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Excellent Service

Technician Michael turned up at exactly the time promised. He fixed our problem efficiently and expertly. We did require a phone call back from Michael to fix a minor printer problem (which we probably could have fixed ourselves if we'd thought about it). Once again he was prompt and personable and the problem was easily fixed by him talking us through. I would use PC Doctor again, no problem.

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HI Chris, we appreciate your lovely feedback on Michael and the service team. Thank you for your 5-stars and for choosing our organisation. Regards, The Original PC Doctor.

Really helpful at identifying and fixing the problem with my Imac

Technicians were prompt, well priced and were able to assist with repairs to my Imac in an efficient manner. Highly recommend their service. Initial consultation didn't resolve the repair. However, the team at PC Doctor were persistent with the issue and managed to find a solution with minimum cost and fuss.

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Hi Matt, we’re glad to hear your positive feedback, if there is anything else you need, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Kind regards, The Original PC Doctor.

Great Service and Good Rates

Was very impressed indeed. They got my Mac up and running very quickly. The technician came to my home, therefore I didn't need to worry about driving anywhere to get my computer fixed. No worries about finding parking, traffic etc. Highly recommended.

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Hi William, thank you for your honest feedback and suggestions; it was a pleasure to speak to you, and please feel free to drop past the office and say hello to the team anytime. We’re also delighted to hear you enjoyed the service with Bruce and we welcome any constructive feedback in the future. Best Wishes John Pititto - Managing Director - The Original PC Doctor.

Totally recommend these guys!

Fixed my pc - identified the issue and kept costs to a minimum - which is exactly what you want. Panos the tech was extremely professional and went straight about the job, with no fuss and worked quickly and efficiently. Thanks for the great job!

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Hello John, thank you for your excellent feedback on our tech Panos. We are delighted to hear about your experience with us, and we'll be sure to pass this onto to team. Kind regards, John Pititto - Managing Director - The Original PC Doctor.


Had problems connecting to new modem and called the original PC doctor and they worked to identify the problem and connect the modem , they improved my computer performance at the same time , very patient with me as well.

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Hi Peter, thank you for your kind comments, it was a pleasure to assist, and we’re delighted to hear you enjoyed the service of that our helpdesk team delivered. Best Wishes, John Pititto - The Original PC Doctor.

So glad I found them

I’m very happy with the service Vishal gave. He fixed the problem within half an hour so I was able to get back to work. Friendly and courteous. I would call them again if I need to

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Hi Jill, we are absolutely delighted to receive your feedback on Vishal. Thank you and please don't hesitate to get in touch should you have any more issues with your work computer — best wishes, from the team at The Original PC Doctor.

Amazing Service from beginning to successful end.

From the time I called The PC Doctor the service was amazing. Quick, courteous and very helpful.
Alister was able to pin point the problem with my Macbook Pro and had it solved within the hour.
Many thanks. I will definitely be calling again if I have any problems.

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Hi Kerry, we’re glad to hear your positive feedback on Alister, if there is anything else you need, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Kind regards, The Original PC Doctor.

A great start leading to great disappointment

I previously rated the service as 5 star, but subsequently need to reassess this rating.
Initially the service & response, were very prompt & the first technician being unable to solve the problem another was sent the following day. [name removed] was extremely competent & I was not charged for the 1st callout which wasn't as the issue was not resolved.
However, subsequently a couple of days later a server issue arose (which was part of the origianl problem). I have contacted the helpdesk twice in the last week & there hasn't been any follow up other than an automated response.

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Dear Customer, I do apologize we have had a few staff away and strong demand for our services this last week which has caused us slight delays in our normal impeccable response times. I just checked all the emails I cannot see anything outstanding for NSW. If you can please call the office and leave a message for John or ask to speak to me I shall attend to your request within 24 hour period. If you have has a recent service with us you can also SMS or email us the words "call me" and our computer system will pick this up typically within 5 minutes and create in a formal service request for the techncian to contact you back this service runs 24 hours a day 7 days week - so you can always get back in touch with a technician within 14 days of the service call. We send every client an email explaining how this system works and a lot of clients use it with great sucess. Apologies for any miscommunications or inconvenience caused we try and make this the best experience for you. In the future, if you need anything urgent it's quicker to call as on 1300 723 628. Kind Regards, John Pititto - Managing Director.

Computer Desktop repairs

Very helpful from my first contact with Edward, fast to reply, computer would not start, kept going to computer startup repair, was unable to use the computer for a number of weeks.
The PCdoctor was able to fix the computer and it was up and running in a very short time.
I definately recommend the PCdoctor as a very reliable computer repair company.

