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Poor Service

Tile Direct called me and left a message as they have to come and do some work at my place. I returned the call 10 mins after the message and got an answering machine. I have been calling now for 3 Days and leaving messages. No return calls and can’t get s hold of them at all..... very poor service

Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Store LocationThrough home builder

Poor service and rip off

We first selected our tiles asking for 1.5mm gap and ended up with 5mm gap and told it was our fault for sighting the quote. We choose Grey tiles to go on the floor and up the shower wall and was given non-rectified tiles and I asked for the same tile in white to go on the rest of the bathroom areas and laundry. The salesperson write on the quote that I wanted 1.5mm gap assuming I would get the same non-rectified tiles. But NO was told it was my fault as I signed the quote and agreed to the order. They would not take responsibility for the error. Now I have one style of tile with 1.5mm gap and the rest with 5mm gap looks terrible now I have 3 bathrooms and a laundry that I hate. The salesperson wrote the wrong tile style down. We were NOT given a breakdown of the upgraded tiles we wanted. My allowance was 11,000 with Rawson and ended paying $45,000 OVERPRICED and still no responsibility at all....I hate my white tiles with 5mm gap. I called Rawson and they did not want to help but at my insistence they all came to my house with the Reps from Rawson and Direct tiles and still said it was my fault because I signed over and over again I asked where is the 1.5mm gap. Tiles Direct MADE THE MISTAKE .... then I changed a colour in one of the bathroom and they charged $500 fee to change the order and then kept the tiles I previously ordered and refused to give me a refund. I can’t understand why Rawson and Clarendon still deal with them. So dishonest obviously profit is more important than customers. How long will this dishonesty gone on.

Return Claim MadeNo
Store LocationSeven Hills

So delighted

Went for my pre Tile selection Appointment at Tiles Direct Charmhaven today and I was so happy with Nicole and her professional help.
We had no preconceived ideas of what we could expect or the range we would be offered as we are building with Masterton Homes.
We left there feeling so confident with our choices there was so much to choose from in our range. Great experience. Thank you Nicole!!

January 23rd 2019 Update: Positive outcome

✅Tiles Direct Charmhaven, final appointment today. Great range of products, and great help from Nicole, what a delightful young lady, offered suggestions but not pushy, Tile range immaculately displayed, lovely clean cool and bright showroom. So nice to sit and take your time in such a calming atmosphere.

Never use them again

From the beginning they wanted every dollar you had. Then the quality of workmanship was crap. We had a white film over our tiles after the tiler had grouted and they said that it is our job to clean them, Then when you need to get things fixed the maintenance person never returns your calls. We have been waiting now 2 months and 3 phone calls for her to contact us, 1 more call then further action will be taken. D Chamings.

Tile Direct admin stuffed up then blamed us.

We were asked to come in and pick our tiles, we did with our kids and spent most of the day there with [name removed]. We chose our tiles and took a photo of our selection, then [name removed] wrote the wrong colour on the quote (grey gloss) which we didnt notice... and after a long day there with hungry kids we signed the quote and started the long drive home.

We probably had 4 or 5 re-signing of the quote via email as they couldnt get the correct pricing.

The quote actually had our chosen colour (tempo charcoal) mentioned where the dark grout was to go as well as the wrong colour and the manager picked this up because charcoal tempo was deleted from the description by the manager after they had yet another pricing error. So both colours were mentioned for wall tiles and they didnt think to ask which one it was??

First day tiling we realised it was the wrong colour and put a stop to the job. Then they blame us and said thats what we chose because we signed it and if we want changes let them know! We responded saying NO, its their stuff up, Grey Gloss was not what we chose and we had photo proof and several amended quotes than mentioned both colours!

Our build was then delayed 2 weeks and we heard nothing from them even after several attemps to contact them. Finally they take responsibility for their error and begin to remove the old tiles and reline walls.

We then asked if we could change the floor tile colour of a small laundry and powder room and we'll pay for the extra tiles to which they wanted to charge a $500 admin fee!!

They said they've been accommodating in relation to OUR RECENT CHANGES? ... $500 to change 2 words on paper... no we dont feel like valued customers, weve never had this kind over treatment from any other company and as professional tradesman who offers a service to my clients, I always try to make sure they're happy.. always. The manager doesnt even have the decency to respond to her clients emails, we're just ignored.

Theyre quick to pass the buck, ignor clients and penny pinch where they can. I tell everyone dont use them.. or watch out if they do.

