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Perfect fit...

I got a pair of non prescription lenses for ray ban RBX5228 glasses frame. They were perfect and the easiest lenses to take out and replace. I followed the help video and it couldn't have been simpler. I will definataly be buying again from Sunglass Fix. The delivery was quick and arrived
when they said and their communication was also excellent. Thank you for a great transaction. 10/10

Doubled the life of my sunnies and saved me a heap of money

My 3 year old Prada sunnies were getting all scratched up and embarrassing. I was looking at an expensive replacement and sad goodbye, until I found these guys who were able to send me replacement lenses for $35 in under a week. Indistinguishable from the originals. Very happy.


My Oakley 5s lenses had gone all bubbly. They are 50-60 quid to buy new whereas the lenses from sunglasses fix were 20 quid.
I knew they would be good quality as they are made in Australia and not some Chinese rubbish.
Quick delivery considering they were delivered from Australia. Fitted perfectly and my sunnies are now like new again. Highly recommended.


I only make reviews if the service is bad or excellent. I have to say excellent on this occasion. I did have my doubts about placing an order to the opposite side of the world to the UK. I placed my order on the 4/4/18 with tracking and received the order today 9/4/18. Would recommend no problems.

Excellent Service

Very good experience with Sunglass Fix. needed some replacement lenses for my Oakley sunglasses and mistakenly ordered the wrong ones. Sent a note to Craig (CEO) and he responded on a Sunday. They sent me the correct lenses and refunded me for the ones i returned - no hassle. Really good service and will use them again.

Perfect - couldn't have asked for better

Replaced some chipped Prada lenses and the ones from The Sunglass Fix were better than the originals (I opted for polarised lenses). Delivery was quick. Would recommend.

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Hi Jimmy, appreciate your taking the time to provide feedback. It's great to hear the lenses are working out well for you and that you feel they are even better than your originals. Also hear they got there in a timely manner from the otherside of the world. We've been working hard on shipping improvments and are monitoring them closely so hearing directly from customers about faster shipping is important. I'll ensure I'll pass on your comments to the team here. It always makes them smile when they know what they are doing is great and helping people keep their favorite sunglasses longer. Thanks again, Craig Anderson CEO and Founder of The Sunglass Fix

Quality replacement lenses at a fraction of the cost!

I had two $300+ designer sunnies that I was ready to toss due to badly scratched lenses. The Sunglass Fix company replaced the damaged lenses at a fraction of the cost that I was quoted by the optometrist. In my opinion the replacement lenses look and feel like they’re better quality than the originals. Throughout the process they were highly communicative, helpful and extremely responsive. I highly recommend this service.

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Hi Sandro, Thanks so much for taking the time to share your feedback and experience with The Sunglass Fix. It means so much to the team here when we hear how much we are helping customers like you around the world keep their favorite sunglases! Again, Thanks for the kind words and look forward to helping you keep all your sunglasses for much longer going forward!. Craig - CEO and Founder of The Sunglass Fix

The Sunglass Fix is simply amazing.

I had a pair of Prada sunglasses with two badly scratched lens, one of which had actually fallen out. The Sunglass Fix replaced the lens with a quality of lens that, I believe, actually exceed the original quality of the manufacturer; quite simply, my sunglasses are better than new for a mere fraction of the price of a new pair. The communication of the company, the lightening quick repair turnaround and the amazing quality of the repair easily earn 5 out of 5 stars.

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Awesome Bruce, glad we could help. It really means a lot to us when you leave such nice feedback. The team here certainly try their best and take great pride in their work. Hearing they are making a difference brings big smiles to their faces so I'll be sure to let them know! Very much appreciated. Craig Anderson CEO and Founder of The Sunglass Fix

Great service.

my Ray Ban replacement lenses fit perfectly and my vision is relaxed, very happy with the customer service provided, the instructions to replace lenses were easy to understand & straight forward.

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Thank you very much KissMiss. It's very nice of you to take the time and let others know you enjoyed using The Sunglass Fix. I'm glad we could help you keep your favorite sunglass running like new. Craig Anderson CEO and Founder of www.thesunglassfix.com

amazing lenses, super friendly service

these guys went above and beyond when there was a slight glitch with my order, and as it turns out, the lenses are even better than my original Maui Jim's. dead serious. HIGHLY recommend!

