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Tommee Tippee Fresh Food Feeder

Tommee Tippee Fresh Food Feeder

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A must when introducing food to your baby

I absolutely love the fresh food feeder. This product makes introducing solids easy. With using the fresh food feeder it eliminates the stress of your baby choking on a big chunk as what comes out is purée. The handle is large making it easy for your baby to hold. I love you can put absolutely anything into it and give it to bub and they can enjoy a variety of food.

This product is okay but the design is the thing i really don't like

I bought this product at a website and used this almost everyday. The net is very soft which means it doesn't hurt my baby's gums. I also love that it is safe for my baby to use. However, Sometimes I am having ridiculous experiences with this one, It looks like a toy to me because of its bright colors. I just hoped that if the brand would release another design, it would be rather simplistic.

Such a good product!

I adore this mesh feeder. It makes it so easy to give my son foods that he might choke on if I didnt have this feeder. I wish they had a more reusable option for the mesh as it is very difficult to clean, but I've since been throwing the mesh away after eating as it is easier than spending time cleaning it. Other than that, it is a fantastic product and definitely recommend this feeder!

Really great.

I originally avoided this mesh feeder as I didn't think that the circle handle would be easy to hold. I looked around a little for some of the other brands but just went with this one in the end because my local grocery store stocked it. Really glad I bought it! Handle is held really well by my 5mo daughter. She loves eating anything I out of it! After her 2nd try she was already quite used to handling it and appears to be quite skilled now. We freeze fruit to soothe teething gums which is a BIG HIT!! We also steam, purée and then freeze portions of veggies to go in it.

CLEANING: Others have said that it is hard to clean. I personally haven't had this issue. Possibly people are letting the food dry and stick to the mesh or maybe I haven't tried the foods they have had issues with. If I am at home I always just pull it apart. Turn the mesh inside out and run it under water before washing.

UPDATE: This product appears to have been updated since some of these older review. Feeder completely pulls apart into separate pieces for easy cleaning. I also got 2 replacement mesh pieces. So 3 in total.
Colours, size, price, easy to handle, travel cap.

perfect introduction to solid foods

My bubba wouldn't eat purees from a spoon but loved the mesh feeder. It does get a tad messy necause he will smoosh it into his face but I guess thats one of the joys of being a baby. Under $10 and came with a few spare mesh baggies to replace it when its yucky
no need to puree foods. baby loves to feed himself with the feeder. no chunks to choke on.
can get messy


My kids loved these when they were young. It gives peace of mind knowing that they can't bite off chunks that they could choke on. They are perfect for fruit, meat, anything you can think of can be tried. They found the ring on the end really easy to hold onto and put the mesh in their mouth. Cleaning can be a bit hard if it's all stuck in the mesh but it eventually all comes out.
Great for ensuring they don't bite off big chunks that could be a potential choking hazard
Easy hold ring
Great size
Can be difficult to clean, it depends on what is stuck in the mesh

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Pros Easy for baby to grasp and no more coughing up lumps of food! cons- hard to clean some foods especially banana...gets stuck in the mesh


Great idea, but compared to the Nuby it doesn't stand a chance. It only takes 1 moment of forgetfulness and you have to throw it out. If it stays in the nappy bag for a few days you'll have no hope of getting it clean - yuck. At least with the Nuby you can replace nets.
It works, but it's not worth it because of how hard it is to clean.
Too hard to clean. Very easy to get it to the point of having the throw it out.

Great tool for teething

I was given this as a gift and think it's a great idea. My 9 month old son has only really started loving this, especially when I put frozen grapes in it, probably because he is really teething now. Sometimes he bites the grapes, sometimes the handle. I tried it when he was 6 months old and he didn't really take to it. I'm not sure that I would use it for travel as it can be messy with juices flowing out of it. So far I haven't found it too difficult to clean as I've mainly just put grapes in it and most food particles have come out in the dishwasher. The instructions say to use a toothbrush to remove food articles from mesh bag which sounds like a lot of bother.
Occupies son, helps him with teething, dishwasher safe
Cleaning the mesh can be tricky

Excellent and no mess

Great to get your little one used to tastes of new foods ...nice and clean too.

Great teething tool as you can put cool watermelon etc in it.
Easy and clean and easy for child to grasp

Best invention ever made for self feeding

My son loved and used his feeder to death! Was the best $$ i spent on anything baby related.. if u havent tryed one please do u we love them!!!
inexpensive, very easy to use


Great product. My daughter loves to eat fruit from it. Her eyes brightened up every time she sees it, and can occupy her for some time.
Great for feeding fruit/vege without fear of choking. Easy for child hand to handle, thus allowing my daughter to eat on her own.
When first use some of the loose mesh came out. So you need to wash thoroughly and ensure no loose mesh before offering to your baby.


