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Worst company ever

I ordered a photobook & spent A LOT of money and time on it to find out that half the photos didnt work. No one bothered to let me know though, they just printed it & sent it out like normal. When I contacted them about it they didnt care. I asked them how to change the template on a new one I had created (and spent hours on organising all the photos in chronological order) and their response was to just delete it and start again. I will be deleting it and will NEVER using this company again.

Worst customer service ever

The ThePhotobookClub used to be a fantastic company with a outstanding customer service and until today I was a very loyal and happy customer, but something has changed. Today I experienced the worst customer service ever.
I made and order about 3 weeks ago and couple of weeks ago i called customer services requesting help to change the address and the recipient's name of the book. The book that was meant to be sent to France and to my surprise it was sent to me in Brisbane. I received the photobook that was meant to be sent to France, together with another 4 photobooks (5 in total). I then called customer services to ask why the book that was meant to go to France was sent to Brisbane (in the same parcel and ignoring the name of the recipient in France) and after talking with an employee that was only interested in me giving her the name of the person who helped me with changing the address, I requested speaking with the manager. I had to wait for 10 minutes before the manager (Erin) answered my call. Erin was very aggressive from the beginning of the conversation, during the conversation I felt she was jelling at me. Erin told me I needed to pay and additional fee ($10) for the postage to France. I am not sure why the website did not request me to pay extra money for the delivery when I change the address to France or why I was not advised about this when i called asking assistance with the new address. I suggested Erin she should instruct her employees to provide that information in the future and basically she insisted it was all my fault. Ten dollars are no the reason for this comment, I am unhappy about the way I was treated. I will look for alternative companies in the future, the way I was treated was unacceptable.

Believed to be a scam! Do not use it ...even with a GroupOn voucher

I never write on review boards but i feel i have to with this one.
I used 3 x GroupOn vouchers for The PhotoBook Club xmas stockings for this year. I ordered before the 29th November Christmas cut of for delivery in time for Christmas. When i called them they said the order was ready to be shipped and would arrive on Tuesday 19th December. It did not.
I think tried calling on Thursday 21st December to follow up and I was met with an answering machine asking me to leave my name and number and someone would return my call. They did not. Then came the Friday before Christmas and all of their contact numbers had been disconnected.

I believe this company is a scam and given the amount of money I have spent on these vouchers i am requesting a refund through GroupOn.
I have had other friends advise me that they have been chasing these people for their goods for months. And now their phone numbers are all disconnected.
What is interesting is that they charge $5+ for standard delivery on every single item in the order and $12+ for express delivery on every item even though the items are shipped together in the one order. So i have paid $40+ to have my goods arrive on time and they haven't turned up.

I will be reporting this Company to the Commonwealth Ombudsman for investigation.
Very poor.

Beware of hidden Charges

Beware og hidden charges. warning guys
been charged for extra $120!!!! avoid at all cost.
the worst photo book ever.


I have tried a number of companies when producing photo books. The Photobook Club was recommended to me and I thought I'd give it a go. The first book I produced was of a holiday in India - hard cover lots of really great pictures. The product is amazing. I'm so pleased with my book. The program was easy to use. The frames and extras that come with the program are impressive - flags for the countries you name it. I love this company.
The price is competitive and considering the quality of the product it is very economical.
My only issue was with the on-line 'help' which turned out to be not helpful at all. It's a pity that the people answering queries don't actually read the contents of the email so that they can fully understand the questions!!
That said I will most definitely continue to use this company.

Excellent service on faulty product

I recently had a problem with a canvas. It had a striped effect through the middle. I sent seem photos and they responded within a day to say that they would produce a new canvas which I received within two weeks. The quality and service were excellent.

Wow! Just wow .....

Some friends of ours put us onto thephotobookclub with their book of a recent holiday around Italy & Spain.

So, we thought we'd give it a go and the price was, frankly, too good to pass up.

The (downloaded) design software took a little while to get comfortable with, but we ended up using our own layout, rather than the templates they provided or the autofill wizard. Not being graphic designers, this process took several weeks, much of which was us going through our own photos over and over (and over!) again.
And we took everyone's advice about brightening up photographs to account for the printing process using the enhance facility in the software.

I appreciate that this is our first experience and we've only done one book, but WOW!

We used around 270 shots to make up a 60-page book. The uploading process took ages (~90 min) but the results are brilliant and exactly matched the design we sent through.

So we are very, very pleased with our experience of The Photobook Club.

And the kicker? Well we do live in Melbourne, which may have helped, but we got our photobook by standard mail a week from the day we uploaded our design and photos. One. Week. That is just sensational!

I have got *so* many holidays I want to turn into books now ........ : ))

------- Later addition (Mar 17 2018) -----------------

After my original review, a number of unhappy ones have appeared and I wondered whether my good experience with the thephotobookclub was a fluke.

Well, as it turns out, no.

Our second photobook has been just as good, even though it was much more ambitious project, with 120 pages and over 800 photographs.

The result is a beautiful production and everyone who has seen it has been impressed by it. And it only cost $50, including delivery.

I will add two caveats, however.

One is that it took longer to receive the book this time - eight working days vs four last time - although I suspect this may be because of a backlog over the Xmas break (I uploaded mine just after New Year's Day).

The second is that some of our pictures had a *lot* of contrast in them and details that were clear in the design stage were more than the printing process could cope with, despite using the optimizing features in the program. Most of these were probably unavoidable however (eg details on the shaded side vanishing from photographs taken toward the sun) and this is largely a reflection of my inexperience with transferring digital images to the printed page.