Lenses didn't fit in my frames

I bought lenses to fit my arnette stickup 4147. The lenses never fitted into the frames properly. The two ends you can get it with a struggle but the sides I can never get to sit in properly. Now the tint is bubbling at the top because of this.

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Hi Ryan, I'm sorry to hear about your fit problem with the Arnette Stick Ups. We make over 100K lens models are more difficult than other for many reasons. I know the Stick Ups are a frame which requires special processing to fit in both the nose and arm area as the frame rim is notoriously thin. We have special instructions to ensure this takes place. However, it may had not been done properly on your pair or missed entirely resulting in the situation you described. Then, your repeatibly trying to get them to install over an over would have resulted in tearing of the polarization film which is thermally fused to the front of the sunglass lens. While rare, it can be torn from the front which we call delamination if a sharp portion of the frame catches the polarization lens and prys it from the sunglass lens. We guarantee both fit and quality. To me it sounds like your fit problem lead to a quality issue. Can you please contact customer care on 1800 SUNFIX or info@thesunglassfix.com.au with your name (first and last) or order number. They will send you another set of lenses. I can only guess your order based on information here and didn't see any communication about the fit problem delamination issue. Regardless, we are sorry about it and will correct it. Craig Anderson CEO and Founder of The Sunglass Fix

Perfect, best customer service as well!

Use this team to fix your glasses 100%. They will get it right, they wont charge you outrageous prices, and they respond right away. I will not be going to anybody else for sunglasses repair and I live in Los Angeles. It is totally worth it for me to ship to them every single time! Don't make the mistake of using anybody else!

Quick, professional and great service

Very quick at responding to my queries, really quick to replace lenses and send back, high quality lenses. Fantastic experience all round.

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Hi Emily, thanks so much for the wonderful feedback. Very happy we could get your favorite sunglasses restored for you. enjoy and thanks again. Craig Anderson - Founder of The Sunglass Fix

The replacement lenses

Got replacement lenses which matched the old ones, were great for a few years but then the inside of the lenses started wearing or rubbing off which made them very annoying to wear as they are patchy to view through.

Poor quality

These lenses were poor quality and fit. Cheap sunglasses give me eye strain headaches. I have 4 pairs of Oakley and one pair of Raybans and have no problem with them. I replaced the rayban lenses from this company and immediately started getting eyestrain headaches. The inferior quality to the originals was very obvious. Save you money and look elsewhere.

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Hi Jerod, I'm really sorry about the issues you had with our lenses. I must also state that I'm very surprised and something must had gone seriously wrong with your order and the manufacturing of your particular pair. From a quality aspect it's hard to beat our lenses. The optical material used to make the majority of our lenses surpases in abberation tests (clarity) those used by most other manufactures. It has a very similar optical clarity to high grade optical glass and that's very hard to achieve in most safe, non glass lenses made today. Our polarization film is also made in Japan and has a 99.9% efficacy rating. It's very good and Japan is one of the leading manufactures of high end polarization lens components. Several things can go wrong. While we test for it on a regular basis and have pretty tight controls in place it is possible that you had an axis shift during manufactuirng. One of the most common problems with polarized lenses is if they move during manufaucturing as they have to be produced in very good horizontal plane for the polarization to work well. In fact if it slips dramtically it could cause strain like you are talking about. Like I mentioned, our machinery seldom allows lens slippage. However, it does happen and while most lenses are again examined after manufcturing for polarization plane it's possible one of your lenses slipped through those post production checks. We have searched our database throughoughly and have no contact from a Jerod regarding lens problems. We take great pride in our quality and service and would / will certainly work with you to resolve the issue. Please contact me on canderson@thesunglassfix.com.au. I'm more than happy to get another pair out to you or call you and we can run through a few quick test to see if we can figure out what the problem may be. Again, Sorry about your issue. Craig Anderson - Owner and Founder of The Sunglass Fix

Give them a Miss, cheap plastic and poor colour!!!

Having dropped my Ray Bans and cracked a lens I looked on line for a replacement and found Sunglass Fix, I really which I hadn't!
The site is very misleading with its home page, its states that the replacement lenses will be as good if not better than the original but they are far from it.
Took 3 weeks after ordering to get them and when they came they were cheap plastic lenses, there's no weight to them which make the sunglasses sit and feel totally different, with out the logo's on it makes the sunglasses look like fake ones.
The colour is totally different and while they do fit it's not a secure fit.
Their customer service is exceptionally poor, when I contacted them all I got was message one - "I need to speak to my manager" fair enough, message two - (From the manager) its all in the small print!
When I said that there was nothing on the sites home page clearly saying that the lenses are plastic and will not come with any logo the reply was "our home page is there to sell lenses the detail is in the T&C's".
They did offer that I could return them at my own cost and once checked for any damage I could get a refund but sending them back to Australia for the sake of £38 is just too mush hassle.

