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Thin Lizzy 6 in 1 Professional Powder

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Dark and Light
3.1 from 104 reviews

The best make up product for me

I would give this product a 5 star but it can cause some dryness. But otherwise it's great as its just so quick to apply and you can use it for different circumstances. I find it very friendly for my skin and I haven't suffered any allergies to it. I have tried different types of concealers for years and I found them too oily. I believe this is best for people with oily skin but that's just my opinion. Love the eye liner, brushes and lippy thing to go with it too. It sticks to your lips and I like that as especially in windy cold climates.

thin lizzy products

Products highlight your dule skin. Skin glows. Gives you coverage with natural look.The eyeliner pencil is average I prefer to use covergirl eyeliner pencil more effect but having the shapener on end is a bounus. The lip gloss is awsome lasts. Brushes are great soft. Still great buy all up. I got free mascara to..which I prefer not to use its very average. Plus I use very black in color. All up great buy. I did buy starter kit as well which I don't recommend just no coverage..Although concerler in it is great.

Have scars suggested by chemist

Hi! Went to the chemist who suggested thin lizzy for white patches on my skin. It felt great. I didn't realize after two weeks of using it, my skin had sores all on my face. I thought it was food reaction.
Asked my daughter who is a beauty therapist she said "Sorry mum it's the makeup you just spent a fortune for." It's full of chemicals and especially Talc which clogsvyour pores. This so called wonderful product claiming to be made of minerals.
THIN LIZZY. Don't bother with it.

Absolutely Terrible!

I used this once & broke out in pimples all over my face, my shoulders & chest. I gave it a break for a few days & reused it same thing happened. Don't know what's in it but very bad for your skin! Would never ever buy this again!

Love it. My husband gave me as gift. What I love as well the brushes, the eye liner. But just prev

Love it . My husband gave me as a gift. I love too the brushes on it. Love to try the new product the foundation. I am good morning viewer. Could I try The $1 one with a 49 pieces. If I am right. Thank you

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My thin Lizzy product nearly run out. Currently using the foundation and a bit of concealer love it. Thank you Thin Lizzy .


I had been intrigued by this product for sometime, after all - who doesn't want a "one product does all". So when I saw a stall selling it at my local shopping centre, I picked up the bundle deal. The first time I used it, it did look nice - adding a warm sun-kissed glow to my face. I felt the odd tingle on my forehead and cheeks, but thought nothing of it. A few days later I used it again and broke out into angry dark red raised blemishes everywhere the powder had touched. My face, shoulders, chest and arms. It was a nightmare. Any heat - from the sun or cooking really aggravated the blemishes. I had to go to my doctor, who took one look at me and asked what I'd put on myself. The cream he prescribed took over two weeks to sort out the reaction, and in the meantime I had to cover my skin completely when outside - imagine wearing long sleeves in the height of a Brisbane summer, but I had no choice.

Through the shopping centre's management, I finally tracked down the vendor who had sold the Thin Lizzy. He was very displeased by my call and that I had been able to contact him. It took some persuading to have him refund my money, including a letter from my doctor. I didn't ask for a reimbursement of the medical costs, just return of the products (most of which were still in their original packaging), and to get my money back. Never again!

The new brush

I don't like the new brush.
I have just updated my 6 in 1 last week and I'm so not happy with the new brushes I got with my set ..!

Good for a light/natural look

After reading the reviews I was hesitant on buying this product, but wanted to try it out. I bought the thin lizzy 6-in-1 in light as well as the mineral foundation in minx (which I'll review separately).

On the whole, I quite like this little kit, and is ideal for me to bring into work each early morning for a quick makeup session. As I'm up at 5:30am and need to be out the door by 6am (and in the office by 7am) this is a good all-rounder kit for just a touch of makeup once I get to work.

The bronzer is quite nice, and while I know the commercials say one could use it as an all face foundation, I wouldn't, it's waay too dark (and the instructions don't say to use it in this way anyways). However, it's good as use for eyeshadow, blush/contouring and lip cover.

I actually like the lipgloss, I don't mind the sticky texture and it smells great.

