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Thin Lizzy 6 in 1 Professional Powder Light

Thin Lizzy 6 in 1 Professional Powder Light

3.3 from 23 reviews

Using since it started. 2006

I have been using this product since it started? For the last few years I've noticed the product is now LESS in the compact than it used to be! They also stopped the brush & pencil which is very silly? I love the pencil as well as the compact but.... the price has gone ridiculous so I'm now sourcing another produc! I recently ordered one from the discount chemist on Ebay and the product never arrived so now I'm off to try some new ones? Cutting your own throat Thin Lizzy!!!!

Purchased in September 1994 for $30.00.

Ease of Application
Causes Irritation No
Skin ToneFair/Light Skin
Skin TypeNormal Skin

Wonderful way to buy makeup . Can be used so many ways

Thin Lizzie has been a favourite of mine for many years. When you purchase the tin you get two powders and two brushes as well as other products. This is great because you can keep one for yourself and give one away as a gift or keep them both and they last twice as long. The makeup is wonderful and no need for a foundation. Use it as a blush and an eye shadow. Fabulous product.

Stopped buying after 12 years

Given the recent MASSIVE price increase I will be changing products. They used to charge $50 fpr 2 compacts 2 brushes 2 pencils and 2 glosses and it's now $30 for 1 compact are they serious!!???

Please bring the 6 in 1 Thin Lizzie Professional Powder back.

I love this product and I am very disappointed that Thin Lizzy no longer sell the 6 in one and have to buy everything individually... please reconsider bringing this product back. I have read that some consumers may turn away and use other products. I have used other products but this is my favorite!

Stop buying this product.

Not happy!!! You can't charge $50 for 2 compacts 2, brushes, 2 eye liners and 2 lip glosses then turn around after more than 12 years and start charging 30 bucks for just one compact!!!!!!!!!!!! Too bad your product is irrelevant anyway. Guess I'll change brands.

Thin Lizzy Stopped Producing the Boxes

Priceline tell me ThinLizzy no longer produce the boxes with the two compacts, lip glosses, brushes, pencils etc.
ThinLizzy now sell everything individual- however the prices have increased as a result.
Additionally ThinLizzy staff will be in store turning to win the customers back in this competitive make-up market by having promotional girls in store over the weekends.
I’m disappointed as a single compact is priced at $29.99 when a box of two with the extras was only $49.00.
Can’t say I’m happy...

Great product if you know how to use it

Thin Lizzy is a great powder for a range of uses full cover or enhancer yes the light shade is dark yes you can end looking not right but that’s only because u only need the tiniest bit to get a lot of coverage once worked out how you need for yourself I will say it’s one of the best powders I’ve used literally only need to lightly touch your brush onto the compact and buff it that one touch should do you’re whole face oh and the other thing is if you can get a pack that contains the eyeliner in it grab the only liner is the best ever number one on my list better then a liquid and other pencils can’t hold a flame to the thin Lizzy eye liner good job and thanku for the great products

Excellent product

Thin Lizzy is an ideal product if you want the finished look, it can hide in perfections and enhance cheek bones and even define lips and enlarge eyes, it is only one product with amazing finishes to give the end result.

Give it a fair go

Okay, I can see both sides of the reviews I’ve read. Despite one reviewer constantly saying it’s not a concealer, it’s an enhancer, Thin Lizzy do actually promote this product as a concealer on the promotional video – they don’t use the word concealer, although they do claim it will cover tattoos, blemishes, redness, dark under eyes etc. It WON’T. I rated it lower because of this.

The first time I used it, I too looked like an Oompah Loompah. I thought they must have put a dark compact in my kit by mistake, but it was definately the light product. I took the advice of the Thin Lizzy consultants and tried again and by the third try, it was just right. If you look like an Oompah Loompah it’s because you’ve used too much product, probably because you’re trying to cover up something – give up on that. I have olive skin and used the Light version and found that even using layer after layer and getting darker and darker, it wasn’t going to cover up anything.

Yes, the lip gloss is sticky, but I don’t mind that since it looks great. It does have a slight smell, but I wouldn’t have noticed if a reviewer hadn’t mentioned it.

