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Carol M.
Carol M. · Coffee

Is it possible for a Type 1 diabetic to use Lady Shake to replace the midday meal?


I think that’s something you’d have to run by your doctor. I’d take a photo of the nutrition panel and show it to them.

Chloe S.
Chloe S. · The Lady Shake

When is the best time to have the shake ?

Rachel W.
Rachel W. · Chocolate

I just have a coffee for breakfast.
And a shake for lunch. Then salad and meat for dinner. Not loosing wieght. Is that coz we are having too bigger dinner. Or I need to have breakfast with this plan


Rachel W hello ....
Meat and salad is totally fine for dinner. I don't have breakfast either. Perhaps instead of coffee, you could have the shake instead - have a light snack in the afternoon and a normal dinner. Patience is the key when it comes to losing weight.

DFC · The Lady Shake

How can I make The Lady Shake more palatable? I don't like the taste or texture now every time I look at the remaining sachets I feel like throwing up.

The Lady Shake
The Lady Shake   DM   

Thanks for your feedback and question! Taste is such a personal thing, we all like different flavours and textures. The great news is there are plenty of things you can do to change the taste and texture of the Shakes, so give them a try and let me know how you go.

You can add a handful of frozen berries, 1/2 a banana or some mango.
You can also have the shake with milk to change the flavour. Unsweetened almond milk or coconut milk are best, but the next option is full cream. Steer away from skim milk as it is higher in sugar. You can slowly lessen the amount of milk over time.
If you find the taste is a bit overbearing, add natural yoghurt.

Cold water is preferred for most rather than room temperature water.

Worst case scenario you can have 1 scoop of powder instead of 2, but this is not ideal as you are missing out on protein and other nutritional benefits.

I hope that you try these things as our Shakes are definitely the best meal replacement on the market from a nutritional point of view you just need to find the best way to make it work for you.

The Lady Shake Team x

Jules · The Lady Shake

If my powder is two years past best before date is it still effective?

The Lady Shake
The Lady Shake   DM   

Hi There Jules Thanks for your message.
We have checked with our manufacturer regarding the longevity of ingredients after the Best Before Date.
We do not recommend you use the product if it is past its Best Before Date due to it containing dairy.
To ensure you have the most effective, freshest product possible it would be best if you did not use these.
However, if the product is completely sealed and unopened it should be okay to continue using for a few weeks after the best before date. Please give the bag a really good shake prior to opening. If you notice that the powder smells or tastes strange, please dispose of and purchase fresh product as recommended.
If you have any other questions, please let us know.
The Lady Shake Team x

Siobhann B.
Siobhann B. · Coffee

Is the caffeine only in the coffee shake as I can’t have caffeine thankyou :)

The Lady Shake
The Lady Shake   DM   

Hi There Siobhann Thanks so much for your email.
The Lady Shake contains trace amounts of green tea extract and about 0.5mg of caffeine per serve.
However, you would need to consume around 90 Lady Shakes to receive the same amount of caffeine you would in one cup of coffee.
Our new Lady Shake GO! is a full meal replacement with the benefit of 125mg of caffeine so this would not be suitable for you.
Please let us know if you have any further questions.
The Lady Shake Team x

Donna · Creamy Mango

I love mango but it doesn't agree with me. Is it just mango flavoured or does it have actual mango in it?

The Lady Shake
The Lady Shake   DM   

Hi There Donna Thanks for your message.
Our mango Lady Shake does not contain real Mango - it is Mango flavoured only. Mango is also a limited-edition flavour, and as such it is currently not available.
The Lady Shake Team

Emily · Chocolate

I have had half a bag sitting in the cupboard for a few months, is it still safe to use?

The Lady Shake
The Lady Shake   DM   

Hi There Emily All of our products have a best before date of 12 months stamped on them, it is OK to use the shakes for a short time after the best before date however we would recommend purchasing fresh product to continue with your plan.
The Lady Shake Team


It has not expired, I was just wondering if it needs to be used within a certain period after opening?

The Lady Shake
The Lady Shake   DM   

Hi There Emily If the shake that you opened a few months ago has not expired then your question on if it would be suitable for use would depend a lot of how your shake has been stored. We recommend that it is fully resealed after the last use and that it is not stored in direct sunlight or heat. If you are at all in any doubt then we would advise you to purchase fresh product.
The Lady Shake Team


I have recently started having my Lady Shake again after leaving it for a few months and it is fine. The bag was sealed properly and it was still in date. If it's still in date, try it and you decide if it is still good.

