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Toshiba Satellite Pro L300

Toshiba Satellite Pro L300

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I've had this laptop for 4 years and have never had a problem with it. I use it every day for long periods of time so it's definitely a durable laptop. Would not suggest purchasing this laptop if you're one who takes it on the go as it is considerably heavy.
It's easy to navigate and personalise your desktop. There's notes which you can add to your desktop which you can use of reminders.
Web camera is pretty dodgy, low megapixels, overheats much quicker than other brands, too heavy. Like most laptops, there's no number pad on the side.

Great Laptop

I won this laptop in a competition and it is the first one ever owned. I have found it great and have not had a single problem with it. Must say the keyboard is slightly annoying but apart from that a great piece of equipment that doesn't miss a beat and is able to keep up with heavy handed teenagers.
Keyboard setup


We have 3 Toshiba laptops and this was the first one that we bought. After having it for about 5 months it became really slow and eventually brought up errors and would not even switch on. We ended up taking it back to where we had purcahsed it and it had to be sent away for a new motherboard which means we were without it for 3 weeks which honestly was a pain as it was a brand new machine which we expected to have no problems with so we were a bit annoyed.
Since getting it back it has not skipped a beat and we have had no problems with it since then so it must have just been a faulty motherboard.
It has been used almost every day and has continued to be a good machine so despite the rocky start we are happy with this machine.
- Good basic laptop
- Ours has had problems which required the motherboard to be replaced which saw us without this laptop for 3 weeks while it was being repaired


I actually have the Toshiba L300/0WC i purchased in May 09. I found that from the day i purchased it it would just switch off for no reason at all. I would have to take the battery out and mess around putting it back in to get it going again. This happened at least 20 or more times until it really bit the dust and wouldnt come on again at all. I took it to Toshiba in Belmont for repair to be told it was the Motherboard and would have cost $600 if not under warranty. Toshiba did the right thing and i had it back with in a few days thanks to them.It is going fine now and i hope it keeps going. Extended warranty from Toshiba is $163 and i will be getting that when my warranty expires.Its available if you get it before the 12 month warranty expires.
Great laptop easy to use
Nothing really except it had a problem which is now overcome.


This is the second Toshiba Satellite I have owned. The other one was 5 years old and getting very slow and outdated. This one is just wonderful in comparison. I am not a computer wiz, just a working mum and use the laptop mainly for the internet. I've got Vista Home Premium on it and it works very well. Don't find it to be slow at all. I've had the laptop for about a year now and haven't had any problems. Paid around $2000 for it which I thought was quite reasonable.
Easy to use, works well with Vista and has plenty of storage space for the average person
Can't think of any


Nice to look at but they break easy. You think a big company like Toshiba would do a recall and dump the bad hard drives to save their reputation. I won't be buying their brand again.
Easy to use and it 'finds' almost everything that you attach to it for easy installation
I actually had the Satellite L300/700 but if Toshiba are using the same HDD in all of the L300 series then lookout!! Mine crashed 3 times in 6 months but I do use it 16hrs a day and transport it between work and home. After the second crash the tech people told me "Toshiba are aware of a bad batch of hard drives". So my question was "Why replace a faulty hard drive with another faulty hard drive." So after the third crash I demande a refund which I got. Since then I have discovered thattwo work colleagues have hard the same problem and one of our customers so it is not an isolated incident.


shop around this was about $2200 a month ago and stil has typical toshiba keyboard problems. pritty good for speed capasity and installed software but lets fix the basics first??
stylish touch keys to mediaplayer and numpad
anying mouse and keyboard (backspace 7 and for need pressing harder than other to work) 1.5 mths old

Questions & Answers

I am looking for a bag for an L300. What size bag do I need?
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My bag that came with the laptop is approx. 42cm X 32cm.


Satellite Pro L300
Screen Size15.4Inches

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