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Dear Lyndon, thank you for taking the time to post this lovely feedback on Edward and the computer repairs team. We are thrilled you enjoyed the service and will happily recommend us to family and friends. Thanks again, The Original PC Doctor.

Fixed and Working

David came to fix my rather old two in one computer that had stopped working after a Microsoft Windows update. He knew what was needed to fix the problem and I have a working computer again. Thanks, David

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Hi Ritsch, thank you for your feedback. We are delighted to hear about your experience with David, and we'll be sure to pass this onto him. Kind regards, The Original PC Doctor.

Very helpful

I had terrible Internet connection upstairs in my office/study. The Original PC Doctor suggested a solution that has worked very well, one which I didn't know existed before the suggestion.

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Hi Brad, we're glad your enjoyed your experience with us and found a solution to your terrible internet issue. Thanks for your 5-stars, The Original PC Doctor.

Great Customer Service

I found The Original PC Doctor company very efficient, extremely prompt, with courteous service from my initial phone call for help to departure of technician. Due to these reasons they are the company I use whenever I have a problem with my PC.

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Dear Kay, thanks for your positive comments and 5-stars! We Look forward to seeing you again soon - The Original PC Doctor.

Adelaide- MacBook Pro service callout

Excellent service. Telephone answered straight away, technician able to come midday next day. Panos was on time, most efficient, polite, informative and fixed problem within anticipated time. Costs were thus minimised.

Macbook Pro had become unstable after latest Mojave update causing removal of some apps, hot computer, some apps not opening and other issues. I erased disc and attempted to restore to factory settings but then could not proceed further as computer would not boot.
Panos resolved using boot disc, tested fan and other operating factors and had computer up and running perfectly. He also changed some settings to minimise the chance of future issues of this nature.
Exceptionally happy with outcome.


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Hi Glen, we're thrilled that you enjoyed your experience with Panos. Thanks for posting your review, from the team at The Original PC Doctor.

Excellent service, worked on five PC's at once!

Technician was pleasant, informative, fast, knew his stuff inside and out.
Also, offered advice on my modem, foc and a way to boost my internet signal throughout the house, will definitely use again and refer to others should they need this service

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Hi Sue, we appreciate you taking the time to share your experience with us. Thank you and we wish you all the best, The Original PC Doctor.


The best help I have ever had. James was so so patient with me, not being to computer literate. He was wonderful. Fixed my problems. Would definitely use The Original PC Doctor again

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Hi Elanie, we are delighted to hear about your experience with us. We certainly hope to continue to deliver a 5-star customer service and we look forward to welcoming you back any time you need assistance with your computer. Warm regards, John Pititto - The Original PC Doctor.

Your choice

Had a very nice tech come to my home, but was unable to fix my laptop, but it still cost $250. Their “fix no fee” policy does not apply to me, which I truly don’t understand. So now I still have an unusable computer, but John Pitito the director of PC Doctor, with a gesture of GOOD WILL has offered a $50 refund. If this is what this big company can do to me, taking a 3rd of my weekly wage with no second thought, it your choice to use them. Me I am sooooo very disappointed and feel cheated.