To avoid the Oompah Loompah look and get the best results that are possible from this product, these are my tips:
• Less is more
• Use it over the top of your regular concealer
• Don’t use it all over the face, only on areas that you want to highlight
• Use make-up brushes for your eyeliner and lips for more control
• Blend into the neck, for a more natural look

If you can’t get it right, I suggest that you have it applied by someone else before you give up on it, preferably a consultant in a store.

I wore this to work for the first time after two weeks Christmas holidays (at home) and got a number of comments that I looked lovely, healthy and refreshed and that I must have had a great break. It’s our secret :)


Great product for blemishes to cover up them. Affordable price for everyone looking for value for money. A lot of shops sell this product which is convenient for buyers .A must buy.


I've been using this product in light for over 10 years, and living without it (a rare occurence, I assure you) is more difficult than I care to think about.

I am a pasty ginger, extremely pale, and I find the colour perfect to bronze, contour and frame with.
There were a few applications that resulted in an orange glow but those really only happened in the first few weeks before I had had enough practice, or when I applied it in the dark.
(Occasionally I make poor choices.)

I chose not to use it as eyeshadow, lip colour or body bronzer because I use other products for those purposes.

All day, every day. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Good for a light/natural look

After reading the reviews I was hesitant on buying this product, but wanted to try it out. I bought the thin lizzy 6-in-1 in light as well as the mineral foundation in minx (which I'll review separately).

On the whole, I quite like this little kit, and is ideal for me to bring into work each early morning for a quick makeup session. As I'm up at 5:30am and need to be out the door by 6am (and in the office by 7am) this is a good all-rounder kit for just a touch of makeup once I get to work.

The bronzer is quite nice, and while I know the commercials say one could use it as an all face foundation, I wouldn't, it's waay too dark (and the instructions don't say to use it in this way anyways). However, it's good as use for eyeshadow, blush/contouring and lip cover.

I actually like the lipgloss, I don't mind the sticky texture and it smells great.

The pencils are standard and do the job, it's nice to have a choice of brown/black, I can use the brown for my brows as well as liner.

The brushes are nice as well and do a good job, haven't had any issues so far.

I think the thing to remember as this isn't meant for high-end make up looks but it's great for an easy everyday look that doesn't require too much effort. For someone who works in academia and doesn't necessarily need a full-face of makeup, but likes to wear it occasionally, this is quite light and works well with their foundation.

Would I change anything?

I think the kit could benefit from a little compact eyelash curler and some mascara. Then its complete and great for travelling. I also think that a kit based on colour (so minx, duchess etc) that would include the foundation and concealer alongside everything else, as well as the options to purchase these separately would be ideal.

Very disappointed.

I have suffered with acne for 15 years and have a lot of pigmentation scarring. I rarely buy makeup but this one sounded perfect for me. I tried it yesterday and ended up looking dirty, without any coverage to my pigmentation scars. I was so disheartened. I watched the video again today and gave applying the 6-in-1 another shot, with the same results. My pores are accentuated, my pigmentation scarring is still very much visible and my face just looks dirty. I have lightly tanned, fair skin and used the 'light' toned 6-in-1. I am very disappointed in this product.
I do love the soft application brushes though, and the lip gloss smells pretty. The eye pencils are also good though smudge very easily.

Not worth buying

I was very disappointed with Thin Lizzy, as I was expecting results in covering up my acne. I chose the light colour (as I have olive skin) and it was so dark and orange looking. I have always had a lot of trouble with getting the correct skin tone colour when buying foundations so I was very excited to get Thin Lizzy but very upset. I have to say the eye liner is great as it has a attached sharpener and I do use the mineral make up for blush and eye shadow. The lip gloss isn't good as extremely sticky. My advice is if yo ou have acne don't try mineral make up as it is not strong enough to cover so go back to liquid foundation.

