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Thermomate Gas Hot Water Heater Portable Shower Camping LPG Instant 4WD Outdoor

Thermomate Gas Hot Water Heater Portable Shower Camping LPG Instant 4WD Outdoor

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Exceeding it's intended purpose!

We moved in to temporary accommodation until our new house is built only to realize there was no hot water! What I mean is the electric hot water heater had been removed leaving only the water outlet/inlet plumbing poking out of the wall of this granny flat. For about $800 we could have a small electric heater installed and since we're getting a good deal to stay here we wouldn't be getting that money back. So searching around I came across this portable LPG camping water heater. I was very skeptical considering I intended to connect the unit to the existing copper plumbing as opposed to just using the shower head that comes with the kit. Never the less being the eternal optimist I chose to take the punt. I got a great deal from this particular supplier and received it in super quick time as well. Because I was connecting it to existing house plumbing I had to buy 2 braided flexible hoses from Bunnings to complete the install but otherwise everything would have been in the kit (except the garden hose and gas bottle) to get 40-50 Deg C water coming out. Everything connected up pretty easily and took me about 10 mins. At first when I put the batteries in (yes it is a camping appliance) and turned it on nothing happened on the LCD screen on the front of the unit. I thought I had a lemon! Time to read the manual...oh, no manual....ok time to turn the water on (after completing the gas connection guide, checking for leaks ect) and see if that wakes it up. Presto!! The water flow is required to activate the unit as this is how it gains it's efficiency. I set the water and gas to max on the winter setting. The water from the mixer tap in the kitchen was not so hot that you couldn't leave your hand under it and the unit was showing around 41 Deg C. Turning down the water flow on the unit increased the water temp to 50 Deg C max before safety cut out. This is what you don't want to happen. So it's important to set the unit to the correct water flow/gas flow so that in your specific conditions the unit doesn't reach the 50 Deg C safety cut out or you will be cursing in the middle of the lovely warm shower you're having. In our situation with the unit connected to a small plumbed system, using the kitchen tap whilst someone is using the shower can upset the water pressure/flow and cause the unit to shut off. In this situation you first shout loudly at the person using the other tap and then wait for the unit to start up again before you get your toasty shower running again. All in all out of the box this product worked as described and in our situation is exceeding it's design limitations so we're stoked. As far as longevity goes we don't know yet. We need it to last about 4 months so here's hoping! Gas consumption is also unknown at this stage. We want the hottest water we can get and with one tap in use and the water flow dial set to half (with our particular water pressure) we are getting about 45 Deg C water out of the tap. That borders on being too hot for a shower to stand under without mixing some cold water so it's perfect for our use. Just remember that the water and gas flow is where you can set your water temp. Just leave the tap running and play with the dials whilst watching the digital temp gauge until you reach your desired temp. Other similar products claim (based on my calculations) 30 days of 3 x 10 minute showers per day on full gas setting from a 9kg gas bottle. So in other words, 900 minutes (15 hours) of toasty water, we shall see.

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