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Getting started took well over an hour

We crashed in a rural part of Victoria. It was cold and dark . We had to explain to multiple people our location in a time of high stress and this took well over an hour. I think it would have been easier getting my own tow organised locally , not through some call centre in the city ...
The tow company was excellent though

Ok service

Was just too slow. Ordered at 7:30pm and it arrived at 8:50pm in Subiaco, after I was given an initial ETA of 30 minutes. Nothing takes 80 minutes to get to in Perth. I am convinced the driver only left after I called a second time. The link on text message to check the ETA also doesn't give an ETA. The service itself was good once it arrived.

An ok service

My partner made the call for me and he spoke to a lady who was able to find a local tyre shop in the area. I was able to pay over the phone. I wasn't impressed with the time it took to get to me as it took an hour and 40mins. They weren't very accurate with their arrival times. The price was a little too much.

Ok but disappointing

Your quick quote is approx $132, and we can do it right now. Our closest truck is just 4.4km away from you, so we should be able to get to you within 30-45 mins, if not sooner, if you book now.
They turned up OVER 2hrs late took less than 10min to do job so why the wait.


I enquired and organised a towing on the 9th of Jan @ 7:30am a month prior to said date. At that point Service was great, on the phone they were very informative and understandable prices. So I locked it in and held payments until 2 weeks prior to the booking. Unfortunately, on the day we were left in the air, 10:30 passes and no one bothered to ring us up for confirmation of our booking or anything like that. We were left in the air and the truck actually came 5 hours after agreed time.
Punctuality and organisation is important to people like us, and that's all we ask. Next time please follow through.
We do thank you for your services.

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Hi, I apologise profusely for your experience today. It falls so far below our normal level of service. I have already refunded back $50 to your card as a good-will gesture. I hope if you have any future needs for towing you will allow us another opportunity to provide you a much greater service,.

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what would it cost to tow eagle farm to redcliffe?
1 answer
Hi Terry, you can get a quote here: http://tow.com.au/quick-quote

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