I dont use this all the time but when i do my son sucks on it and makes all the fruit mushy so i like knowing hes able to taste different fruits and flavours without gagging or choking.
I felt at ease giving my baby this with fruit in it without the risk of choking, great colours to choose from.
Can be a bit hard to clean and some fruits stained the mesh bag.


This is a great way to introduce solids for the baby to eat on their own. We used it with watermelon first and it was a winner.
Great way for the baby to eat chunks of food without choking. The handle allows the baby to hold it on their own as well.
The mesh net is attached and you can't replace it, so you have to make sure you clean it thoroughly.


My boy loved these. He loved eating various types of fruit from these, melon in particular. They are a simple and useful tool when teaching a little one about food.
These are easy to use and they make the transition to holding food easier for bubs.
A little difficult to clean.


I bought this as my little one loves watermelon but kept choking on it. She has been able to eat it now and I haven't had any problems. Easy to clean as I can just throw it in the dishwaher cutlery tray. Also keeps bubs clean as everything is held in the mesh. Love this produc and definitely recommend.
Great idea - Lets bubs eat food that would normally be a choking hazard. Great especially if you have a fruit that is very juicy as bubs can suck the juice out without squeezing it all over themselves. Handle is perfect size for little hands and have a round handle means that she can use two hand for bigger / heavier foods.
have to fill it right up as otherwise bubs ends up with more mesh in her mouth than food. needs to give a bit more idea of what foods are good to use it with.


Simple but great idea to teach your baby to accept veges and fruits at there own pace as they feed themselves by sucking and biting the necking. No chunks can pass throu the net so this is safe for babies.
Great idea for teaching babies the variety of flavours in fruits and vegetables. My baby puts everything in her mouth so she easily accepted vege's etc from the feeder. Variety of colours to choose from.
Hard to wash, it is definately easier to keep clean if you either soak in the sink or wash immediately after use. Avoid letting food dry out in the net.


I think that this is a great product. Both my son and I love it, his face brightens as soon as he sees it. I often give it to him with fruit in it after his dinner as he usually finishes before us, so it gives us some peace while we finish.
My son loves his. I don't have to worry about him choking and it's easy for him to hold. It is great for when I want to put him in his high chair while I get something done. I just give him his pear etc in the feeder and he is happy for ages.
It can be hard to clean but I just make sure I wash it straight after it has been used and it's not too bad.


Overall I'm glad I had this just for the early teething because I could put ice in it, even though my baby wasn't ready for solid food. It can be handy on occasion for a slightly less messy way to give a snack. But as using the pincer grasp and learning to self feed is important to practice I don't rely on it. It is one of those things that is nice but not a necessity.
Excellent for teething babies as you can put ice or frozen fruit in and it feels great on their gums.
it is not the easiest to clean, though much easier if you wash it immediately after use before food can dry on.


Overall I'm happy with this product. I don't use it all the time but found it very useful to help with teething pain as well as when first introducing solids. Easy for a baby to hold and therefore keeps them independently engaged for quite a while.
This product was great during teething woes. My daughter was able to suck easily on an ice block to numb her sore gums without the risk of choking. Tried some fruit like watermelon but she soon lost interest and enjoyed plain ice more. The handle was very easy for her to hold onto.
A little hard to clean bits of fruit out when half sucked through the mesh.


We initially bought this for our baby after she choked on a piece of watermelon when we first started feeding her solid pieces of food. Better to be safe and use this than sorry after baby chokes, and can't breathe!
Easy to grip for baby, and allowed her to eat watermelon, bananas etc without worrying she'll choke on it.
Hard to clean the mesh without using a toothbrush. Better to have a separate one for fruit/vegies and another for meat.

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Questions & Answers

Do you pit purée or full foods in this? Is it dishwasher safe?
1 answer
It's intended for full foods not purees. It isn't dishwasher safe.

What age is this product recommended for? my daughter is 4 months & I am wanting to introduce her to food. At the moment she loves to bite on things.
1 answer
I gave this to my son when he was 5 months old but I'm not sure what the recommended age is. Either 4 or 6 months. I think as long as you give her age appropriate food out shouldn't be a problem.


Tommee Tippee Fresh Food Feeder
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