Good afternoon Faith, Thank you for sharing your perspective of your interaction with our service team. We are very disappointed to read your comments, as we pride ourselves on our customer interactions and solving problems for people. After reviewing the evidence with my team, the technician had gone through all the troubleshooting steps and concluded that your computer needed an operating system re-installation. Which at the time you had the installation media at another location and we offered to go back and complete the works once you had acquired the media. You are not eligible for a refund as the technician diagnosed the problem but you choose not to proceed with the job - we never heard back from you. Had the technician been unable to diagnose this issue or offer you any solution then we would be more than happy to refund your money. Call us anytime on 1300 723 628, and we can send a technician out to complete the work and get your computer working again. I am sorry that you feel cheated we are here to help people with technology. Our team takes all feedback very seriously, and as a result of your comments, we will review our processes internally to see what we can do to eliminate any possibility of similar misunderstandings in the future. Should you wish to discuss this further, please feel free to contact me on 1300723628. Yours sincerely John Pititto, Managing Director of The Original PC Doctor. (Inital Post Further Comments Below) FACT1: The ACCC did contact me about your case, and it was a quick phone call less than 5 minutes. Once I explained the facts with them, they quickly acknowledged that we were not at any fault and that your claim was unsubstantiated, in which case I felt sorry for you and offer you some money back, $50 as a kind gesture of goodwill. FACT2: Just for the record, we only charge the service once per a job for anyone else reading this we don't change service fee twice like has been suggested in Faiths comments below. If a technician has to return to a job, then we charge only for the additional time as a continuation of the original service call. FACT3: I usually eat fresh salad, rice, and salmon for lunch which costs around $13-$15 mark. FACT4: We did the difficult job of finding out where the problem was with your computer, re-installation of an operating system is what we call a level 1 technicians skill. We have some of the best technicians in the market Faith, and yes that comes at a price. Could your local guy Kevin been able to diagnose that all the hardware was in working order and that the operating system was the culprit - we will never know. But I do know that we do get calls from people that have used people like your local Kevin and have not been able to work out what the problem. Then calls us out to sort the mess out. In your case, yes of course once you know what you needed thanks to our technician, you could then specify the scope of works ( to Kevin) and what remedial action was required to fix the computer. FACT5: We do not give out refunds just because people threaten, blackmail or terrorise my helpdesk team and/or slander us online - sorry. We practice the three R's respect for oneself, respect for others and responsibility for ones' actions. FACT6: The technician that went out and did your job took all this to heart and has since resigned due to stress and frustration that his work has not been recognised and that he had to undergo an internal investigation when essentially he was just doing his job and did nothing wrong.OMG, really, you want to do this, Ok. 1) Listen to my first call, I expained what my laptop was doing. Your reply was we have professional tech’s that should be able to help you. $90 call out fee and $40 per 15min. What I was hearing from you was great. 2) when I go to work at different facilities, like you I ask questions & take what I need in case they do not supply or have what I need to complete my job in a quick and professional manner. 3) if I could have found my start up disc I would not have called you. 4) yes the tech did say he could come back with a disc ( which he should have brought in the first place as part of his tools) again at a cost. 5) $250 for me is a lot of money for nothing, for John Pitito it’s probably his lunch money. 6) I am having some one look at my laptop today and I will let you know how it goes & cost. Oh and he is bringing his tools with him. 7) I’m not disappointed with tech guy, he tried, I’m disappointed with your company attitude towards me. So please don’t write that I didn’t contact you over this issue or that you could not contact me. I told the tech I didn’t need him to come back because I couldn’t afford another $250 + as he told me it would take another 2 hours. Do the math 2 hours x $40 per 15min = $320 + $90 call out fee = $410 + the $250 I had already paid = $660. How many people do you do this too, I’m just curious.Just an update, laptop fixed, $50, cup if coffee and a retired IT man. Thankyou Kevin.


Due to a hacker having gained control of our PC we needed an experienced tech to check and clean up our system and ensure updated security inplace.
The PC Doctor process worked a treat:-
Spoke to Pammy at 10.40 pm who logged our issue
Got a text to say someone would be in touch between 8-10 am following day.
Got regular text and email updates.
When the tech was 5 minutes late I was contact to say tech was running15 minutes late.
Tech arrived and fixed everything including removing a programme to access and control our system which had been uploaded by the Indian hackers purporting to be from Telstra.
Bruce the Tech had 20 years experience and was very professional and happy to provide lots of education while he did the repair work.
Very happy - was a bit more $$$ than hoped but problem resolved and in time for us to complete important transactions later in the day.

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Hi V J F, we're pleased you enjoyed your experience with our service team. Thank you for posting your positive review. Best wishes, The Original PC Doctor.

Thankyou for solution very much appreciated.

A solution was found to my problem, and its very much appreciated. Had a problem with hardware damage on my pc however a resolution has been found.

Thankyou for the service.

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Hi Mike, we're over the moon to receive your wonderful feedback. Customer satisfaction is vital to our success so we're thrilled you enjoyed a smooth and memorable service experience with our team. Thanks for your feedback and happy computing, from the team at The Original PC Doctor.

AVOID at all costs!

