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Tooheys Extra Dry 5 Seeds

Tooheys Extra Dry 5 Seeds

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Refreshing and light

I really like the 5 seeds cider, not too heavy or gassy , lovely on a hot day especially! i prefer this over a Magners or Bulmers any day, they have left me feeling bloated and disgusting (after a couple of small bottles) 5 seeds doesn't do this to me

It's ok

5 seeds is a good cheap cider. There's a lot better out their but there is also a lot worst. Price is always good but it's the only reason you should buy this say over strongbow. If your after cheap but nice the Somerset cider cans come in a 10 pack for around $20 and it tastes much better
Cheap and not horrible
Not the best tasting


This is about as close to a Cider as a West Coast Cooler is to a Chardonnay.
Real cider should be made with apples.... just apples and nothing else. This however is really just a Cider flavored Alcho-pop.

As cider is exempt from the Alcopop tax, this product has been created for the mass market as an alternative to the Vodka cruisers and such.

Cider lovers - Don't even bother with this one.

* Not really cider, just another alcopop!
* Weak and watery
* Made from apple concentrate and additives, not apples
* No real Cider flavour.

Well, actually, 5 seeds cider uses real apples>>Well, actually, 5 seeds cider uses real apples u-huh. Keep trolling Lion-Nathan suit. Wine is not made from grape concentrate. Cider is not made from apple concentrate.

Questions & Answers

Is there yeast in cider?
1 answer
Yes. Same as beer & wine. No yeast in spirits though as they are distilled.

Is it gluten free?
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No. There is loads of gluten in apples. That's why they use apples to make bread. Hope this helpsDoubt itI am trying to determine this for my wife who is a coeliac. Shall try 5 seeds direct and report. Some ciders are GF, others aren't. It is maybe similar to the gins, depends on the source of alcohol used. As far as mitchamus' answer, I am both angry and sad. If people give advice regarding health please be sure of the facts! There is zero gluten in apples! Gluten is found in wheat, oats and barley. Hence the need to be careful of the source of the alcohol. Fortunately the answer would not have repercussions for Carole or others. However if their cider is indeed GF, Toohey's would be financially harmed................. Please retract your statement mitchumas and take greater care with your wisdom sharing!


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