My advice, put your £30/50 towards the "Real" lenses form a reputable local shop you can trust.

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Hi Eho Man, First I would like to apologize for the experience you had with The Sunglass Fix. I'm having a serious look into our customer care's response to your complaint as it sounds abnormal. We have a no questions 6 months satisfaction guarantee as well as a 50 dollar buy back offer where we'll buy your used frames on top of the refund if you aren't happy with our repair solution so you have even more money to buy a new pair. I'm also trying to understand how your perceptions of our service were so different than your actual experience. I started this company 11 years ago when I found there was no option to replace lenses. Most manufactures just make sunglasses and do don't carry parts especially after the model has been out of production for over a year. We tell this story and explain what we do and have been doing for the past decade across many pages on our website. As far a logos are concerned we state the fact the we make the lenses just like on an optometrist does on the home page and in many other areas on the site. We also have a bullet point the checkout page right next to tick box that states the fact that we make the lenses and there are no logos. We try to be as honest as we can be in the sales process as the last thing we want is to make and ship lenses around the world to someone that isn't 100% thrilled. It only leads to a waste of time an money for both parties. As for lens quality and our site misleading you: I can ensure you that our lens quality is excellent. I live and breath sunglass lenses and I know the products on the market intimately. However, you are correct, we do not touch glass lenses. We do explain in detail on our Lens quality page how our lesses are made and the fact we use a high tech polymer called polyamide which is very similar to Trivex, one of the best performing prescription lenses in the industry. We use this as it has the same optical properties as Glass but is 1/3 the weight, and orders of magnitude safer. While glass is still the hardest material, inherently more scratch proof, it breaks. One drop and it's game over. Therefore, durability is a trade off of scratch vs break resistance. Additionally, it can be near impossible for most customers to install in frames without breaking the lens or the frame. As for how the lenses feel being lighter and flexible: Most of our customers rave about lighter lenses when they replace glass lenses with The Sunglass Fix lenses. Customers state the frames sit lighter on their head and nose and cause less discomfort. However, I can see your point in that you liked the rigid and heavier feeling the glass lenses gave you. Again, that's why we provide the satisfaction guarantee as we are clear that not all people are made the same. What one person loves, another dislikes. The same goes with your complaint about the colour. We strive to make the lenses in a wide variety of colours. However, with over 100,000 flavors of lenses available we can only stick to the most common and popular colours. We do our best to display these colours and verbally describe them but yes, they will not always match your originals. Green lenses are a good example. We carry G15 (green number 15) which is one of the most popular colours. However, there hundreds of greens. Some with more brown, some with more grey and so on. The combination in the colour spectrum is limitless thus we we stick to the most common colour combination. As for going to the local shop for an original pair. The main reason I started this business as there was no local shop or even a manufacture in most cases you could go back to to get replacement lenses. My mission was to create a high quality solution for people with damaged sunglasses so they had a cost effective, quality solution, besides buying another pair of sunglasses. We wanted to save customers money, provide a quality solution, and do our part to help prevent corporate obsolesecnces and environmental waste. Again, we have won numerous awards for our quality and service have have over 100,000 happy customers across 130 countries. However, I completely understand our solution is not for everyone. Anyhow, I realize this review in anonymous. However, I'm more than willing to have a conversation with you. Walk through the website so we can gain insight into where we could be clearer on how our services work, and try to ensure we get your lenses or your frames and lenses back here for our refund or 50 dollar buyback program. Thanks, Craig Anderson CEO and Founder of Sunglass Fix canderson@thesunglassfix.com.au

In the Bin!

So with the good reviews I thought i couldn't lose but ... i did! I watched the vids and got to work but just couldn't get the lenses to fit. They say the lenses are a guaranteed fit but as an engineer by trade I measured the lenses and there over size of the originals by .3 of a milometer. The top of the frame near the screw doesn't sit flush because the lenses are bigger than the originals all the way round. I complained and they replaced the lenses but there still over size so in the bin they go as i nearly damaged my frames trying to make the lenses fit the first time.
Waste of time and money ... track the originals down there be glass not plastic and fit!

