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Thin Lizzy 6 in 1 Professional Powder Dark

Thin Lizzy 6 in 1 Professional Powder Dark

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well Iv'e used both shades didn't buy from ---is this product with my perfect eyes?Ibrought from chemist Havent tried concealer though.How much does it cost both products please Cheers angel

Thin lizzy

I like using Thin Lizzy, but I'd like to know if there's anyway, you can make it stay on longer and not rub off onto clothes? I like how it feels, nice and light. I don't have a reaction to think lizzy either. Can you also bring the prices down as I'm a beneficiary and can't afford to pay the price of it when I run out. Please.


I have had and still have all the most expensive bronzers on the market from Nars, Guerlain, Bobbi Brown, Lancome, Armani, Clarins etc etc.....I think this bronzer is Fantastic! And I love the brush that comes with it as well.....I went for the darker colour which I love and found it really natural....also love the eye pencils...

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Hi sandra2828, great to hear you like the product! And thank you for your wonderful words about it, we are very pleased it is working well for you! Cheers, Katie from Thin Lizzy

Thin Lizzy

I was disappointed in this product. Bought it for my daughter for her birthday who has light olive skin so bought the dark one. The chemist sales person didn't seem to know which was best so I took a punt but it is way too dark and she can't use it. The eyliner is okay though apparently. But it was a waste of $50 and didn't even seem to cover any blemishes just didn't look right certainly not how it is advertised.

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Hi Kiely03, Sorry to hear you had such a bad shopping experience. If you are trying 6 in 1 on light to medium olive skin we always suggest choosing 6 in1 in Light. The sales person clearly should have recommended you the light shade. This is very disappointing for us as we try to ensure all retailers that stock our products get proper product training. Unfortunately, as we are reading the comments, this is not always the case but thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. Since you’ve purchased this product from a chemist, we won’t be able to assist you with the return as we have no control over individual retailers’ sale and return policies. However, we'd like to rectify this situation for you. Please email me with this issue on thinlizzy@thhinlizzytv.com so we can investigate it further. Thank you, Kind Regards, Katie from Thin Lizzy

Great product wrong colour!

I recently purchased the Thin Lizzy 6 in 1 pack after recommendation from a friend. I purchased this product from a pharmacy that had an extensive cosmetic range, the cosmetic attendant suggested i purchase the dark shade for a bronzed look- my skin is light olive. I was very disappointed with her product knowledge, and shocked at how dark the shade was when I took it home and applied the product, when i returned to the pharmacy asking for an exchange for the lighter shade (with receipt) the sales person stated they could not assist. $50 wasted.

Wrong colour

Hi Idea!, Yes that is disappointing, we try to ensure all staff are continuously trained in the stores that stock our product but I’m sure you can appreciate some get missed. Please contact me on info@thinlizzytv.com so we can follow up on what went wrong with this pharmacy and rectify your situation. Looking forward to your email, Kind Regards, Katie from thin Lizzy I recently purchased this for daughter for her birthday she also has light olive skin but the dark one is way too dark and the chemist won't exchange. Logged a request for someone from Thin Lizzy to ring me but to date haven't heard anything. Very disapointing.Hi Kiely03, Just answered your comment above. Please check this post: http://www.productreview.com.au/r/thin-lizzy-6-in-1-professional-powder/253779.html Thank you & looking forward to hearing from you, Katie from Thin Lizzy

False advertising and a waste of money!

I saw the ad's on TV for this product and googled it also. I thought it looked to good to be true- and it was. What they fail to advertise is that there are two different shades!! This is not written on the packaging and even the staff instore did not know this and happened to sell me a dark one when the light was on display as a tester. I opened the plastic and threw away my receipt so cant take it back to try the light one, but the dark cant even be used as a bronzer etc as it is chocolate almost. So now i am $50 out of pocket and have no foundation. I should have just gone to a salon and bought a well known brand.

the product was misleading as unuseable do to incorrect packaging information

How silly can you be. they DO mention that on the add and if you ring up to order they ask you which one you want. Stop sookingHow silly can YOU be. You didn't even read my comment. I didn't buy it off the ad, I saw the ad which doesn't mention 2 different shades but I bought it in store where the product isn't clearly labelled and staff have no training from the company. In case you didn't realise this is a review website where you write your opinion and experience about a product- this was mine, and I wasn't "sooking" as you so maturally put it so get YOUR facts straight.I brought this product instore there is a sticker on the end of the tin either light or dark try reading

Excellent if you get the right shade.

I bought Thin Lizzy while I was visiting my sister in NZ over a year ago as she uses it and raves about it. I also bought the Thin Lizzy concealer creme. The girl at the chemist where I bought it was extremely helpful by showing me how to use both. I loved it, so easy to use and lasts all day. Unfortunately I recently purchased 2 of the "2 for the price of 1 Thin Lizzy tins" (1 for myself and 1 for my daughter) and was bitterly disappointed when I used it for the first time. I had no idea there are different shades as it is not mentioned in any advertising I have ever seen. I have ended up with 2 Dark powders and my daughter has 2 Light powders and they are all useless to us both unless someone has any suggestions as to how we could tone them down. The one I purchased in NZ (I now realize) was "Minx" and perfect for us both but I'm not even sure if I can get it in Aus. The way it is at the moment I feel like I'm out of pocket $100 so any advice on how to tone them down would be greatly appreciated.
Excellent when you get the right shade for your skin tone.
Advertisements and promo's are not specific enough.

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Dear Old Girl, You are right, you’ve got the wrong product. You got Mineral Foundation in Minx which is a full coverage foundation to match your skin tone. The 6 in 1 (blue tin) is a contour, definer & bronzer for a minx (med) skin tone. The dark is perfect for body bronzing. Please contact me on thinlizzy@thinlizzytv.com and I’ll get you & your daughter right mineral foundation match. Look forward to hearing from you Kind regards Wendy from Thin Lizzy

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6 in 1 Professional Powder Dark
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Release dateJan 2010
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