But still. Wow! : )

A great resu;t

Had a little trouble with the designer, not as easy as the old way, but patience
won out and I finished my 120 page book and it has come back looking great. Very happy. Thank you staff
you have done a great job.

Frustrating design, order never arrived.

Tried to design 2 laser etched bread boards which I got a groupon voucher for. Designer is really frustrating, wouldn't enlarge my picture properly. I had to end up putting my design on a huge white background so that when I zoomed I could actually get my image where I wanted it. Then come checkout time you can only enter one promo code so I had to place a second order, once again really frustrating. And now 2 weeks later it seems that my order has just disappeared into the ether....

Not the same quality as previous.

Similar happened to me since they change the software. The colour bleeds on my last order unlike my previous orders. They replaced it but still the same. It might be related to their option if you want it to enhance the pictures when ordering.

Absolutely Awful Service - Product never arrived

Purchased Calendar last November (and had it made in time for christmas delivery) but it NEVER arrived.

After 3 mths of follow up and getting zero response from PhotoBookClub, the unhelpful staff now claim the Voucher has "expired", so they are going to charge more than the original purchase price to "reactivate" the Voucher - and their website is really difficult to navigate/use.

these are brilliant and have given me memories for life

I have had 4 books made and have been very happy with the product, its quality is outstanding the set ok was good and the delivery was prompt

Worst purchase

I saw the photobookclub on GroupOn for personalised magnet deals, offer was for x3 10 packs. In the end i found it so confusing on how to order this with the coupon as the website only allowed me to order x1 10 pack. I tried calling the company, the phones did not even work. An automated "press 1 for this, press 2 for that started, then when i tried pressing buttons nothing registered. I emailed them and never received a response, however started receiving junk mail from them. I got 10 magnets for the deal price of 30 plus 5 dollars postage on top of it! Magnets look like crap as well. Waste of money and time.

Almost non- existent service

I have similar issues. Order placed early January, still waiting. Queried via email 17th February and got an apology with notation that it will be coming but no sign. As it stands now, the telephone link is erratic, more often than not doesn't work, web links also erratic, and now I can't sign in to my account. Have previously loved this product but now, like others, am wondering if the business has gone bust. it's s pain as I have three vouchers to use. And they continue marketing. There's something not right here.

have photobook closed down

Has photobook now closed down , cannot be contacted .phones have been disconnected in all states, we are waiting for a book but still in time frame Hope it is still coming.

Still waiting.

Ordered.photo book on Feb 1st. Despite 4-14 day promise still waiting. Order still showing as 'in production'. Won't bother again. Poor performance compared to.previous company.

Great Books

I have used The Photobook Club for years now and I have no issues with quality, nor customer relations. I always complete a book before I buy a voucher and as their specials are always ongoing the price is always reasonable. Certainly cheaper than purchasing other rival products. As for processing time, yes it is slow around high traffic times such as Christmas, Mother's Day etc but they give you ample warning to upload your product before the due date. I am waiting for my 2016 family photobook, as I write. Yes it has taken longer than 2 weeks to be delivered but I am assuming I am in competition with other customers who have also uploaded their 2016 books or bought Christmas and new years vouchers. I'm happy to wait for a good product. If you log into your account you can see where your book is at. Customer service has always been great, you can submit a ticket or ring them. I have had no issue with either and believe me I have contacted them over the silliest things. Yes I highly recommend The Photbook Club.

Quality photobook. Poor service. Spammy

Received a few good photobooks from them. Ran into some issues with recent order. Submitted a ticket about 2 weeks ago. Not a single response to date, other than the first automated response. Also, pretty spammy marketing. Sends a promo email every few days. I think it is important for people to see these other aspects of this business.

Efficient back up service

I was really disappointed to discover that the cover of my 80 page photobook had become detached from the pages,so sent photos of the issue to the support department. I was very grateful to receive an email informing me that my entire book was being replaced, when I was expecting to post the old one back for a repair. The replacement arrived by express post just a few days ago and I am really happy with the service I received. Now I cant wait for my recently completed book to be processed.

A beautiful book of memories.

I have to say my photo book of my daughters wedding arrived on Friday and I am absolutely thrilled with it. You guys have made many books for me and they are among my most treasured possessions and I flick through them often with family and friends
The quality is outstanding and it's a pleasure to do business with you.

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Questions & Answers

Hi, i bought a 75 x 100cm canvas with your EOYF special and the special included shipping, but when I go to finalise it all and put in my voucher, it takes the voucher, but the shipping page still loads with options where I need to click on one....but my voucher included FREE shipping! I cannot go forward with my order as the shipping page requires me to click on one of the shipping options! Please help ??
2 answers
Hi Berny, Thank you for your Question. Upon Checkout, please select Standard Shipping. The voucher code would include the costs to cover the Free standard shipping. If that still doesn't work, please take a screenshot and send an email to le@photobookshop.com.au and she will be able to assist you. Thanks Berny, The Photobook ClubNo, it still doesn't work, I will call through by phone now and hopefully get this sorted :) Thanks again

Lost my voucher numbers
1 answer
Hi Karen, Thank you for your question. There is a way to recover any vouchers that are lost. Please email smile@thephotobookclub.com.au with the email used for your account and a customer service representative will be able to locate your vouchers for you. Thanks Karen, and I hope you have a great day!

I am unable to open my existing project Margaret
1 answer
Hi Margaret, Hope you are well. There are a number of reasons why an existing project could not open. If you have used the Software, it would not be found in Design Online and vice versa. Please email smile@thephotobookclub.com.au for more information. Thank you Margaret!

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