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Are these lenses genuine? They don’t have the Tom ford print on them and they are not the correct colour as my previous ones? Thanks
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No, they are not genuine from the original manufacturer. But the lenses seem to be so good. Thats where you save! If you want the genuine, be prepared for the cost...you might want to get a new pair then...

Do you guys do a replacement lense for the prada spr m22 shield style sunglasses
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Hi, Can u replace Annette mask lenses? I’m finding it hard to find anyone who replaces these lenses
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Hi Luke, I'm sorry but we can make lenses for almost every pair of sunglasses made with two separate lenses. We have not been able to work out a good way of making the mask lenses yet. We may look into it into the future but at present time we can not make masks/google, single lenses. Best bet is to try to contact Arnette Directly. They may have lenses if the model is still in production. Thanks for asking, Craig Anderson CEO and Founder of The Sunglass FixHi Luke. Did you mean Arnette the diving masks ??? If so it depends where you live but mikesdivestore London UK do standard and prescription lenses for masks even if you take your own mask in. They also ship worldwide. Jools

Hey there, I’ve got a pair of Oakley Twoface sunglasses with really scratched lenses ( Colour: Polished Black Iridium Precision formed aluminum lower orbital and O Matter upper HD Polarized lenses UV protection Lens Category: 3), have you got lenses available for these sunglasses at all? Thanks, any feedback appreciated, cheers, Jeremy e. [email address removed] or m. [moblie number removed]
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Hi Jeremy, We make a wide selection of lenses for the Oakly Twoface sunglasses. I'm not totally famiiar with all the oakley names of thei lenses. However, we do have several black Category 3 lenses with different finishings. We have a plain black lens, a flash silver mirrored lens, a red/orange mirrored black lens and a blue/purple mirrored black lens all polarized. Your best be it to visit the site here. Select Polarized and find the lens that best matches your current lenses (or find one you like even better). HOpe that helps. Craig https://www.thesunglassfix.com.au/sunglass-lenses/oakley-two-face-replacement-sunglass-lenses-60mm-wide

I have a pair of rayban rb3016 clubmasters and i need to replace the lenses. My only question is will the left lens still have the rayban logo? I really enjoy the logo and its a deal breaker if it won't.
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Hi, Sorry, no logos, just great lenses. We manufacture our own lenses and have nothing to do with Ray Ban. Best bet is to go to Sunglass Hut who is also owned by Luxottica (who owns Ray Ban too). OPSM is also owned by Luxottica so they may be able to help too. We offer a high quality option for most consumers that don't support their product after sale, especially with regards to lenses. If you can't find replacement lenses or discover that getting lenses from Ray Ban proves too expensive or takes a few months we are always here to help but sorry, not branding or logos. Craig and the Team at The Sunglass Fix.

Hi there I have a pair of Prada SPR 12S ( new 2017) that are totally scratch from being dropped . Do you have these lenses or could I have some customer made for this frame ? Regards Julia
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Hi Julia, I have checked the site and lenses are not currently available for the Prada SPR12S frames. Probably too new. Your best bet is to order custom make lenses. here. https://www.thesunglassfix.com.au/custom-made-sunglass-lenses/new-sunglass-lenses-custom-made-and-installed-in-your-frames Same price and we install them for you. However, there is some small shipping cost as we need your frames in the lab to do the work. Thanks, Craig

Hi, I have a pair of Preen Nottingham sunnies & have dropped them on sand & now there's annoyingly abrasion on each lens right at eyeball level, they're a lovely quality shade & would love to have you take care of them for me based on all your great reviews. not fussed if the lenses are slightly different to originals but ideally darker the better. if possible how do i get them to you. Cheers, Gyorgyi
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Hi Gyorgi, I'm very sorry for the late reply. We are trying to work out why product review is not sending us notifications but have seen quite a number of reviews and questions come in that we have not been alerted too. I am hoping someone has already helped you. However, the service works in one of two ways. 1) We can make and install lenses in almost any pair of sunglasses. In short you send your frames in and we send back all fixed up. 2) You can order lenses and watch our video tutorials and install the lenses yourself if we have your particular model. In your case we may. See linke below. We may not have had this model when you inquired before but we do make lenses for them now. https://www.thesunglassfix.com/sunglass-lenses/preen-by-thornton-bregazzi-nottingham-replacement-sunglass-lenses-54mm-wide Both options are the same price for the lenses (about 35-50 dollars for lenses depending on type -regular polarized) However, getting them custom made does have some additional cost and time factors for the shipping of the frames. Hope that helps, Craig and the team at The Sunglass Fix

