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Koala Timber Bed Base

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I’m contemplating buying bedbase and mattress but concerned about comments re creaking base and mattress sliding. Have these issues been rectified at all.
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Hi Is this bed suitable for a pocket spring mattress. I bought zzz atelier. Thank you.
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Yes, any mattress could go on top the baseHi Joy, Tegan is correct. Any mattress will work with our bed base :)

hi - can the bed frame be used without the head board slotted in? cheers
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Yes, the bed head just slots in the base, it doesn’t effect the bed baseHi there, The headboard does need to be used.

I am interested in purchasing a Koala Bed base and I already have my own mattress that I want to place on there. I would love to know if over time people have found the squeaking of the beds to get worse and if the non-slip mats work.
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Hi Tan, The non-slip mats work well. I have a Koala mattress and the bed base myself and haven't got the grips, it's just a matter of pushing the mattress back up tot he bed head once a week, I don't really see it as an issue personally, but I know some people do like to use the grips. My bed base doesn't squeak, and this isn't a common problem at all, it can happen if your floor is uneven. Hope this helps!Thanks for the responce!You're welcome

What is the best drawer for the storage under the bed? Any suggestions?
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None. I believe the base is designed to allow air flow so the mattress doesn’t go mouldy. Otherwise, you’ll want something narrow like 80cm wide, 50cm deep, 20cm tall so it can fit between the legs.

Hello is the headboard meant to wiggle a little? Mine does. Is it strong enough to lean on whilst sitting on the bed?
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Hi Bob, Yes it sure is

Hello, I purchased a Koala bed and base a few weeks ago but the mattress keeps sliding off the base - any ideas?
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Koala mention (see reply to review below) they can send out some non-slip mats to put with the base and the mattress. Otherwise some off the shelf non-slip mats would work. IMO they should come standard in the pack.

What timber is used for the bed base?
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Hi Andrew, We use cottonwood and poplar.

Has anyone actually painted the base? I am thinking of putting padding on the headboard too as it’s not that attractive IMO
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Hi there, We don't want to discourage you from painting your bed base BUT painting or staining the timber would void the warranty immediately. Just so you are aware, Eve @ Koala

Is the bed head strong?
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Yep. Very sturdy and stable.Yes. Two smaller pieces clip the bedhead and base giving it a very sturdy finish.

Hi, have you by any chance changed the colour of the timber for the bed base since June? Many thanks, Sophie
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Hey Sophie Thanks for writing in, the colour of the bed base has not changed.

Hi can you use the queen bed base for the double mattress? Or will it be a but too big?
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Hi. I have my double bed mattress on the Queen size slab. I specifically wanted the ‘look’ of the visible edges. Looks smart. Very happy with the way it fits into a modern room. Kris Jepsen.Depends on the look you’re after I guess. I have a queen mattress on a queen bed. I have abou a 3cm visible edge do not very obvious. Personal choice really.

Just wondering will it eventually become squeaky after years of use? Does the raw pine need to be treated to avoid stains? It’s a really nice looking base. Thanks
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Hi Kez, It shouldn't squeak! The timber isn't, no treatment is needed. Let us know if you have any more questions, I'm sorry we missed this one last month.

Is it a good option to buy this when you have infants and toddlers? The edges look a bit sharp and they might bump their heads.What say?
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I think it's a personal choice, depending on your parenting style. We would still choose the Koala if we had young children. There's plenty of things kids can still bump their heads on : ) Hope this helps.

Will bed bases be released in the future for double and king single mattress?
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Does the base hold the mattress in place? Looks like it could move around on the top of the base as it is just a flat surface...
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Mine has not moved at all it is quite remarkable and after a good week I’m really feeling the benefits of this bed and mattressBought a king size mattress and bed about two weeks ago, I have noticed the mattress does slip down a little when it has a fitted sheet on it, but it doesn’t bother me too much when I’m sleeping.

How much weight can the bed base carry?
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600kg! :)

Does it have enough space under it to put ikea underbed storage? I don't have much storage in my bedroom to put doonas, sheets etc.
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The oversized platform is designed to make the bed look like it's floating, and provide storage space! We also have nifty little hidden storage behind the headboard, as well as ports where you can run your charger cord through etc, to make everything easier :)

What are the dimensions for the king bed base?
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The King Bed base is 197cm wide, and 228cm long. You can find detailed dimensions here: https://au.koala.com/products/koala-timber-bed-base

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