The pencils are standard and do the job, it's nice to have a choice of brown/black, I can use the brown for my brows as well as liner.

The brushes are nice as well and do a good job, haven't had any issues so far.

I think the thing to remember as this isn't meant for high-end make up looks but it's great for an easy everyday look that doesn't require too much effort. For someone who works in academia and doesn't necessarily need a full-face of makeup, but likes to wear it occasionally, this is quite light and works well with their foundation.

Would I change anything?

I think the kit could benefit from a little compact eyelash curler and some mascara. Then its complete and great for travelling. I also think that a kit based on colour (so minx, duchess etc) that would include the foundation and concealer alongside everything else, as well as the options to purchase these separately would be ideal.

No more cake face!

I was hesitant of buying this due to it's price. I have medium oily skin so a foundation that doesn't clog my skin or add to it's normal oil was great to find. I bought the Thin Lizzy compact mineral foundation in the shade Bella. I started off by gathering as much info from the net to see how others where applying it, as everyone's skin types are different and wanted real people's reviews- not the stuff they show on TV or Infomercials.

I found that washing your face with a mild soft soap/body wash before using the foundation was a good idea- I used Palmolive Naturals Body Wash Pomegranate & Mango and washed my face. Then I used Bio Oil as my primer/moisturiser as they advise you to apply before you put your mineral foundation on. With the Bio Oil you can apply just a tiny bit on your eyes, nose and forehead and spread it evenly as it's very absorbent and will spread evenly with just a bit.

I then applied the Thin Lizzy concealer in the shade Hoola- just on my problem areas and only a little dab on my hand and then using a small brush I dabbed it on. (patting on your concealer is better than smearing it on with your hand). If you have circles under your eyes and want to cover them but make your lines less visible try using a dab of Bio Oil mixed with your concealer and patting it under your eyes. (Also good for crows feet and upper eye lids).

I then applied a small amount of Thin Lizzy compact mineral foundation in the shade Bella on to my cheeks first and working the brush in a circular motion all over one side of my face, I then applied the same amount on the other side of my face and worked it in. I found it amazing that you only need such little amounts of the mineral foundation to work in and and blend! I blended for about 3-4 minutes and found it to be very effective coverage. I have scars on my cheeks from falling on a rose bush so I want to hide that but never found a foundation that did that without making my skin feel like a cake and later adding to pimples!

Thin Lizzy foundation works pretty good on me, I haven't needed to re apply any on during the day so far as my techniques of using Bio Oil before putting it on seems to soak in the mineral pearl goodness in to my pores. It's good as I am a busy person who can't be looking in the mirror all day, good even coverage through out the day even if I touch my face or wipe my mouth after eating etc.. It doesn't need re applying,

The price is a bit dear though maybe if it was a bit cheaper and had more than just a brush in with it might get people interested in trying it. With so many other products being cheaper and bigger in quantity people are looking for value for money, which is understandable in this economy. Although everyone's skin type and PH levels are different. I really recommend you try Bio Oil as your replacement for any moisturiser as it will not only help your skin with redness, scars and health but also suit any skin type! added bonus is Bio Oil can last for ages, same as Thin Lizzy mineral foundation as you only need small amounts.

I hope my review helps those who have problems with scars, redness and uneven skin. I have found that Thin Lizzy does work (for me) and I will be doing more reviews on their products and others too as I go along. The most rewarding thing about this is that I finally have the confidence to lift my head high and not be ashamed of my scars etc.. My partner not noticing I have any make up on is a bonus too, I have freckles which he loves so glad that Thin Lizzy foundation doesn't cover up my cute freckles but covers things I don't want.

Working in retail I needed the extra confidence boost, no other foundation is so light weight and doesn't feel like you have any makeup on! I would recommend this as a try to any one who wants to give it a go. But I stand strong with my advice to ditch your other moisturiser's and primers and just use Bio Oil as that's really helped me out.

Thin Lizzy Brush

Love thin Lizzy but the brush bits are always filling out and get left all over my face...wish they would change the brush

Absolutely love it!