Refuse to provide itemised account

If you are building with a project builder and if you like and choose tiles (from the extremely limited standard builders range) and don’t make any customisations than you may be a happy customer. If you are building your new home because you want it styled to your own individual taste and the tiles in the standard range aren’t appealing to you BEWARE you could be charged a small fortune even if the same tiles from competitive tile shops are less than $10M2 above the project builders allowance. Don’t bother asking for an itimesed account as Tile Direct will refuse and tell you they don’t provide breakdowns of their pricing. They will tell you a great long story that includes negative comments about their competitions but not give you an itemised account. Their quote was more than $21,000 above the builders allowance. Why would tile direct refuse to provide an itemised account if their pricing is competitive. It leaves me thinking they have something to hide. Surely customers are entitled to know how a quote is calculated.

Poor customer service

I selected tiles from This company because this is provided by Clarendon project home. You must be careful to choose your tiles because you need to pay the admin fee if you change your mind. I did meet the staff to choose my tile in Feb 2017, however, the information to choose the tiles by the staff is not good enough to make you really understand what you want such as laid of tiles vertical or horizontal. You need to go there before to understand what kind of bathroom do you want. The tile selection range is not much with the standard selection.

They don't provide you the tiles sample and what should your bath room look like with tiles choose. This is really hard to imagine and decide in the few hours appointment for your dream bathroom.

I did ring them few days ago for my consideration of change of tiles laid method and the concern of one bathroom wall tile choice. I take few days to get their reply back. They looks like only care about the new customer rather than the existing customer.The tile sales person is always busy with appointments! Is it true?

Finally, I decide not to change the laid tiles with my kitchen flash back because it's cheaper for me to replace the wall tiles by myself than their admin fee. I also can choose the dream tiles.

I have not started the tiles job yet but I can see I may have the quality issue with this company based on the comments from other people. I will leave more comments if I find the quality issue in future.

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Update on 4 May 2018: I found the tile direct company send the guy to install the wall tiles today but I have sent email to them said no need to install in Feb 2018. By the way, the tiler has called back to the company to confirm the wall tiles pattern which is to be laid vertically. The tiler found the tiles pattern is not normally laid but how the tiles sales tell me to lay the wall tiles vertically in kitchen wall and bathroom wall. This is absolutely not the professional advice! Very disappointed!

Poor workman ship and numerous faults

Tiling iobs through our build took forever to be done because we were always waiting for the tilers to come back and finish something. They’d come come and finish something and forget to finish something else. Shower niches tiled competely wrong and had to be redone. Come to inspect or build one Friday and they were working and smoking INSIDE OUR HOUSE!!

Moved in and realised our ensuite shower floor was constantly wet and never dry - water wasn’t draining down the smartwaste because it wasn’t inserted correctly. Finally got a tiler to come back and fix the job in which they regrouted the replaced tiles in a totally different grout. Our grout was white and the replaced tile grout was grey!

Waiting for a resolution and for our job three months on after handover to be completed as per the signed paperwork in which we agreed when we made our tiler choices.

Fed up with them. When the gentleman came to fix the smartwaste he turned up with no tiles and asked me what he had to fix as he advised us he had limited instructions from tile direct as to what he was to do. Ridiculous.

Very Poor Customer Service

I had an appointment booked with one of their consultants to discuss tiling and general floor coverings for my new home. I was willing to travel for an hour for this 3 hour meeting (regular time period they allow for the meeting). A couple of days before the meeting, one of their very junior sounding employees phoned me, saying she was cancelling my meeting. No discussion, they were cancelling and that was that. They said if I wanted to I could have a 30 minute consultation. Not worth travelling for an hour for a quick chat!

Terrible Tiling 0 - Zero Star Rating!

Tile Direct Sydney did the tiling in our new home when we built with Rawson Homes.

We have tiles with more than 2mm lippage & the majority of tiles do not line up which is due to the joint widths varying from less than 1mm to about 8mm.

The floor in our ensuite is bowed (actually runs away from a drain point) & the majority of our flooring is not very level. Many areas also did not have the grout cleaned off the tiles.

It is obvious that they have not used spacers when laying tiles due to the inconsistent joints.

Buyer beware - do yourself a favour & find a reputable company to deal with.

Questions & Answers

Which way do you lay wood look tiles ?
1 answer
Tile Direct would likely lay them upside down.

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