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HI, I'd like to buy a scooter and really love the look of the Torino galetta (preferably in red) - according to reviews it seems that most seconds have issues with either speed on freeway or brakes, and the new purchases appear to be great. Is anyone able to advise me on the cost I should expect to pay for new and used one?
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Hi we just bought a second hand galetta, but its in need of a new muffler & battery to bring it back to life, can anyone point us in the right direction on where we might find these parts? or what we should be searching for? (obviously were nooby scooter owners?)
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Hi You can contact Torino Motorcycles on 02 9557 6180 and we will be able to assist you with parts. We stock the parts for the Torino Galetta and are able to ship parts Australia wide or you are able to pick up from Penrith NSW by appointment. From Torino Motorcycles. 02 9557 6180 www.torinomotorcycles.com.au

Which type of regulator i have to replace in Galetta? Everything is fine except the battery ran out very fast. I have to recharge the battery every 3-4 days because i use the scooter as the delivery. And how much for regulator? You can message me to this account. Thanks
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We only stock the Genuine Torino regulator. You can contact us for pricing or send us your phone number and we will contact you. The regulator is in stock and we can ship the parts Australia wide. Parts can be purchased and paid for over the phone by contacting us on 02 9557 6180.

Which gear oil & air filter i should use in Torino Galetta?
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Thank you for your inquiry. We have the items available to purchase and we are able to mail them out to you. The air filter you will need a genuine item. Gear oil is 80W transmission oil. Engine oil 10W/40 oil. Make sure it is for a 4 stroke engine. Please do not hesitate to contact us on 02 9557 6180 if you have any further questions or would like to order the parts. From Torino Motorcycles.

Hi! Is this the correct battery for the 2012 Torino Galetta? 12V 7.2Ah SLA Battery CAT.NO: SB2486 Thanks!
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Hi Kristine Thank you for your inquiry. I am not familiar with that battery code. The voltage is correct but our batteries are a 6Ah. From Torino

Which petrol should I use in torino galetta? unldeaded 91,95 or 98?
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Hi Thank you for your inquiry. Use regular 95 petrol. You can also use 98 although not necessary. Never use any ethanol fuels like 91, E10 or E85. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us on 02 9557 6180. From Torino Motorcycles.

I have a Torino Wengya green colour scooter of 2011 model. I want to replace the battery of the scooter. Which battery I should use and where can I find the battery? How to replace it?Thanks
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Hi mate, Battery is usually under your foot so just take the cover off and buy the same battery what you find there;) cheersHi Vishal The battery code is a YTX7ABS. It is located under the floor mat, in the middle there is a cover with 2 screws and battery is under there. If you are not sure how to disconnect the battery it is best to have it done by a mechanic. Disconnect the negative wire first, then the positive. Never cross the wires because you can short the bike out. To install battery reverse the procedure. You are able to contact us on 02 9557 6180 for assistance or to purchase a battery. From Torino Motorcycles.

I have a 2011 Torino Galetta. I had a trickle charger hooked up to the battery and found that the wiring to the battery had melted. I disposed of the burnt wiring and replaced the battery. The lights, indicators, horn all work. I push the starter button..nothing. I have replaced the CDI module, the solenoid and spark plug lead and still nothing. When I place a screwdriver across the solenoid it kicks over but there is no spark. Can you advise where I go from here?
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Hi Garry Thank you for contacting us. It is always difficult to diagnose an issue without seeing the bike. I would recommend taking the bike to a licenced mechanic to sort the issue out . I would start with the basics and make sure the kill switch on the handle bar is working and in the on position. Make sure the side stand is up and the kill switch on that is working. See if the rear brake light kill switches are working. All these need to be working for the bike to start, otherwise you will not get spark. Have you tested the starter switch on the handle bar to see if that is working? If you had melted wires, it sounds like there was a short somewhere which will need to be located and fixed. Was it caused from the trickle charger or was it connected correctly. You should check all the earths on the scooter. Please call Torino on 95576180 for anymore assistance. Regards Cameron

Which is the best to buy for a very mature female learner to ride, a famosa or galatta
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Hi Mari Thank you for your inquiry Both scooters are great to learn on. If you would like further information please do not hesitate to cantact us on 02 9557 6180.

Which fuel should I use in torino wangye125 p?? E10?? Or unldeaded 91 or 95 or 98??
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Hi Srikanth Thank you for your inquiry. We recommend using 95 or 98 petrol in our scooters. Never use E10. If you would like further information please contact us on 02 9557 6180 or email sales@torinomc.com.au From Torino Motorcycles

Hi i have torino famosa 125cc , where is the battery ? Cause i need to change the battery thanks
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Hi If it's same like a Galleta the battery is under your foot when you sit on the scooterHi Anas Thank you for your enquiry. The battery is located in the foot well down the centre spline. There is a cover in the middle with 2 screws. Lift this up and the batter is in there. If you have any questions you are welcome to contact us on 02 9557 6180. We will be open from the 6th Jan.

