out? my son's nearly one and still wants to sleep in it helppppp
1 answer
I don't think you should keep him in there any longer, have you tried just taking the mattress out and let him sleep on that and then slowly take that way too, it might just work.

How do u modify it? My baby is nearly 3 weeks old & will of grown out of it very soon
1 answer
I took the end of it out and cut away the material do it was all flat, put a larger mattress in it and sewed the mesh side bits down to the bit the mattress sits on, I loved co-sleeping so eventually purchased another second hand one and attached the 2 ends together. Hope that makes sense!


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