Pleasantly Surprised

I have been interested in this product for some time but my mum said it was no good and everywhere i went there was only dark (im an NC15 in mac for reference). Then today i found it at big w and so I took a gamble and decided to give it a go. I purchased the light shade with the intention of using this as a contour primarily. For my fair skin this works out to be quite a nice contour shade. I LOVE the lipgloss it looked great. i find that in general sticky gloss means long wearing so me its a plus. The brushes are really nice and soft and comparable to high end brushes, they also make for easy blending if you apply a little too much product. I think that the eyeliners are nice and soft and would make a great base for a smokey eye, although i think i would need to set them with some eyeshadow if i wanted to wear them as a liner because they seem a little smudgey.... no biggie, plus like i said its good to have a nice creamy eyeliner for things like smokey eyes etc. I spend a lot of money on makeup so for me and what i normally spend this is amazing value for what you get.
this is definitely something i will be adding to my daily routine it completely surpassed my expectations
brush is so good for blending, creamy eyeliner great for smokey look, good contour for fair skin, great value, lipgloss has pleasant smell
eyeliner needs to be set with eyeshadow or can run a little,

Thin Lizzy

I love it! and the colour is perfect for me i have light in the 6 in 1, Duchess in the foundation and enchanted rose in the concealer. I have very very light alabaster skin and it works perfectly! (as long as I'm careful not to put to much on the brush. The eyeliners are amazing too, they just glide on and doesn't irritate my eyes, which was a big relief as many do. It is super light weight and i can barely even tell it is on my face. I have redness on my face as a result of food/environmental allergies and it covers it amazingly. I would easily recommend it to anyone.
Light weight, Great colour range, Easy to use, Afordable, Great coverage

Thin Lizzy

Firstly I couldn't find Thin Lizzy in Big W. Then two weeks later, I was able to find it. I saw that they had a stand with all your concealers etc and the shades that were available to buy. I was keen to buy it so discussed my colour off I went.

Firstly, I truly like the idea of the power application. Unfortunately, I believe that Thin Lizzy should review their shading as the shade I bought which was "Light" was way too dark for me. Perhaps you should do a shade lighter by at least 2 x times. I have fairly dark skin and I looked terrible once I applied the powder (after viewing the disk). I dont' know what I'm going to do with the set, pitty I can't take it back so just proably keep it in my cupboard. Sad because I really wanted to give this product a good review as I loved what it did to the ladies applying it on the disk. Did anyone else find that the "Light" was too dark? Would be interested to find out what other users think.

I use this product too but the 'dark' compact. I find that it is TOO dark, however if it was around two - three shades lighter it would be perfect for me. I still use it but I try to brush my face only a few times so that it just covers my scars and lines. The light and dark tins are only supposed to be used as blush, defined etc, not all over your face. The actual foundation powder that you use all over your face comes in at least ten different shades minx, oriental doll etcI got it yesterday and i have super pale alabaster skin and the light is perfect for me i have the Dutchess in the foundation and enchanted rose in concealer and it is amazing :D, just depends on the amount u use, there was a lady at the store where i bought it that showed me and my mum how to apply it 100% perfect and if u follow the guide, dont use to much (only a very very light dab on the powder with the brush) and use the swirling technique it should work right

this would be great as a final powder

I brought this product yesterday in the "light" and I got it for really good value for the original price they were charging, the brushes are beautiful and its true how it really does give you a great glow, but it’s not great for covering blemishes, acne, or red skin tones (for fair people like me that is) I’m sure for darker skin tones it would be perfect as you could add as much as you wanted but if you have a fair skin tone you would really have to have perfect skin for this to work, as you can only really add 2 coats before going to dark, but in saying that if I use a liquid foundation under this then the thin Lizzy it really does give a beautiful glow. So if you’re lighter skin and expecting this to hide all problem skin issues don’t get to hopeful like I did because unfortunately it doesn’t work:(and also i really didnt like the lip gloss it was so sticky and thick.
brushes, the glow of the product
lip gloss, not that great for fair skin tones

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Hi Shannon56, Thank you for your feed back! You are absolutely correct, the 6in1 on lighter skins works best to highlight, contour and enhance. Even a couple of light layers (whether your skin is perfect or not) will enhance your skin. For extra cover of blemishes we have a great Mineral Foundation that also serves as a natural SPF and concealer that works perfectly under the 6in1. I use my 6in1 over mineral foundation. This blend creates a light natural look, perfect for everyday makeup. Please contact me on thinlizzy@thinlizzytv.com and I can give you a quick analysis. Thank you, Kind Regards, Katie from Thin Lizzy