I recently just started using Thin Lizzy and I absolutely love it! Love how it makes my skin look! I dont like using so much make makeup thats why I opted for Thin Lizzy and thank goodness I did! Happy customer right here! Lol

Make up

it is so easy to use I love it wow cool love it nice good soft nice and light easy to put on

Recipe needs changing back.

I've used natural glow now thin lizzy 4 numerous years but this batch has just crumbled away & not bronzey

Extremely dissapointed

I have seen the advert on television and decided to use it .
What a big big disappointment .
It crumbles in the compact .the eye crayon is difficult to remove from your eyes and the lip gloss is nasty and thick .
I think it is really expensive for what you get .
I paid full price for t from Big W .
No longer will i trust the adverts i will rely on review pages first .

Very disappointed.

I have suffered with acne for 15 years and have a lot of pigmentation scarring. I rarely buy makeup but this one sounded perfect for me. I tried it yesterday and ended up looking dirty, without any coverage to my pigmentation scars. I was so disheartened. I watched the video again today and gave applying the 6-in-1 another shot, with the same results. My pores are accentuated, my pigmentation scarring is still very much visible and my face just looks dirty. I have lightly tanned, fair skin and used the 'light' toned 6-in-1. I am very disappointed in this product.
I do love the soft application brushes though, and the lip gloss smells pretty. The eye pencils are also good though smudge very easily.


Yes I agree, every time I used it I got acne and I'm 54. Also the product crumbles and you waste so much of it.

You have to select the right product

I understand everyones frustrations with their reviews but you need to use the product correctly. The 6 in 1 (whether light or dark) will not work for everyone. The more you apply of the 6 in 1, the darker it gets which is why a lot of people end up unhappy with the outcome, where as with the mineral foundation; the more you apply the more coverage you get. I suggest getting colour matched by a demonstrator for the mineral foundation and use the 6 in 1 as your blusher, contour, eyeshadow, lip color, all over body bronzer etc.

Good coverage but I get acne every time I've used it.

Was really excited to get my 6 in 1 set and the coverage, colour and ease of application were great but then started noticing that every time I used the product, I break out in spots. So I'm back to my old makeup brands feeling like I've wasted money.

Was going to order

I saw an ad on TV and decided I wanted to call and inquire about the product, but their lines were full and the operator talked so fast I couldn't understand what he was saying. Then they finally called me back, and the lady that was speaking with me was not helpful at all, I told her I was calling as an inquiry and she immediately restated what was stated in the ad. Then she didn't give me a chance to ask any questions and immediately asked for my payment info. I told her I wanted to know more first and I had to sort the money part out and she got annoyed with me and then demanded that I answer her first about my payment info and I said no, and she hung up on me. Never have I ever been treated so rudely.

Not worth buying

I was very disappointed with Thin Lizzy, as I was expecting results in covering up my acne. I chose the light colour (as I have olive skin) and it was so dark and orange looking. I have always had a lot of trouble with getting the correct skin tone colour when buying foundations so I was very excited to get Thin Lizzy but very upset. I have to say the eye liner is great as it has a attached sharpener and I do use the mineral make up for blush and eye shadow. The lip gloss isn't good as extremely sticky. My advice is if yo ou have acne don't try mineral make up as it is not strong enough to cover so go back to liquid foundation.

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Questions & Answers

Why can’t I buy the 6 in 1 pressed powder kit in the tin anymore?
3 answers
Dear Melissa, I have not had to buy another one for a while but as far as I know you can purchase it on line from Thin Lizzy or the last I saw it was available from Big W. I do not understand why Thin Lizzy could not answer this question for you but I do hope this has helped you in some way as I will soon have to purchase it again myselfYes, it’s available everywhere but not as the set, they seem to have taken the original set off the market and now just have it all available single for a higher costIf anyone knows where the set is still available I would love to know where

Hi are they discontinuing this product? I hope not just got it and it’s amazing
No answers

Can I still get the buy one and get one free?
2 answers
No, they are now charging $30 FOR ONE COMPACT when you used to get 2 compacts, brushes, eye liners, lip glosses for $49.00.I used to buy thin lizzy at the old price but stoped when the price changed Kindest regards Jan

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