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Do not waste your money

Purchased a dash cam complete waste of money. It is more like a child's toy and did not come with a memory card which you can not purchase in australia, it is now in the rubbish bin.

CN Gold 1080 sport camera

CN Gold 1080P Sports camera. What an absolute joke POS. At first I couldn't even get it to go, then when I did it wouldn't work without a memory card. The I bought a memory card the POS still wouldn't work. The picture is so grainey (when it does turn on) you have to squint to see what is going on. Absolutely pathetic. Quickly ended up in the bin. I implore you, please don't waist your money on this crap!!!!

Junky Rubbish

This stuff is just junk with over inflated values listed. Warning you will be disappointed if you buy from this site.

Absolute rubbish

This site is run by thieves. The description of items on the auction site misrepresents what is being sold. The items are just cheap copies


I bought a ring on your auction advertised as solid white gold 4.5 carat diamond (100% genuine) when it arrived it was just cubic and strange metal in the ring not genuine as we were told on line. I call this false product discloser,I would like to talk to somebody or should I go on social media, your call

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Still waiting for TOPHATTER to reply about the FALSE / MISSLEADING product advertising and the wrongful supply of goods bought on line in good faith, You took my money in good faith now supply what I bought in good faith. Or is Tophatter just a another on line scaming company?? Thank You

Please Check Before You Bid.

Before bidding for any item, please compare it with eBay. I recently paid $20 (item plus shipping) for a Go Pro head and chest mounting strap. After I had paid at Top Hatter, I checked the same item on eBay and, to my annoyance, the same item was $3.75, with free shipping. Stay away from Top Hatter and you will not be ripped-off. Tell your friends also. Top Hatter is a site that flogs sub-standard merchandise at a super-inflated price, to suckers such as I am.

This is criminal. I have just watched an auction for: 2018 High Set of 2 BBQ Grill Non-Stick Reusable -Dishwasher Safe Mats - 16" X 13" The stated price is $371. Shipping $7 Winning bidder paid $29. Total for transaction - $36 Just had a look at eBay and their price is $8 for two, free postage. I am sure that the buyer thought that they were getting a four burner, stainless steel, gas BBQ.I am amazed at the absolute RUBBISH that appears for sale, on this rip-off site. I just saw 'Car Eyelashes', set of two. Yes, car eyelashes. $7 shipping and person bid $13. Price posted was $170. Maybe the buyer thought that the car was included.We have had a win. I just had a quick look at the rip-off site, and the massively inflated 'non-discounted', or 'normal retail price price' of items, no longer appears. In other words, an item that, would normally cost eg, $5, and was advertised as $202, in the lower left corner of each item, is no longer there.

Poor Quality all the way

I like the fact that the auction happens very quickly. That is where it stops. The quality across the board is very poor. I have been watching this site for a couple of months and nothing changes. It is always the same products over and over with a very limited choice. Often I compare with eBay and in most cases it is cheaper for product and for shipping with eBay.

Do Not Buy From Them

Do not buy from them. Bought defective goods. Returned costing me $22 and they will not honor return...I have put claim in and cannot get money back from paypal either.

Products Are Overpriced Junk

Purchased a number of products at the same time which only some have arrived even though they were purchased a month ago, Some haven't even been despatched yet and I'm about to cancel. Postage is too expensive, items are not as described, overall just cheap rubbish that you could probably buy for half the price here. Only reasonable product I bought was a laser thermometer. The oil I bought claimed to be better than botox! Don't know who they tried it on because it must be a 5 year old with no wrinkles. May as well be putting cooking oil on my face.

April 1st 2018 Update: Products are overpriced and suppliers are too slow with despatch.

Ordered products on 7th February, here it is 1st April, still have not arrived in fact tracking is showing that they were at the Beijing airport on 10th Feb. but haven't moved since. Tophatter say to hold on until 14th April for refund. These sellers are shonks and shouldn't be allowed to operate in Australia. Tophatter should be refunding these products immediately because it's fairly obvious that they haven't been sent. No more money from me. I'll stick to Ebay.

absolute garbage

nothing looks like the picture, shipping is too dear, definitely not worth the rrp. all from China, just all junk

totally crap

I have purchased several items at once neither item was of any value nor quality. I purchased a helmet waterproof camera it said it was the actual camera with all the trimmings all I got was a perfect casing to hold a camera it was false advertisement and when you go to complain to them an email comes back to you stating that the email I sent was invalid never again will I purchase anything from them again.

