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The change has not been for the better


A few years ago I went on the TF program and lost 14k in 12 weeks. Was able to keep it off by keeping a supply of shakes and soups on hand to use if I saw my weight increase. Now, when I really want to lose a few kilos again, I find that all the lovely soups we used to enjoy are no longer available and the shakes have changed also. The original program was great; we would have a shake for breakfast and a delicious soup for lunch and for dinner a balanced meal of meat fish or chicken with vegetables or salad. There were so many flavours to choose from, we didn't get sick of them. Come on Tony, give us back what we had, it worked!



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Losing 500g-1kg every day!


I am amazed. Impressed that my weight is finally dropping some starting the VLCD shakes.
I follow the advised program, 3 shakes a day, 1 carrot and chopped up apple to snack on during the day and for dinner I have steamed veges with my last shake for dinner. I don't exercise yet so I don't have too many kilojoules burning, which means I don't need to eat to match my metabolic rate, and I think that helps this very low cal diet work. I love it!!!!!

products disappear!


Not happy Jan


I lost 20 kg on the old program but just put the 20kg back on plus a bit more when I stopped the program of shakes & meal replacement bars. I have just tried the new shakes from a chemist who doesn't require you to weigh in each week but have found that they taste terrible compared with the old ones. Very disappointed and have gone onto the optifast shakes & bars.



Aggravated my ulcerative colitis


I used the Tony Ferguson program and had great results for weight loss but after 3 months became sicker than I had been in years. After doing some research recently and checking out their ingredients I found the additive 407 which has been associated with cancer and aggregating ulcerative colitis. I did mention that I had this condition when I signed up for the program but it's obvious that they didn't have any warnings inbuilt with the program.

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On furthur study I have found that the combination of Xanthan gum and artificial sweeteners are a dunamite combination for a troubled intestinal tract.


freddielaunceston Tasmania

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What has happened to the program


I would like to know what has happened to the program? i paid x amount of money to join the progam at terry white in launceston then it was taken over by another firm and we had to pay again to rejoin and given all these fancy folders now it has gone bust completly .We cant buy the products anywhere .I think we all should have been given a refund on our money .I think it should be looked into by choice magazine or similar because frankly i think we have been ripped off big time


DAYEast London SA

Results at last


Hi there I have been on TF weight loss program for exactly one month now and trilled with the results weight loss of 4.5 kg. Considering that I'm close to my target weight and unfortunately cannot be very active at the moment due to work and family commitments this is just great. Exercise alone and sensible healthy eating could not do that for me in such a short time frame. Love the shakes and the supplementation is really very good.
Hopefully will be able to keep it off.




Stale product - rice crackers


I have always been big fan of Tony Ferguson, with both my pregnancies I have happily used product yo lose my post baby weight and currently use product from time to time to keep things in check. However so disappointed over last two months I have purchased products that have been stale, (although still in date on packet)? to the point that it has made me vomit. As mum of two small children I do not have the time or patience to be running back n forth exchanging products as so they are eatable. Loyal supporter no longer.

Hope the VLCD is better than the original


New shakes taste disgusting -artificial sweetener is overpowering


I used to love the Tony Ferguson program, the shakes were delicious, I lost the weight I wanted and used the shakes on and off to maintain the weightloss but yesterday I went and bought a box of 40 sachets and I can't even drink them. They taste disgusting; like someone got the measurements wrong and added way too much artificial sweetener. Now I am going to have to see if I can sell them because they are soooo awful. What a shame as I have referred so many people to the Tony Ferguson program over the years.


salvatoretWA, 6005

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30kg lost


I lost 30kg in 5 months on the Tony Ferguson program about 6 years ago, and have kept it off since. I didn't do much exercise; but I just used the program to reduced my calorie intake. Highly recommended as a starting point, but consider using other brand shakes to reduce the cost. I'm a 29year old male.



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Very Good Lost 11kgs!


Straight off the bat the quality of Tony Ferguson is amazing if you compare it to any other diet shakes you will be thoroughly impressed with how well it mixes with water or skim milk, it's very filling and tastes amazing! I drank 2 shakes a day 1 in the morning and 1 mid-day with water in-between, followed by a normal sized dinner, I never cutted back on my dinner I'd have big steaks, pork chops or spag bog you name it and big servings too but I still lost weight in fact I love 11kg's in 1 month from Tony Ferguson shakes. Mind due I cut out all sugar drinks and no take-away only shakes/water/normal dinners.

TLDR: [Expensive], [taste great], [legit works]

Lost a massive 3.3kg in just the first week


I've lost 3.3kg in the first week. Strictly using tony ferguson shakes and diet plan. No cheats . Feeling great and can't wait to find out how much I loose the next week



excellent product


I miss the old shakes!


I miss the old shakes. I was told new ones are the same taste so bought 40. All I can taste is artificial sweetener....not the same at all! Now stuck with 39 disgusting shakes. Not happy Jan



Don't like the new taste of your shakes - why change something which was perfect. Was told that you changed the sweetener - please change it back.

Choc fudge shake is delicious!


Just started the program & the chocolate fudge shake is delicious - if you have a TM add a tray of ice & reduce amount of water 170g, put on speed 8-10 for 20 secs. It is like a thick shake :)

Gained Weight Not Lost


Recently started this diet and feel like I've to give up. I was put on a 1400 calorie diet. Your given the sheets to read but no one discusses anything and the in chemist consultants are too busy to talk about any issues you have. Really unhappy as struggling to lose weight. In the 5 Weeks on the program I put on over 1.5kg and am really upset. That I came to lose weight and instead am gaining unwanted weight. Whilst Sugar and Sodium seems Relatively low, can't understand why I've gained and not Lost. Due to my BMI being 29 it was suggested to do the 1400cal diet. Even with Regular exercise, weight loss here is not happening. Feeling quite sad, am constantly tired and feeling low.

Tania kenny

Tania kennyBuxton victoria

Terry white not happy


I found it to be lacking for me in keeping my energy up! I didn't lose much on this shake diet but I have started isagenix as my daughter had been raving about it well here's her email address (mellissa.kenny@icloud.com) contact her because this shake programme is awesome and I feel great and the kilos are consistently dropping off each week!

Huge disappointment


Tony Ferguson has actually been bought out by Terry White! The old diet was great I lost 15 kilos in three months and kept if off . I went to go back on it after my third child and the whole system had been changed and existing clients had to pay additional fees. Not happy as I found that the only diet that I was able to loose weight on!!!

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