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Total Gym 1500

Total Gym 1500

4.5 from 2 reviews

It really works just like the AD

What a nice change that you actually get what you paid for and it works just like it does on TV. That hardly ever happens but with this product it does. Its very smooth to use, easy to set up and put away, my husband uses it and he's 120kg and provides him with a few great exercises but my 15 year old daughter also use's it, doing a different range of exercises. It comes with a pile of cards to show you different exercises to do for different body parts, I also got the Pilates package and a few dvd's with it which are also a great way to see a good range of exercises you can do. My only warning is to the girls out there.... is TIE YOU HAIR UP, NOT JUST BACK BUT UP IN A BUN, OUT THE WAY, the warning tells you too but I didn't read it before I got on it (my stupid mistake) and when I pushed myself up on the bed my hair went under it and got stuck...ouch! so long as you tie your hair up your fine. get one and you'll love using it

Total Gym for the new year

I have started to get fit and give up smoking at the same time. I had seen the adds on TV with Chuck Norris and liked the idea of an all in one storable exercise system. I found it at Big W I think it may have been old stock as the design is as little different then the ones on TV and it came with a VHS tape. I read the instructions easy to set up and it mentions that no matter the type of Total Gym you can do all exercises. Well have been using for 4 days and following the beginners program no problems and enjoying the workout and program. I would rate this product as a great way to have a compact gym it works well manufactured well with a strong design. I looked the product up on line and found it is used in rehabilitation by health workers, also rated as the best TV exercise equipment and one that does what it claims.
You can store the product, easy to use and fun.

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Total Gym 1500
Release dateJan 2013

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