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Tommee Tippee Nappy Wrapper Tub

Tommee Tippee Nappy Wrapper Tub

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Great concept but ridiculous price for refill cassettes (25€ for 3) which are in essence simply bin bags! We will continue to use the bin but without replacing the cassettes going forward. Can buy nappy bags for a fraction of the price. If I had know the price of refills I would not have purchased this.

works but...

The diaper pail works but be careful when you buy refills. They have designed them in such a way that although practically identical in all ways, the cartridges cannot be used between different systems. Particularly disappointing when the old cartridge is offered for sale in a display next to the new product.

been using mine for 6.5yrs and counting

We love our tommee tippee nappy wrapper and are still using it with our third child! We still buy the refills and find it works amazingly at keeping away nasty smells. Even with one interior piece not working (it kept falling loose) it does fantastic. We love our bin and highly recommend it!

Not impressed!

I got one of these second hand and now know why the person didn't use it anymore. It is small and while space wise that's good, it doesn't always even last the day! The inner flap comes apart all the time, the lid is heavy and the smell isn't really captured all that well. We now place nappies in scented nappy bags and just use it like a bin without the cartridges. I wouldn't buy another nappy disposal unit unless someone I really trust suggested something fantastic.

Small, expensive refills, smells, top heavy


Not a product I would recomend. The refills dont last long & are expensive. I now use without tying each nappy off but placing them all in then tying off & discarding at the end of the day, makes the cartridges last longer. Once I have used all my refills I will be getting rid of it totally. Also it is top heavy so when carrying the top fell off & smashed the lid.
Keeps smell to a minimum expecially in hot weather.
Very expensive to replace cartridges & they dont last very long.


The nappy wrapper was most useful when in the newborn stage where you are changing nappies a lot but they don't take up much room. At that age you can fit a lot in the tub before you need to empty it and the cartridges last a while. As the baby and nappies get bigger it becomes more expensive to keep using it because of the cartridge cost.
It keeps the smell under control even in the hotest weather. It is easy to use and can be operated one-handed.
The cartridges can be expensive if you are not purchasing them on sale.


I wouldn't recommend this, its basically an overpriced bin. I ended up putting mine in storage and using nappy sacks instead, throwing the nappies in the normal bin since it got changed more often. The kids constantly wanted to play with it and it was a flop for us.
An easy way to quickly get rid of your nappies.
The extra bags are very expensive. There is a part that sort of "catches" the nappy inside that broke within the first couple of weeks, it wasn't completely necessary but made it easier to use. I found myself emptying it pretty constantly as it didn't actually conceal all the smell once baby was on solids.


I would not recommend this product. I was actually really disapointed with this product. In the end I used it as a bin with the lid off and wrapped my nappies in nappy sacks.
Keeps nappies secure for overnight nappy changes. Quick and easy method of disposing nappies quickly and at point of changing.
Expensive. The cartridges are expensive and do not last long, especially when the child is older and has bigger and heavier nappies. Not odor free, can easily smell urine or fecal smell from bin when lid opened. Ineffective twising action of bags - bags should seal individually. Cutter is hard to use, I ended up just ripping the bags and tieing the ends

Fragile - handle with care.

My mother dropped this bin and the lid shattered into pieces! It was an ok bin to use, however I found the cassette liners were just too expensive and therefore had to resort to using it as a normal bin in the end with nappy saks, which pretty much defeated the purpose of the bin in any event. I didn't find that it kept in the smells as much as other bins on the market which promote the same things as this one. Therefore, overall I am glad the bin broke and I purchased another which was a much more practical and better buy.
Good size
Doesn't keep the smells in as much as others on the market, the lid isn't very strong.

Give it a miss

The idea of disposing of nappies, smell free and quickly is great but in reality it's probably not worth it. We bought one of these on special and it wasn't long before we realized we didn't really need it. The initial price is expensive and the cost of replacement bags is even more expensive plus the thing is big and bulky, it doesn't fit on the change table and if I put it next to it the kids get into it hence why ours is now in storage waiting to see if my sisters want it when they have kids. Save your money and keep fit by bagging each nappy and taking it out to the rubbish bin!
Keeps the nappy smell at bay
Expensive, bulky, just not necessary


I am very happy with my Tommee Tippee Nappy wrapper, it has lasted 2 kids and the only thing that has broken was the inside flap which hasn't been an issue at all. Would recommend it any one including family as it makes life a little bit simpler when you have little ones.
It keeps smell down to a minimum, able to store nearly a weeks worth of dirty nappies, hygienic as your not handling dirty nappies too much, when disposing of nappies into the outside bin I have no fears that if the garbage truck tips over my bin that I have to pick up dirty nappies. Easy to use, closes securely to prevent little ones getting into it, not ugly that it looks like a bin. Cartages last a long time.
Refill cartages are expensive if you aren't buying them on special.