The service from the beginning was appalling. I had a USB stick which was damaged and needed to get the files off it. After calling a few different companies with around the roughly the same quotes on price and time I decided to go with The Original PC Doctor, as they had told me they were one of only 3 companies in Australia who had access to the software which could extract the data from my damaged USB stick. The other companies has been very up front about having to send off the USB stick for repair, but still came back with the same time frame to do the repairs. The Original PC Doctor could do it on site at their Ringwood location. I initially spoke to someone who turned out to be a tech person, who quoted 3 days for the repair and between $500 and $800 (worst case).
So I drove over and put my USB stick in, after initially looking at the USB drive and noting that the physical appearance was in good tact compared to most of the cases they get in, I was asked for a $130 to run the diagnostic tests on the stick. Noting that the guy at reception was great, polite and helpful. I was happy to pay up and then I would be called with a quote on full repairs later (my impression was later that day). 3 days later I called to see where my USB was at and I was told that it hadn't been looked at and that I would be contacted when the repair team had the chance to look at it. Being sensitive and urgent information on the USB stick I asked when this was going to happen as I was under time pressures. I was told within the time of 5 business days JUST to tell me if they could get information off it and a list of what documents could be recovered. I said I was quoted 3 days to do the full repairs and return it to me. They played the dumb card of "Oh I don't know who told you that but this is standard turn around time", despite telling her exactly who has quoted me that she was adamant this was normal. Frustratingly I gave up and said I'd wait the 2 more days. 2 days passed and I hadn't heard anything from them, so I phoned again to see where it was at, I was then told it was 14 BUSINESS days to run the diagnostic test to even see if they could get anything off it - no repairs whatsoever at this stage. I told that woman the previous womans name and that she had said 5 business days, and that initially I was told 3 business days to fully repair as I was taking it "directly to them and they have the technology on site" blatantly talking themselves up. I told them not to worry and I would collect my USB and take it elsewhere and I wanted a refund, all of a sudden my USB went from "Hasn't been tested yet" to "Currently being tested" therefor it couldn't be removed without potentially corrupting or losing any data that might be on there, blackmail at it's finest!!
I said I was in a rush and if they could please hurry. After 14 BUSINESS days and multiple phone calls in between they were still working on it. Absolutely fed up with them holding my USB because it couldn't be stopped during the testing (that lasted longer than an effing week), I had given up. Was called and told the USB would be $1,200+ to repair (regardless of the fact that it was in great physical shape and I was told the top end repair cost was $800). I nearly cried, out of not only frustration but the pure disregard they had in relation to their own empty promises and complete lack of professionalism handling the situation.
I told them I would not be paying that I would collect my USB, their response "oh but you get the $130 off the repair from the amount you've already paid, you might as well do it" literally tried to coax me into paying the exorbitant repair fees which I suspect they made up anyway as when I asked why the cost was so high compared to the initial costing they couldn't explain other than the extensive damage to the USB stick (load of crap). Picked up my USB stick, felt bad for the poor bloke who worked there, as he himself had said he was applying for other jobs trying to get out of there, which is never a good sign.
I never actually received a list of the documents that could be recovered which is what I paid my $130 for, asked for a refund, said it wasn't possible because they had already run the diagnostics - but got no results and had nothing to show for it? I don't understand what kind of scam they are working on, but I am so glad to see the last of them. I am a pretty tolerate person, but after weeks and weeks of agonising dealings with these people all I can say is stay the hell away from them. They are nothing short of scammers trying to get more money from people and lying the whole time.

Took my USB to one of the alternate repair places, had it back within 5 days (not business) despite them sending it off site, and fully recovered all the documents for less than $500, this further proves The Original PC Doctor are a complete rort.

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Good Morning [Reviewers Name Removed], Thank you for sharing your perspective of your interaction with our service team Last year back on 08 Jan 2018. We are obviously very disappointed to read your comments, as we pride ourselves on our customer interactions and professionalism. For your reference here is the call you made into our call center attached: (cut and paste the link into the browser to listen to the call just to refresh your memory) [Link Removed] After reviewing the evidence with my team, Referring to the call attached where we set clearly set the expectations of for your data recovery in terms of; 1) An initial assessment fee of $139 that is not refundable as we actually perform the data recovery so that we can quote you exactly the price for the recovery and also a list of files that you will get back. 2) Final price range which you were quoted $300 - $1300 3) In terms of time frame, we set the expectation that we could not give you a set time frame from when the drive could be recovered until we have completed the initial assessment. In relation to you getting the work done elsewhere for $500. We had already repaired the USB drive so that a lower level data recovery was possible is why they could charge you a lower price as we already had to repair the electronics on the USB Drive unit. Our team takes all feedback very seriously and as a result of your comments, we will review our processes internally to see what we can do to eliminate any possibility of similar misunderstandings in the future. Should you wish to discuss this further please feel free to contact me on 1300723628. Yours sincerely John Pititto, Managing Director of The Original PC Doctor.

Your man Eugene has done a wonderful job to repair my Laptop

He knew what the prob was, and could fix it. My laptop now work well.
He explained clearly about how to keep it in working condition and would take care of it again in case prob happens again. Thanks you very much Eugene.

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Hi Harry, we're glad Eugene provided you with the first class experience. Thank you for your review. Kind Regards, The Original PC Doctor.

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