Yolanda L.
Yolanda L. · The Lady Shake

Hello, I have been on the Lady shakes for a while which I really enjoy and have started having 1/2 a lady bar for a mid afternoon snack or after dinner tor dessert. The problem is they are giving me really bad bloating, stomach gurgling and gas. Can you please tell me why this is happening and what can I do as I enjoy the taste but am very uncomfortable. Thanks

Leanne P
Leanne P  

Hi Yolanda. I have the same issue and would love an answer. I believe it can be the type of protein. I’m taking de-gas tablets from the chemist and that helps a lot. Also charcoal tablets may help too. Leanne

Anne Spink
Anne Spink · The Lady Shake

Is it normal for some to feel exhausted at first- my energy has zeroed ☹️


I felt like this around day 3 I think! I haven’t felt like that since and I have a lot on my plate atm so I think it’ll pass. Make sure you’re drinking HEAPS of water too :)

Anne Spink
Anne Spink  

Thankyou , only day two. Tired from a short dog walk and can’t go to the gym - too tired- a bit scary for me.

Rebecca M.
Rebecca M. · Chocolate

I'm trying to find out if there's caffeine in the lady shake flavours other than the coffee flavour. There's nothing listed anywhere about caffeine but green tea extract is in all of them and I read that green tea extract can sometimes have upto 600mg of caffeine in it which is crazy high so wanting to confirm that yes caffeine is in all the flavours in the form of green tea extract?


I thought there was only caffeine in the lady shake GO range?

The Lady Shake
The Lady Shake   DM   

Hi There Rebecca The Lady Shake contains trace amounts of green tea extract and about 0.5mg of caffeine per serve.
However, you would need to consume around 90 Man or Lady Shakes to receive the same amount of caffeine you would in one cup of coffee.
Our new Lady Shake GO! is a full meal replacement with the benefit of 125mg of caffeine.
Kind Regards
The Lady Shake Team

Milena Spinelli
Milena Spinelli · The Lady Shake

Hi there I started the Vegan Lady Shakes 2 weeks ago. In the first week I have lost 3 kilos. The Vegan Lady Shake has been easy to use preparing it the night before for work etc. I have been adding a banana in my morning shake. I have read up on all reviews, suggestions, meal plans, snack suggestions, calories & sugar intake guides that the Lady Shakes suggests. I am Pescaterian and enjoy tuna & fish especially Salmon. I have been adding green vegetables along side my fish. This is my 2nd week & have not lost anymore weight. I feel disheartened & am quick to give up. Is there any suggestions why I may not be losing as much weight as I thought I would especially in first few weeks? I am following the 'what a day may look like on the Lady shake' which is working very well for me & my work tea/lunch breaks etc

V. G. L
V. G. L · The Lady Shake

Can lady shake bars cause constipation in some cases

Beverley G.
Beverley G.  

I’ve never tried the bars, the drinks really put me off.

Meena B.
Meena B. · The Lady Shake

Can I have a meal plan of porridge for breakfast, shake for lunch with a fruit, nuts for tea and a normal dinner (a piece of meat, salad and fruit).

Andrew T.
Andrew T. · The Lady Shake

Can anyone tell me how far I can go past the use by date, they have not been opened but I’ve had them for awhile. They are a month or so out of date.

Doug B.
Doug B. · The Lady Shake

Can I purchase a lady shake receipt book I purchase mine from the chemist.Also can you use any sauces with the receipts.

Robin · The Lady Shake

I am doing the lady shake is it ok to take keto pills with it

Lisa W.
Lisa W. · The Lady Shake

Once open how long is it safe to use or what is the use by date

Jacinta pb
Jacinta pb · The Lady Shake

Hi there, I have been having the lady shake for a week now, I have been fasting till I have the shake at lunch. It had been going really well until the last few days, after I have the shake I feel rather nauseous. My question is; is it a bad idea to fast for that long?

Fiona C.
Fiona C. · The Lady Shake

If I am on the lady shakes, can I take keto active capsules? I have 5 bottles of them and last for 5 months.
Kind Regards
Fiona Clark

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