Given the nappy wrapper the toss and I now use nappy sacks and walk them straight out to the wheelie bin. The odur that wafts out when you open the lid is horrible - I never did find that it neautrilises the odour. I used it a few times and noticed that the refills kept getter more expensive everytime.
I would never ever recommend this product to anyone.
I did not find a lot that I liked about this product.
Was the biggest waste of money that I spent on any of the baby products that I bought! Very expensive piece of junk.


we got excited when we saw this product and bought it while it's on sale- it seemed to be on sale often, as the company probably make the money from selling the refill cartridges.
put it this way, it is not a product you can't live without.
keeps the odour out, which might be good if the weather is hot and the smell would be stronger, so you don't need to take the rubbish out straight away.
refill cartridges are very expensive, and does not last long at all!


We bought this thinking it was a great idea but a couple of months down the track, it has just turned into an expensive bin and we just use nappy bags which cost about $4 for 200 as opposed to the $18 or so for a new cassette. The only saving grace was that we got the tub cheap - I would be pretty upset if I had paid full price! I really would think twice before buying this, or any nappy disposal product.
Cuts down on smells. Easy to use.
Refill cassettes are quite expensive


This is a great Idea but needs a little improvement. The plastic should be biodegradable and they should make turning the handle easier one-handed. Having said that I will rpobably use it for the next one at least while it is a neborn and going through lots of little nappies
Easy to use and contained smell well. Quite easy to empty
By the time I got to the bigger nappies I was going through the cases a lot quicker and ended up changing to the nappy sacks. Bit hard to do one handed and needed to wedge it against the wall with my foot to turn the dial.


Glad I bought the Nappy Wrapper as its makes life easier being able dispose of nappies and wipes right next to my change table rather than having to take rubbish directly outside. Definately worth it.
Easy to use, keeps smells at bay.
Replace disk expensive however lasts ages.


My hubby suggested that handsfree/foot lever would be ideal as more often than not you have your hands full with a wiggly bub.
I also agree that the refill cartridges are too expensive for what they are.. (essential just a long plastic bag).
Smart idea to keep easily keep nappies contained.
No handsfree operation.
Refill cartridge expensive.


I only use it for pee, not for poop nappies. I wrap the nappies really well first and then I throw it in the bin and when it's full, I empty it. However, even if I use it for pee nappies only, when I lift the lid, the smell is very strong and it lasts for minutes.
Maybe that it looks like a nursery item, so you'll have a garbage bin that fits in the decor.
Can not capture odours, the whole room simply stinks.


Over i was fasinated by the idea of a nappy bin for change times that minimised odours and went out and bought the nappy bin on special. I bought one lot of refills that were quite pricy and once my son was about 3-4 months realised that i was wasting a fortune on the replacement bags as they are so expensive.
great idea to wrap nappies and to contain the odour instead of bagging nappies seperately and having to take them straight to the wheelie bin
These are so expensive for the refill cartriges. Once your baby gets over 4 months old and the nappies are larger and your going through quite a few a day it becomes to expensive to keep buying the bags


This is a pretty good nappy disposal system in that it is compact, minimises odours (well, so far at least), and easy enough to empty. Problems are that you can't use it with one hand which is a bit of a problem when you have a wriggly baby sitting on the change table that you need to keep a hand on and you have to insert your hand into the clean part of the bin each time which is not that nice to do. I think I would prefer to use nappy sacks and toss them into a bin if I had to do it again as the refills are also quite pricey.
Tricky to twist handle, not foot operated

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Can you explain how to use ??
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Load the bags canister in the to and push some if the bag through so you can tie a knot in the end to close it off. Push a nappy through and turn the handle on the lid right around once (this will wrap the nappy) do this with each nappy you put in then once the bin is full you push down the handle as you turn and this will cut the bag, open the lid and take out the string of wrapped tie a knot in the end and throw away. Reember to tie a knot in the big each time you start a new string of nappies. :)

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