I want to change the motor oil and gear oil. Which one should I use?
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Hi Muoi Thank you for contacting us. We use 10W40 4 stroke engine oil & 80W transmission oil.

Hello there ! I just got a second hand Torino 2012. It looks like everything is pretty much working fine however I was wondering if torinos engine are a bit slow? I feel like mine isn't reacting, kicking that fast and need to be boosted maybe? And my friend also told me that maybe the front wheel would need to be centrées as riding a bit faster it feels a bit weird or so. Any idea ?
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Hi Intan Thank you for inquiring about the scooter. Our engines perform very well for their size. Being second hand it may need a service and a tune. If the front wheel is not centred I would suggest getting it looked at by a mechanic. It may have been in a little incident and may need aligning. If you would like to contact us on 02 9557 6180 we can let you know where to take your scooter to be assessed.

Hi I have a Torino galetta 2011 and I'm wondering is there any restrictor in it anywhere.is it in the variator or in the carburettor? Thanks
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Hi Eamonn The Galetta doesn't have restrictors in it. If it is down on power it may need a tune and a service. It would be best to contact us on 20 9557 6180 so we can help you or send us your number to sales@torinomc.com.au so we will contact you.

Hi I 'd like to know about My Torino Famosa. What kind of spark plug will suit and what number of it?
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Hi Matt It is best to look at your owners manual. But if you don't have one the Famosa scooter runs a NGK C7HSA or NGK CR7HSA.Thanks a lot Sparky. I will try it.

Hi guys I changed the battery of my scooter torino and it work perfectly the first day. Second day it would make some noise and after trying for a while it would turn on. Today I can't turn it on but the lights are still working. What do think it could be? where do you recommend me to take it?
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Hi Veronica. It is best to contact Torino Motorcycles on 02 9557 6180 and they will be able to assist you. Sounds like the battery is not holding a charge and is not cranking over the motor. They would need to test a couple of things to see if the battery is going flat and if so, why it is going flat. Depending on your location, but I would take it to a Torino Authorised dealer, otherwise a motorcycle or scooter mechanic. From Joseph

I didn't use my torino galetta for a year and now I'm having problems with the ignition. The automatic button doesn't work so I have to use the kick-start every time, but sometime this one won't work either. Could this be a battery problem battery? should I get a new one?
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Hi Veronica Batteries usually go flat if the bike is not used. I would suggest a new battery for the scooter. You could contact Torino Motorcycles on 02 9557 6180 and they will be happy to assist you. From CameronHi Veronica, I have ridden motor bikes for many years. Are you parking your scooter on cement? I have a rubber backed mat on the cement where I park my scooter as I found parking it directly on cement drains the battery very quickly. The metal put into most cement is what I found drains the battery drawing from the metal in the scooter, not many people realise this. Even though not in use, it would be wise to start the scooter and let it run for a short while on a regular basis if able. Cameron's advise of a new battery might be the option to start then if not riding it for a long period of time, please take my advice. Hope this helps.thank you guys, i got in contact with the provider. Any recommendation for what kind of oil should I get

My Torino Famosa seat is locked with my wallet, mobile and groceries inside! I have no manual. One forum said to take off the fender and adjust the cable tension, but I don't know how to do that! I've been poking around with a screwdriver under the seat hoping to hit something that will release it, but it touches nothing. I've banged it, sat on it, turned the ignition key on and off and turn the steering from side to side. I've tried to force the seat up, and even though I can get my fingers in to feel around the edge of the seat, I can't feel anything that is or isn't catching - aside from the lock itself it's all fresh air. When I feel around the barrel of the lock, it's like it's not attached to anything other than where it's mounted inside the bike seat. I can't feel any cables attached to it and when I turn the key I can feel the barrel turning. I don't know what it should look or feel like, so I'm stuck! Please help!!
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Turn the key and feel the barrel turning and push down on the back of the seat and it should unlock. Good luckHi If you would like to call me on 02 9557 6180 I may be able to assist you over the phone or you can send me your number so I can call you. From CameronThanks for your replies, and thanks Cameron for your number. My husband got it sorted - I had to get my fingers under the edge of the seat and pull up as hard as I could; my son held the torch and using a very long screwdriver my husband man handled the hook/latch open. Turns out that I must have slammed my seat down very hard and that caused the cable to pop off the latch mechanism. The lock barrel was turning freely and pulling the cable, but as the cable was no longer attached to the latch mechanism at the other end, nothing was happening. It didn't help that I don't have a manual for this bike and have no idea what the inside of the seat looked like, so we were flying blind. Thanks again for your replies!

Hi, We just purchased a 2nd hand galetta and the previous owner could not find the owner's manual. Does anyone know how to get a copy or where to download it?
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Hi Karen Thank you for your inquiry. Torino Motorcycles 02 9557 6180 stock parts and owners manuals for the Torino Galetta Scooter. From CameronThank you

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