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Tooheys Extra Dry Platinum

Tooheys Extra Dry Platinum

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Not happy.

I tire of beer lowering alcohol content and size & raising prices. This beer is a perfect example of being ripped off by greedy corporations.

definate nono

from day one ,i was a big extra dry fan......until the dreaded product change-as advised by an email from the company "its what the cosumer wants".Not this consumer,alcohol content down from 6.5 to 5.5 %,different taste and less beer-not happy,so changed product-do yourselves a favour and take a look at the sales figures since the change-any difference?
everything,before the change
everything, after the change

it is now a rip off. less beer less alcohol.

like you did with hann ice beer when you purchased it , you have done the same with e dry platinum you took the best beer, made the contents less and lowered the alcohol content. this is a blatant rip off. You should be ashamed of yourselves.
beautiful, great taste, no afterfects like a hangover. a little expensive, but worth every dollar.
nothing was, untill you changed it from 6.5 to 5.2 and less in the bottle. It does,nt aste as good. no more.

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Oh Tooheys what have you done? You have taken the only beer that had individuality within your stable and cross bred it with crap and turned it into another nondescript piece of crap. Yes piece of crap. Who is it within your company that has to "market" the [censored word removed] out of everything. What was it? It wasn't performing as well as you predicted or you thought if we reduced our cost (by lowering the alcohol) we will make more money or some overly educated twat that should not be in the Beer industry, decided that 6.5% was tooooooooo much for the working Australian and we as a Corporate Citizen (Tooheys) should morally be responsible. [censored word removed]. It was a good beer. It came in 8 packs which along with the 6.5% was perfect for a party. It tasted good, clean crisp and dry, different not just a ted in another bottle. I have restrained myself here, but for the fact I don't know how will read this. If I could get onto the absolutely crap Tooheys web site I would have let go. I fear that the twats that have totally a good beer have had something to do with the "very long string" that hangs my computer up on your rooted web site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What once was is no more

This was the Swiss army knifes of beer. Packaged in a convenient 8 pack to last out a party and strong enough that 8 was more than enough this beer was the Aussie BBQ blokes dream. You could even afford to share a couple around. Unfortunately Tooheys decided that this winning formula contained too much fun.
Now with reduced alcohol (5.2% from 6.5%) and sold in 6 packs as opposed to the most excellent 8 pack bundle this beer has lost much of what set it apart. As if this was not enough it has taken on a distinctly less "Clear and crisp" taste. I would suggest that this is because it has been watered down from the tank out the back of the over intelligent person's property that decided it was smart to mess with this once, most excellent of Aussie beer choices.
Not much any more
Taste, Price, Value, Packaging

I agree they destroyed a perfect beer. I wouldn't waste my money on it now.They've lost a lot of money with this manouvre.

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