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TOM Organic Everyday

TOM Organic Everyday

3.8 from 4 reviews

I Love This Product!

I'm wearing pantyliner everyday and this is the best liner i have ever use! It's stick to my undies well and i'm very comfortable wearing it, doesn't slip to my butt as well.

I use these every day and love them

I use these liners every day and have just started buying them for my 11yo daughter, who also wears them every day. I love that they are so thin you don't even notice you're wearing them, and that I can feel happy knowing there's no nasty chemicals in them. Glad I can start my daughter on the right products from the beginning!

Love all your other products...but, these...no.

Sorry, TOM people. I love your products. I use the maternity pads and regular pads and am a huge fan of your stuff and what your company stands for. Your other products are absolute quality and I'll never change to another brand, but.....
Please, please, please, do something about these panty liners. They are ruining my knickers! The glue sticks to them and will not come off, though the liner seems more than happy to separate from the glue and work it's way into some incredibly uncomfortable spots.
I have read other reviews stating similar to my complaint and would be extremely grateful if the product would be fixed and be made to the high standard of the other products.
I would also like to know why this only happens with the liners. Really annoying.
Unfortunately, I won't be buying another pack until this problem is sorted out. I keep an eye on the packaging for any sign of 'new and improved' but haven't seen anything. Once I see that, I'll give them another try, but until then, sorry, no thanks, can't afford to buy new knickers everyday.

Adhesive ruins underwear - Improved now

TOM everyday liners can ruin delicate fabric undewear.
Been using TOM's pads for over a year, and though they are the most expensive pads in my supermarket, I thought that organic cotton and quality were worth it. I've never had any problems with the pads. So this month I decided to try the liners also. And what a horror: the adhesive stuck to the underwear and couldn't be removed. Whatever I tried, I couldn't get it off the fabric. What's wrong? The very same underwear was perfectly fine with TOM pads.

July 2016 update: TOM listened to the feedback and improved oved the liner adhesive. All good now.

Purchased in June 2013.

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same problem!

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Release dateJun 2013

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