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Can a natural gas Thermal 20 be converted LP gas?
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I'm doing a new build and I'm thinking of looking at installing a Thermann C7. Who does their warranty service work if I buy it through Reece. I have heard that if there is a problem with them that they replace them but not service them onsite. Is this true?
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to install a thermann c7 60 degrees to replace rheem storage, How much approx. would it cost me?
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Is there a warranty with thermann 26 is it twelve months?
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12 Year Warranty

I have the same problem shower goes cold for about three minutes every time. I certainly will not be recommending a Thermann 26 to anyone at all. Has anyone found out how to stop shower going cold half way through it yet please let me know if you have? thanks Jim
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Hi Jim l am a Fully Licenced Plumber and recently installed a Therman 26 at my own house and from day one have the same problem you are having. I have tried everything possible to rectify this myself and are waiting on Reece to contact me after Christmas, I am very disappointed in this unit and at the moment will not install any more until l can get it sorted. I will let you know how l go. Cheers Paul.Probably the shower heads water saving device that's causing the problemDid you know that instantaneous hot water systems (HWS's) require a certain amount of water to pass through per second to stay active? For example if you turn your hot water tap on really lightly you will notice it doesn't stay hot. So low water pressure is the issue causing your problem. That said, low water pressure can come from 1 of 3 things: 1) you have low water pressure to your property (the least likely in suburban Australia) 2) you have a water saving shower head that doesn't allow enough water through even on full pressure (most likely, just remove the flow restrictors in it, sometimes 2 inside) or 3) You have installed the HWS without a controller, and therefore have to use a tap to mix hot and cold water to get the correct temperature. Thus using less pressure from the HWS and substituting some or maybe even half of the pressure with mains water. In this case you will need to have a controller installed so you can run the hot water on max with no cold water mix. Good luck!

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