Worst shopping experience ever

The quality of the items are absolutely shocking they are cheap and nasty. Nothing is worth what you paid for it. One of the item l purchased did not at all and other item were just junk.

Crap Organisation

Ordered a set of spanners, received 1, also unsuitable ,supplier operating a scam. do not deal with tophatter you will be ripped off .John D.

Useless gadget

Bought an electric pedicure tool- supposed to exfoliate callused skin on heel but it is absolutely useless-far too weak to be sanding anything less alone hard dead skin! Don't waste money buying such gadgets on top hatter, they are poor imitation of the real thing. Huge disappointment.

Don't waste your time or money. Tophatter is complete garbage!

Bought a pair of "Magnifying specs" for fine work from Tophatter. Paid $7 plus $7 freight.
These products were sent poorly packed, totally damaged in transit, but worse still, they DO NOT WORK!!
I am an optometrist, I make glasses professionally for a living, and even though I didn't expect much from them, they are complete garbage!
It is physically impossible to get a single, fused image with them, and the focal distance is 1cm! I mean, what is the point? Totally rubbish!
The problem with you Chinese based sellers is that if I return them from Australia, it'll cost me $25 to get my $7 back, given they don't refund freight.
Even if they had arrived in good condition, it'd be impossible for them to work. They CAN NOT WORK!! The way they are set up prevents them ever working!
The product failed even before it was delivered.
So, this was a test of Tophatter, as a new buyer, and they failed BIG time!
I won't be using them again
I will recommend NO ONE uses them.
They should be avoided at all costs.
It's just a shame I have 2 other items coming I ordered on their site coming, cause if they're as garbage as this product is, I've wasted even more money.

Fake Gold Filled

I have purchased two 'Filled' Gold chains from them. In each case, the chains have tarnished and are leaving green stains on the skin. One of the chains is now back to copper.

The use of the term "Filled Gold" can only be legally used if certain requirments are met, and these chains certainly DON'T meet those requirements.

They are total rubbish, in fact chains from the Two Dollar Shop are of higher quality.

No accountability

I purchased an item from Top Hatters and noted when I checked the web site if my parcel would soon arrive it according to them had been delivered. I contacted support that I had not recieved the package and received the following reply

Tracking numbers are used to confirm the delivery of packages to buyers, and in the case of returned items, to sellers. A tracking status of delivered confirms the transaction was successfully completed.

They are not taking any responsibility for the parcel not arriving please noted there is someone home 24/7

In also waiting on an outstanding order of over 30days I have been informed the supplier has taken holidays and won't be back until late February. I am surprised this business did not have staff that could ensure they kept their promises to items to be delivered

Dissapointed with Top Hatters lack of accountability and with the businesses they deal with who take you money and go on holidays and do not honor orders

Pure Crap

Have made four purchases ftom top hatter. Only one does as it was meant to. The rest were rubbish. Also charged international transfer fees for thr transactions. I bank with Nab.
In top hatters defense they did refund the purchase price for one item but it is not worth wasting time with.

Credit Card Charges

Bidders and buyers should be aware that CBA will charge you international fees on your credit card for purchases from Tophatter. This is irrespective of the fact that you have logged into Tophatter Australia and all prices are quoted in Australian dollars. I assume other banks follow this policy. Tophatter should make it clear that this is the case and that items are sourced from outside Australia & will consequently attract bank fees.

Bo's view

i have won auctions on Tophatter and after they have taken my money from my credit card often the sale is then cancelled. I have contacted them to no avail. These transactions should be final once your card has been accessed. They should not be allowed to trade this way!!!!!!!!!!!

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I am inquiring as to when this item will be shipped to me. As yet it has not arrived. Have tried to contact seller but appears this link is now not avialable. I have copy and pasted my receipt from supplier below. Thanks. Michael. Thank you for your payment! Hi mideb, sprin has received your payment for Vehemo Waterproof Night Vision Hd Car Driving Camera Rear View Recorder Universal on April 14, 2018. Your item should be delivered within 34-36 business days. Order Details: #60989383 Shipping Address: [details removed] Price $8 AUD AUD Shipping $11 AUD AUD Total $19 AUD AUD Item Details: Vehemo Waterproof... Vehemo Waterproof Night Vision HD Car Driving Camera Rear View Recorder Universal Sold by sprin
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