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Some sort of nonsense!

I was trying to register my new account with Torfx. The lady get back to me to get some documents e.g. ID and bills to prove the address. I sent her water bills which issued by the agency to prove the address and my security bond issued by the government to prove my address, non of them were accepted! The lady replied they can't accept bills which is issued by the agency! They cant accept security bond issued by the government etc.... At the end we sent back and forth and took 1 week and half just to tried to get the account registered. Nonsense! Just to prove to the address! I gave up, I contacted to OFX and sent the same document to them, everything was fine and done on one day!


After dealing for several years without issue, am told to submit a bank statement to say the money is mine being transferred. No attempt at all to solve the problem. Never deal with them, try alternatives.

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Hi Tony, we're really sorry to hear that you're unhappy with the service you received. We'd like to look into the issues you've raised, could you message us with your email address or Client ID so we're able to investigate? Best wishes, TorFX

Great service!

When we sold a property overseas, we asked our bank for a quote on the exchange of our proceeds to our local currency. The quote was a lot higher than we expected and forced us to to look for alternatives. After much research we settled on TorFx who helped us through the exchange, securely & efficiently with our own personal account manager who made it all so much easier. Thanks again to Gemma for a great personalized experience.


I received an inheritance from the UK, my account manager was patient, understanding and professional and guided me through every step whilst providing almost 6% more than my bank could.

Excellent customer service and good rates, one confusing flaw.

TorFX says they have joint accounts, turns out they don't. Their idea of a "joint account" is that two people can share the same login details i.e. share a single account. Doh. This was very confusing and wasted quite a bit of time in my scenario of coordinating a series of related transfers between two people in different countries.
Customer service was otherwise great (thanks Natasha). I hope you prevail and get your IT and marketing people to pull their heads out of their fundaments and stop pretending that you have joint accounts, and actually implement them properly (i.e. two separate and distinct logins that can see the same set of contracts and transactions).

Better options out there

Have used ozforex, xetrade, and torfx. Torfxs rates over the years no longer match xetrades on the currencies I used. Its like since they won the canstar award they now slightly rip you off. Another annoying thing is the need to call them or receive a call when transferring money. Very annoying when you are overseas.

My suggestion use xtetrade

Hi Mark, thanks for your feedback. With TorFX Online you can arrange currency transfers online 24/7 without needing to call us. We do also offer a best rate guarentee, so we'll always try to beat a competitors quote. Please give us a call if you'd like more information. Best wishes, TorFXAppreciate the comment, but in all fairness I shouldnt have to join other companies, to get their rates and then for you to "try to beat them". You should offer the lowest rates before I have to put in that effort.

Total crap

They took 6 days to tell me a US account, which i have previously transferred to with another broker, was "non-compliant".

Tor: Our compliance team has decided your account is non-compliant and we won't transfer the money
Me: Oh, can you explain to me why it is non-compliant
Tor: No the compliance team won't tell me
Me: Can you please ask the compliance team why?
Tor: I've spoken to them and i can't tell you.

Wow, you guys are so transparent and helpful.

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Dear Lucygee, Thank you for the feedback. As you have mentioned, we were unable to proceed with your payment on this occasion. During our correspondence, we did attempt to assist you further by providing an alternate solution and it was decided by you that this not to proceed with this option. Subsequently, at your request, we returned your funds in full to your nominated account and we wish you well for any future requirements you may have. Best wishes, TorFX


Thanks Sarah for your help! Very good rate and very helpful service. TorFX is a great company thank you so much

Excellent company

Really great customer service and very easy process from start to finish. Definitely recommend for any international transfer. Thank you Sarah

Very efficient and very safe

A very efficient and very safe way to transfer the fund from Australian $$$ to NZ $$$. Good rates make a huge difference in rewards. Highly recommended.

Torfx- the best foreign exchange company I have used.

Great rates and customer service - it’s a quick and easy process from start to finish . Thank you Sarah.

A good experience

Katy talked me through the entire process and was up front with everything. She did what she said she would do and achieved what I wanted. I couldn't have asked for a better result and would recommend the company and Katy to anyone who asked,

Would have been 8k better off with my bank

I exchanged 200k. If I had used the banks I would have been 8k better off. Also money is paid into their account overseas with no apparent security confirming where and who has your money. Would not recommend forex at all. Stick with your bank.

Hi Phil, We've sent you a message and will investigate the issues you've highlighted in your review as soon as we have a bit more information. Best wishes, TorFXI provided the requested information almost two weeks ago and you have not contacted me. Can you please take some action and advise what you intend to do to resolve this situation. I have to give you an opportunity to redress my loss before I proceed to small claims court. Refards

Customer service less than helpful

I found the customer service to be less than helpful. Once they get you signed up you have to keep chasing them with any queries you have as they won’t answer emails in a timely manner. This was frustrating because I had a limited time window to get my account up and running to transfer funds from Japan. As a new customer I did have a few questions as a lot of money was involved by our standards, but maybe for them only the really big fish get the best customer service.

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Hi Naoko, We're really sorry that you weren't happy with the service you experienced. We'd really like to discuss the issues you encountered, so one of our team will be in touch shortly. Best wishes, TorFX

Amazing Customer Service

I'm very impressed with the level of service provided by TofFx. My account manager (same person each time) has regularly kept in touch and finalised my transaction without any trouble. I can't believe there is no charge for this.

Something difficult made easy

I found TorFX to be extremely helpful, the process to transfer funds from NZ to Australia was explained very simply and I had constant support and instruction. I would definitely recommend using this service over bank transfers, this is simple and a huge saving on fees.
Thank you TorFX - it was a pleasure to do business with you

Very Smooth and easy process

Very smooth and easy process from end to end. From initial estimate to funds landing in my account, Edward Zieger was there to answer any and all questions i had and beat the banks rate, AND I WORK FOR ONE OF THE BIG 4 BANKS!

Good communication

Great service transparent and great communication, so will be using it again. Will recommend to other people.
Like being allocated a transfer assistant

A1 Service + Easy Transaction

Simple account setup. Good rates. Very smooth transaction. Excellent communication from our account manager.
I will use TorFX in the for future transactions.

Wouldn't use anyone else

Personal service and able to speak to the same person each time, good advice, easy to deal with . Wouldn't go anywhere else for money transfers .

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Questions & Answers

How long the transfer going to receive from Uk to Philippines? Because my husband send me last October 17 suppose to receive october 19 bit until now not yet.. waiting the money to my account.. what Im going to do pls advise Im start to worry.. is that normal to have a delay??
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Hi, if you ask your husband to give us a call we'll be able to give him an update on the status of his transfer. Best wishes, TorFX

Please can you advice me on ALL of your charges; I need to send a small amount of money to a Thailand account from Australia. Where are you based? Thank you,Caroline
1 answer
Hi Caroline, While we wouldn't charge anything for making the transfer, you might be charged intermediary fees. The majority of banks throughout the world have correspondent/ intermediary banks in each country, which they use to clear the relevant currency. It's very difficult to know what these third parties will charge as it's determined by their individual policies. It's also down to the receiving bank which banks the funds are routed through, so this is completely out of our control. Please give us a call if you'd like more information! Best wishes, TorFX

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