Hi Buba, Sorry to hear about the fit problem. It's rare but it can happen. If we reshipped and the lens was still too large it could be one of two things. 1) You've got a different model number or the manufacture has slightly changed the model (we have seen this many times in the past). 2) We just have a corrupt design or a version control issue. With over 100K models this can happen. Rare, but as much as we try to have tight controls there are still humans involved and mistakes happen. I'm more than happy to work this out for you personally to best of our abilities. You can certainly ship the frames in and we'll make you a perfect pair and ship them back to you. We'll cover the shipping both ways. 1) If you give the model number off the arm and your order I can research it personally and see what we can do to resolve it for you. 3) You can also send the lenses back for a refund of course. my personal email is canderson@thesunglassfix.com.au. Again, sorry about the problems but do feel free to contact me directly so I can help sort this out. Craig Anderson CEO and Founder of The Sunglass FixAsked for a refund never came ! I'm done with this companyHi Neville, I'm very confused as we have record of sending you a 2nd set and refunding you in full on Oct 11th 2017 in attempts to try to resolve whatever issue you had. I understand you didn't want to send in the frames for us to fit the lenses for you. It's a long way and that's why we sent the 2nd set of lenses instead and refunded you when you still had problems. Please check your card or pay pal account and you'll clearly see the funds in your account. I'm happy to send through the transaction id's if that helps you locate your reimbursement. The Sunglass Fix supports over 100K models and rarely has fit issues but it does happen. However, I'm very surprised it happened twice in your case especially considering how many of that particular lens we have sold without issue. Anyhow, we are sorry it didn't work out for you and you've decided on another option but we did go through pretty big efforts to help you save your frames and would have if you could have sent them in. Craig CEO and Founder of The Sunglass Fix

Perfect Experience. Will be going back.

After having my Ray Bans for a few years the original lens where destroyed. I was searching everywhere to try and find another pair but I stumbled across The Sunglass Fix. I was delighted to see they carried replacements for my glasses that had been discontinued by the company I purchased them through.

The lens arrived promptly and where a solid 10/10. I was able to select the level of tint and colour before checking out and I prefer the tint provide by The Sunglass Fix over the original lens. The lens I brought are now 6 months old and are still in perfect condition even with the way I treat my glasses.

The lens for my particular glasses where easy to replace as the frame is plastic. I assume if your frames are not plastic they might be harder to replace but there are videos on their website / YouTube channel to step you through replacing them.

I have noticed that other people are complaining that the lens do not come with 'Ray Ban' written on them. This is obvious as the lens are not genuine Ray Ban lens, they are replacements. So do not buy these lens if you care about the brand being printed on them.

I have my favourite sunglasses back!

Highly recommend! Scratched my Prada's on hols and thought I would have to bin them, thank god for Sunglass Fix!! Thank you soooooooooo much! Took a bit of effort to get old lenses out and new in but am absolutely delighted xx

3rd time, and keep coming back

This is the third time I have had sunglasses repaired. Paying $60 to get new lenses in a $200 pair of sunglasses where the frames aren't damaged is a no brainer. Excellent value and workmanship and even have my wife getting her glasses repaired instead of spending $300 on a new pair! What a win! I can't recommend The Sunglass Fix enough. Their customer service is excellent, their shipping packaging is robust and their turnaround time is fast.

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Questions & Answers

Are these lenses genuine? They don’t have the Tom ford print on them and they are not the correct colour as my previous ones? Thanks
1 answer
No, they are not genuine from the original manufacturer. But the lenses seem to be so good. Thats where you save! If you want the genuine, be prepared for the cost...you might want to get a new pair then...

Do you guys do a replacement lense for the prada spr m22 shield style sunglasses
No answers

Hi, Can u replace Annette mask lenses? I’m finding it hard to find anyone who replaces these lenses
2 answers
Hi Luke, I'm sorry but we can make lenses for almost every pair of sunglasses made with two separate lenses. We have not been able to work out a good way of making the mask lenses yet. We may look into it into the future but at present time we can not make masks/google, single lenses. Best bet is to try to contact Arnette Directly. They may have lenses if the model is still in production. Thanks for asking, Craig Anderson CEO and Founder of The Sunglass FixHi Luke. Did you mean Arnette the diving masks ??? If so it depends where you live but mikesdivestore London UK do standard and prescription lenses for masks even if you take your own mask in. They also ship worldwide. Jools

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