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how much is it
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I was going to make the white sauce tonight but my machine was jumping around everywhere when it was at speed 4. Does anyone know what this problem might be caused by?
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Hi Kate, maybe make sure it is sitting securely on a flat surface. Mine does this sometimes depending on what it is I'm trying to make so when I have big/bulky things it's trying to move around this normally happens to me.(normally a higher speed though.is it due for a service?

Where do I check for my TM5 serial number?
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I have mine written in my original book, otherwise you can go to Menu/settings/about thermomix. All your codes are in there :)

I want to buy a thermomix but don’t want a demo or a consultant to come set it up with me I have used one before
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Where do you live?It wasn't for me to answer I asked the Land of Sheep where they live as I can give them a contact for the Thermomix. If they ring 0417793704 and speak to Alexandra she can help them.

Is it easy to replace the motor without affecting the functionality of the screen. I was a qualified electrician but not too hot with anything that needs to be resolved- programmed. Thanks
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What makes Thermomix better than a Magimic Cook Expert or any of the other brands like the Kitchen aid eqivalent?
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Hello - does anyone know how I can remove the front clear plastic face/ cover on the control panel? I want to clean under it? TIA
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When I use my machine to cook, it sticks Thanks
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Does the food stick or do the blades stick. If it’s the blades they may be bent. If the food sticks it may be that temp is too high or you are cooking the food too long.The food sticks to the bottom of the bowl and starts to burn. This is for risotto, and mashed potatoes etc.

Hi there, my TM 31 won't heat up at all... just made bechamel sauce, and it ended up a curdled mess of cold mush in the bottom of the bowl. The bowl wasn't hot at all. Any clues of what's happening? Thanks
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I had the same issue. All functions were working except heat. I have a 2nd jug so knew it wasn't jug issue because it happened on both. I had to get a new motherboard.. Unfortunately TM service department is terrible it took 2 attempts and many phone calls and 2 months for it to be fixed.

Hi I have the TM31 and the display panel lights up but no digits or anything coming on! Any suggestions ! TIA Tracey
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I have just traded my TM 31 for a TM5 and I have the Travel Bag for the TM31. Can I use this bag for my TM5?
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The TM31 bag is too small for the TM5. Sorry. If you want a travel bag you will need to invests in the new one that holds the bigger TM5.

Hey. I have the TM 3 and my blades are not moving at all. I can hear the motor working but not the blades. Any advice please? Thanks
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It sounds like your blade has stripped. It’s designed to strip over time rather than damage the shaft going down to the motor. It’s an easy fix for a new blade as you can swap it yourself after you order a new one. $115 I think.

Has anyone had an issue the the rubber surround on the lid breaking?
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I have lost my recipe chip for my tm5 thermomix where can I get a new one?
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Hi, The chips are available for purchase, how ever you might want to consider the cook key. The chips are individual collections (basically an electronic version of a cook book) where as the cook key enables you to connect to cookidoo, accessing thousands of recipes and collections which are downloaded to your key (and of course the machine) it opens up a whole new world! Several countries only allow purchases to be made via an advisor so if you have a contact, great use them, if not a Nutritionist on instagram 'tamaras.health.hq may have contacts.

Can I mill brown rice as per instructions in the everyday cook book without the temperature coming on. So 250 gm brown rice, 2 mins at speed 9, temperature rises to 50 before I finish, I’m wondering if the warm rice flour will not keep well. Cheers
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I have milled brown rice without heat and had no problems :)Unless you actually turn the heat on you can mill with out the heat. If you are using the TM5 with a recipe via the chip or cook key then just swap to the manual settings to suit your requirements.I have TM31, seems the heat automatically starts, cant see where to turn it off/on. Cheers

I have a TM31 and scales keep setting back to 0 when I try and weigh something. Anyone else had this issue?
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The scales on my Thermomix TM5 isn't working we have done everything the troubleshooting in the manual suggests but know joy. I use the scales a lot and finding it rather frustrating having to get my old kitchen scales out to measure everything. I live in the country the Thermomix consultant that I purchased it from know longer works for your company hope you can give me a quick and easy solution for this problem. Any suggestions? Thank you Peta
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Hi PETA Firstly I don’t work for thermomix, I purely wrote a review of my purchase of my TM5. I would be devastated if this happened as it is one of the best features Have you tried phoning Thermomix technical support on 1800 004 838 (8am-5pm)?Thanks for the information Ali I'll phone the technical support shortly. Cheers Peta

How do I find out how old my thermomix is? I bought it secondhand and now I'm wanting to sell it.
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Call Thermomix on 1800 004 838 and they will be able to help. If you have a TM5, they can identify from the serial number (which you can find on Menu - Settings- About). If it is a TM31, the Service number (located on the bottom) will help them identify it.Hi, can I ask why you want to sell it? I’m looking into buying one so came here to read the reviews first. Thankyou Cara

Is there a "lock" mode for travel for the TM31?
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Not that I know of. I bought the travel bag for mineSort of! The lid locks on, which is all you need. On the TM5, the transportation mode just locks the lid. It doesn’t do anything else.

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