Prada sps 58q lens fix?
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Hi Nik, I just checked out system out and we don't have lenses ready to send out for the Prada SPS58Q. However, I've looked up the frames online and we'd have no problems custom making you a pair. It's the same price for the lenses using that service. It's just the mailing back and forth that cost a bit more but you get the lenses professionally installed by us. Here's a link for more information: https://www.thesunglassfix.com.au/Polarized-Sunglass-Replacement-Lenses-Installed-All-Brands Hope that helps, Craig and the SGF Team

1. Is there a phone # other than an international # that is available to call? 2. Is there an international shipping fee? 3. What is the policy if the lenses do not fit?
3 answers
Hi Tootsie, There are 3 phone numbers you can reach out at all on 1800 Sun-Fix or 1-800-786-349 works within Australia, so does 0260090908. USA Routed To Australia 1-530-562-4800 (3PM -1AM PST) is primarily for N. American Customers. You can also reach us at +61206090908 from any other country. Skype is another low cost option if you are a skpe user you can call us on skype id: sunglass_fix. Lastly, heading to the contact us page and putting a written inquiry works well. We strive to answer all emails within 24hrs during business Hrs M-F. You can find that here:https://www.thesunglassfix.com.au/contact. Also, you can email us directly at info@thesunglassfix.com.au. Hope this helps. The SGF TeamMy other two questions were not answered.re: shipping cost & if lensHi Tootsie, sorry, I see they didn't answer you question fully. Shipping for lenses is free anywhere in the world unless you want tracking. We do guarantee lens fit. Main thing you must be sure if is ordering for the correct frame model and size. That's the number one reason for lenses not fitting is the customer ordering the incorrect lenses. Regardless, we work with all customer to ensure they get their favourite sunnies operating like new again so exchanges do take place and some customers just send the frames in and have us take care of it all. You can find a lot more information about all of this in the FAQ section of our site or by visiting the product pages of the lenses you require. Thanks, Craig

Can u put in rx single vision sunglass lenses in my tory burtch sunglasses?
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Hi, Shannon, sorry for the late reply. I'm sorry but at this time we only deal with Sunglass Lenses, not prescription of any sorts. Your best bet for prescriptions are optometrist. Hope that helps, Craig and the SGF TEam

replacement lens rb3502. the site says u have replacement lens. Will they have the rayban logo on them?
2 answers
No they will notHi, I just wanted to add to Kpo's response. We operate like an optometrist and make lenses for all sunglasses. Our goal as a business is to provide a service that most sunglass manufactures do not provide. Our goal is to deliver high quality, in fact, many times better quality lenses than you originally had so you can keep your favourite frames rather than buying a new pair. There are no logos, just great quality lenses. Hope that helps, Craig and the SGF Team

i need a lense replaced on my ray ban avaitors. are the lenses real raybans?
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No they are not original but after market replacements made to the same size. The quality of lense is good

Dear Sunglasses FX, would your replacement lenses for Ray Ban Predator 3212 004/9A Polarised, be matching the look of the originals (they have, from inside kind of mirror/purple effect and are the most pleasant sunglasses lenses I have tried so far? Thanks, Dragi
2 answers
Hi interceptor, I had some lenses sent to replace my broken ones. Although not exactly the same as the originals they are good quality and certainly cheaper than replacing the sunglasses as advised by the retailers locally. Who I also might add say that there is no service available like The Sunglass Fix. I am not sure what your exact shade etc are but contact them I am sure they will provide something of the same quality if not better.Hi Lain, Thank you for your reply. Reviews certainly suggest that their service is second to none. I'll give at a go.

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