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Tommee Tippee First Solids Bowl

Tommee Tippee First Solids Bowl

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I love this bowl. I am going to buy another!

This is a great bowl. It is designed for being on the go, as the lid has a nifty little section for storing the spoon to keep it clean when it's in your bag. Although I have never used it out and about, it is the first bowl I reach for when at home. It has a protruding piece of plastic for a handle which is so comfortable to hold the bowl with. The two compartments are handy as you can put different foods in each side. I put different cubes of frozen purée in each side, zap it in the microwave, then offer my baby each single purée before trying them mixed in together. This is useful if trying a new food for the first time. If baby doesn't like the new food, the food you know he likes is still in the other compartment. The spoon is nicely shaped and easy for baby to eat from. It is a smart and stylish looking bowl too. I bought the green one, but I love it so much that I'm going to buy the blue one too. It would be great if they came out in a range of other colours (like red or different shades of existing colours). Love that you can just toss it in the dishwasher too.
Great design, clever spoon holder, nice colours
Nothing, except would love more colours to choose from.

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