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Hi, i bought a 75 x 100cm canvas with your EOYF special and the special included shipping, but when I go to finalise it all and put in my voucher, it takes the voucher, but the shipping page still loads with options where I need to click on one....but my voucher included FREE shipping! I cannot go forward with my order as the shipping page requires me to click on one of the shipping options! Please help ??
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Hi Berny, Thank you for your Question. Upon Checkout, please select Standard Shipping. The voucher code would include the costs to cover the Free standard shipping. If that still doesn't work, please take a screenshot and send an email to le@photobookshop.com.au and she will be able to assist you. Thanks Berny, The Photobook ClubNo, it still doesn't work, I will call through by phone now and hopefully get this sorted :) Thanks again

Lost my voucher numbers
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Hi Karen, Thank you for your question. There is a way to recover any vouchers that are lost. Please email smile@thephotobookclub.com.au with the email used for your account and a customer service representative will be able to locate your vouchers for you. Thanks Karen, and I hope you have a great day!

I am unable to open my existing project Margaret
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Hi Margaret, Hope you are well. There are a number of reasons why an existing project could not open. If you have used the Software, it would not be found in Design Online and vice versa. Please email smile@thephotobookclub.com.au for more information. Thank you Margaret!

Can I change my redemption vouchers from soft cover to hardcover photo books
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Hi Lorraine, Thank you for your question. If you require assistance, can you please send us a email on smile@photobookclub.com.au. Thanks again.

Hi, I have made a photobook, however am wanting to change the dimensions ratio, I don't mind having to do some re-adjusting so that the content works on the page but would prefer not to have to start again completely. (Or if I do need to start again completely, is there a way of having 2 projects open at once so that I can directly copy and paste the content)???? Thank you so much!
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Hi Chalyse, ? Thank you for your question. Absolutely, there is a way to chance the dimensions. If you are using our Software, there is a button above the main page called Change Product. Simply click on the button and it will pop up with another book size. Please Note: We are unable to chance A4 book sizes. If you require further assistance, please don't hesitate to email smile@photobookclub.com.au

I’m having a issue finalising payment for shipping as I used a voucher. Says I have not enable cookies, which I have. Also saying site is not secure and redirects me to a MasterCard site that still says I have not enable cookies. Am I able to pay with PayPal?
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I purchased a lay flat A4 100 page photobook. However when looking to start this project, I can't find this option in the list of lay-flat books. Where is it?
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Hi Fester, You would be best off to contact the company and ask, or just play around with the software and try out all the flat layout offers.. Bewarned , make sure you only input images for 100 pages and delete the extra pages, otherwise you will get charged more. Best of luckHello Fester I make the photobook BEFORE I purchase a voucher. Click onLayflat option, the size you want, landscape etc, and just add pages to your project as you go. Then you are not committed to filling in 100 pages when you find you only need an 80 page book. (Which of course is cheaper)

I have a iMac pro running high sierra. When I try to run the photo bookshop app I get an error and that I need a license. Please help
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I’m sorry I do not have the technical knowledge to answer this question. Phone The Photobook club, number on website. Most of the questions I have asked have been answered very satisfactorily. If not, just try again.Hello Abe, What version of the software do you have? When you open the application it will have some text in the bottom left corner that reads something like 'v2017r2.1'

I am constantly having problems whilst working with the online project. It is very slow and often freezes and needs to be restarted. I have been using Chrome, and then changed to Safari and now the photos on the left hand side will not scroll up or down. i have been working on this project for months, still can not finish it. Is there a major problem in our system? How can I get it working. Thank you Amanda
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I increased my NBN speed from 12 to 25 (now 50) and found that many problems disappeared. It also took much less time to upload.The best way to use Photobook club is to download the program and work offline until you complete the project so internet speed is not an issue. The help section at photobook club are quite good try contacting them but it sounds like your internet speed isn't fast enough to enable using the program online to complete your project. I much prefer completing mine off line in my own time.Always download the software to your computer. That is why I love photobook club, because you can be creative whenever.

