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Do the shakes cause some people gout

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Crissy G

Crissy Gasked

Bought toney Ferguson coffee and the taste so disgusting bought vanilla too not nice taste at all

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Ann-Marie F.

Ann-Marie F.asked

Can you drink coffee everyday on the classic
I am and eating all the right things but in the last 1.5 weeks no weight has shifted
I have done the program before so I’m just puzzled
I drink decaf with unsweetened almond milk
What can be happening
I am 64 I want to get to around 57

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Angela T.

Angela T.asked

Are the shakes ok for a 9 year old to drink

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Claudia Favaloro

Claudia Favaloroasked

Hi I’ve been using the shakes for over 1 month now but the last week I’ve fallen sick, vomiting diarrhoea, cold sweats. Very bad heartburn. All this week I’ve been bedridden. Even kidney pain on both sides

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Hi - I’m no doctor - but there’s so much more to these shakes that you need to do.You should check with your Dr - you need vitamin tablets,2lt water and start slowly by only having 1 shake a day with a low carb diet and work slowly to 2 shakes a day.Maybe change to optifast shakes.Tonys used to be good but changed their recipes and now taste Horrible.Hope you get better and get Dr advise :)



Can you drink coffee on Tony ferguson

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Tony Ferguson
Inge V.Tony Ferguson

Hi, Yes you can if you are on the classic program. You can find the shopping list with suitable products here - https://tonyferguson.com/pages/meal-plans-and-shopping-list. Thanks, The Tony Ferguson Team.



I am following the instructions for the soup, but it curdles so it has a horrid taste to it . I like the idea of soup as I get sick of the sweet shakes

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Nthabiseng M.

Nthabiseng M.asked

Can I use the water infusion drops to suppress my appetite and lose belly fat?

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Is it safe to use the shakes with kidney disease?

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Corne v.

Corne v.asked

Is it save to use the supplements when you have kidney infection?

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Patricia C.

Patricia C.asked

Have the shakes changed in the last few years. They really helped my diabetes a few years ago so I thought I'd try them again. They seem to be much sweeter and my blood sugar has gone way too high I've wasted a lot of money as I bought the $100 starter pack. I'd had permission from my doctor last time to use them

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What has happened to the original VLCD ? Bring them back PLEASE!!!!!!

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Michelle B.
Michelle B.

the same has happened to the optifast products, they used to be delicious and are now disgusting and overly sweet. I haven't been able to go back to them. I thought I would try tf but now everyone is saying their shakes etc. have changed and not for the better. it seems like these companies are in collusion to give us inferior products. they MUST be saving a lot of money why else would they do it?

Michelle T.

Michelle T.asked

I’m looking to start the VLCD this week but wanted to ask what sort of snacks apart from fruit people had in between shakes? Thanks

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Can I get thermoburn in Australia? I got some from South Africa and think it’s working

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Jo Mc

Jo Mcasked

Can I use water instead of milk ?

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Can I add almond milk to my shake?

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Do the shakes come in soy flavours?

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picture of the detox?

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I have thyroidism a (Hashimoto) I used some product but it effected my period the product contain Garsinia product
I need to use the Tony Ferguson program, just wondering whether interfere with my medical condition or not I need to lose from 10 to 15 KG
please help me with this problem.

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I have the rapid shakes but didn’t realise they have milk added to them not water.. is it okay if i add water instead???

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Just read the directions and go woth what ever it says to do.


I use chilled water.


thanks guys :)

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