Not good for lighter skin tones

bought this because the adverts had girls with lighter skin (close to my tone) and they looked great. I bought the "light" powder, and was surprised at how dark the powder was in the compact.
I tried the powder, following the instructions, and I looked like an Oompa Loompa or a reject from Jersey Shore. Waaay to dark for fair skin tones.
Bought it from Big W so cannot take it back.

too dark for a "light" skin tone

Damn guess its no good for me either. I too was going to purchase from Big w, you have most certainly saved me some money, and i thank you for that :-)Hi EllieMay, Thank you for your feedback. I can assure you that all makeovers in our ads are genuine. We do NOT retouch images of the models in our ads and only use Thin Lizzy products so if you saw a model of the same skin tone you should be able to achieve the same results. The key here is the application. My recommendation is go lighter when applying the powder, less is good. If you have a fair skin try applying this product as a face framer to highlight your natural features. As a blusher, just swipe it over your cheek bones a couple of times. The depth of colour will gradually build until you reach your desired shade. For a natural sun-kissed look, just go over your forehead and very lightly over your nose – where the sun naturally hits. Then take it down the neck and décolletage to blend in the colour. Instructional DVD is included, just follow the steps and remember less is more! Let me know how you go on thinlizzy@thinlizzytv.com. Thank you, Kind Regards, Katie from Thin Lizzy Katie, I never implied or stated that I thought the ads were faked in any way. I watched the DVD and applied the makeup in the same manner. I did not achieve the same results. Please do not patronise me.

The application is so easy!

I purchased this yesterday and tried it out this afternoon. I bought the 'light' box.

I love the packaging, however, it doesnt seem to cover blemishes as it says on the dvd.

I also appear 'orange' and too brown looking. It is a shame the tone is not lighter.

I will give it another go perhaps, however, I am hoping Big W will take it back and it would be $50 down the drain. (literally when I wash it off too) :P
Easy to use and apply.
Don't like the colour, it says LIGHT, but is it still very dark.

You really need to know a few things about make up before using this product. It is a gradual bronzing system with light reflection so it does not cover blemishes but makes them less noticeable. and If you don't know how to put on make up then you may put too much on and end up orange or way too brown. People should be so quick to say it's not a good product....i have never used the lip gloss, it is too sticky for me but the rest is awesome. Hi MDDW, Thanks for your feedback . You’ve purchased the 6in1 which will reduce the appearance of blemishes but as you pointed out won’t make them completely disappear. If you have medium to fair skin you really need to use this lightly to contour and define and give yourself a fabulous healthy glow. If you have darker skin you can apply as much as you want and it will cover pretty much everything. We do have the perfect solution to your blemishes though. it’s our Thin Lizzy Crème Concealer. Your 6in1 will go over this perfectly. Please email me on info@thinlizzytv.com so we can discuss this further.. Thank you, Kind Regards, Katie from Thin Lizzy.

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Hi are they discontinuing this product? I hope not just got it and it’s amazing
No answers

Can I still get the buy one and get one free?
2 answers
No, they are now charging $30 FOR ONE COMPACT when you used to get 2 compacts, brushes, eye liners, lip glosses for $49.00.I used to buy thin lizzy at the old price but stoped when the price changed Kindest regards Jan

Hi l was wondering if you can still buy this pack with everything in it?
2 answers
No. I tried today to buy the box with the two of everything and it’s no longer produced. Thin Lizzy sell everything seperate now and charge a $29.99 hefty price for a single compact. I liked the $49.00 box, but now I’m just turned off thin Lizzy by the price. Back to REVLON I go- much more affordable and just as good.I think it’s wrong that the box with everything in it is no longer available and like everything else it’s all about the money they make in consumers I like the box and as it’s no longer available l won’t be buying any of there products as l won’t pay the price of the items seperatetly


6 in 1 Professional Powder Light
Price (RRP)49.95
Release dateJan 2010
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