How do I delete a photo from a page?
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Select photo and press delete. Alternatively, you can replace a photo by selecting and dragging a new photo over it. You do not have to delete the photo from the list on the left. It just stays there. It does not get saved with the final book.If you select 'clear' it will leave the frame intact so that you can use the same shape for another pic. Otherwise as the other person said use 'delete'

Hi this is my first time so apologies for the ???S having a few problems.. I am not using the wizard as when I did it just enlarged the pic and cut off heads etc. So trying to design myself. When I click to insert the pic from the left onto the page it is only small and not taking up the whole page? Is this correct or do I have to change the dimensions of the pic before inserting? thanks Pat
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It is easier to add a picture element and create it the size you need, then drag the picture into it. If the picture is the wrong size, you can resize it. Double click it and this opens a new window where you can change the cropping of the photo and also move the position of the photo within the element.

Is anyone else having trouble downloading updates? I haven't been able to do so for at least the last 6 months.
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I had trouble after I was on NBN. You need a faster speed.

I have a created Photo Book file and wish to copy it under another file name to make changes fr a second book. Can you please tell me how to do this
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Save it in a different name. From the new project name you can go back to editing because it is a different project.

Can someone please tell me the largest resolution size photo I can upload in the book now? On a previous occasion I had a rather large 9mb. photo and the upload stalled.
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This happened to me too. I reduce all my photos before loading to 2 Mb or less.

Has anyone ever purchased an acrylic print off the photo book club and if so - what was it like??
2 answers
No I ordered the canvas print, which I love. Sorry can't help here!Yes I have ordered 2. Fabulous. High quality, thick acrylic. Looks amazing on our wall. About to order some more for Christmas.

Hi, I have a macbook pro with OS X El Capitan Version 10.11.6 I have made several photobooks already but each time in order to add pictures I've copied photos from 'photo' into a folder on my desktop and then added them to pictures in the photobook from there. Could someone tell me how to add pictures straight from my photos please?
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Nothing to do with hardware, simply use the left hand column where you can elect to add a folder (click on it) or select individual images. Once selected the images will appear in that column. Once in the column, you can drag them across to the pages and resize and place them.

I hope someone can help me. My first time doing a photobook. Purchased vouchers for lay flat books. I am trying to do baby books (we’re grandparents of twins) to give to the other grandparents and Mummy and Daddy. I looked in the backgrounds of lay flat books but there isn't a soft baby background available. I can’t seem to access any backgrounds from the baby book (normal) photobook area. Only scrapbook. Can anyone give me hints as to how I can access/download them into the lay flat book area, or will I need to go online elsewhere and purchase some nice backgrounds? If this is the case, can I add them into my backgrounds in the program? I’m just starting and I am disappointed about this. I know the books will be great, if only I can get a lovely back background. Otherwise, does anyone know if I have bought a lay-flat book voucher and can't access the baby background, can I just do a baby book and use that same voucher?
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I never use photobook backgrounds as I believe they are not that interesting. I purchase backgrounds from on line digital shops such as "Sweet Shop Design" or "The Lilypad" Look for paper packs. Also there is a website called "Free Digital Scrapbooking" where you can get downloads for free. Once you have your background papers in a file. It is easy to add them to your photobook. Open up your project access the background tab - look to your right you'll see a little symbol like a cog wheel and arrow - click on the arrow you'll see 2 words category and add - choose add then it will ask you where you from where to get the file from - choose the file the background is in and click on the background you wish to choose or as many as you like. then it will download it for you onto their program. I hope that is a help.Thanks Donna, you were a great help!

Can you begin a photobook and then purchase a voucher later when having it printed? I've aleady begun a project and have just noticed the vouchers. Could I buy it now and still use it when I order the project?
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Reenie, you may begin as many books as you like and have them completed and sitting dormant on your computer. Then buy a voucher from Photobook club when they have their specials advertised. Once you have purchased a voucher then you upload the book to them for printing. I recommend the new flat books to my friends after I have had 2 printed in that format. I recommend Photobook Club to everyone having tried 2 or 3 other printers and seen books done by others through different companies. Their paper quality and colour reproduction are superior.

I have selected a standard 30 cm x 30 cm square photo book with 60 pages when I go to create book on the online designer the number of pages is noted as twenty....how do I add pages? Lisa
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Hi Leesa, I am sorry I can't help you with your question as I have not done a photo book, I have only done the chopping board. They probably won't respond to an email but you could call them, that's the only way I found helpful. I hope you get it sorted out. MeganYou select Page menu item and choose Insert as many times as you like. Position where you want the inserted page(s) to go. You can Rearrange Pages also. If you end up needing more than your paid for 60 pages you get charged about A$1.10 for each additional page. Hope that helps Jean

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