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How do you sleep at night ripping of small tow companies

Can’t give you a star rating as they don’t go into the minus , you are a dead set rip off subcontracting your tows out getting paid from your customers and then not paying your contractors . Then your staff at the call centre blatantly lie and give us the run around promising payment & then not paying . When you started I thought you where on a good thing but I have since realised it was a scam for you to make money whilst ripping small tow companies like me off. I bet you don’t have the balls to let this make it to your reviews

Won't honour quotes

I received an online quote for a tow. I called to book it in and they wanted to charge double the amount. They wouldn't honour the quoted price but offered me a 'discount', which was still more expensive than every other company I called. Poor customer service and unethical practices.

Hopeless Service

They took the job and rang back hours later and cancelled. It appears they take on a job and then look for someone to do it for less, if they can't find a contractor they cancel after we waited around for the driver to arrive. wouldn't use them ever again.

What A Joke (Towing) What Towing

They leave you stranded on the side of the road for 6 hours after they have taken your money, and then when you ring up to make a complain they treat you like you have no right to make a complaint. I can not get a manager to even talk to me about getting my money returned.

Choose carefully!

Exceptionally disappointing...choose your service carefully. I waited all day to find that they could not find a tow truck in the end....credit card details are taken at the commencement...absolute disaster and I never complain understanding the complexities of the modern world and no communication!


Have been with this company numerous times, never again. Our vehicle had to be towed, they cancelled our tow as they had no drivers until the next day, they had already taken our money and could not deposit it back, it was the last our money, stuck on the side of road with no money for another tow. Another time we booked with them, we were told the car was too low, which it has never been modified, they charged us $80, $40 each to use planks of wood to get the vehicle onto the truck, when on the phone they denied that their drivers use wood, when in fact I was right in front of the car watching him use them. Never had a issue with it being to "low" with any other company.... yes we have had lots of engine issues with the car and have needed too many tows :(

Unreliable - Scam

Booked one day before and required upfront payment. Thirty minutes before the scheduled pick up, a text message was sent to advise that a driver has not accepted the job and the options given was to cancel (refund takes 5 working days to process) or to reschedule the following day. Here is the problem: I pushed the car out of the garage as it does not start and is blocking a battleaxe driveway that I share with a neighbour. The neighbour's car is locked in. I cannot push the car uphill back into the garage. Out of desperation, I tried to push and ended up hurting my back. This company should NOT exist and if you encounter the same experience, lodge a complaint at the NSW Fair Trading. It is not just unreliable, but a SCAM when a booking and payment are accepted, and the service relies on whether the job will be accepted by a driver.

Actual rating is Minus star

Avoid this towing service company even desperate situation. It will make even worse.
Called yesterday and promised to come till 8 and then 9 wait...wait...and received a call couldn't make it today so what happened next? Said would come tomorrow early in the morning still not turned out 7.30am 8am 9am 10am ...no answering phone. They took the money out directly from credit card just after receiving my towing request yesterday. Just awful company.

Would not recommend!

From the get go I was on hold for ten minutes before I was eventually put through to an actual person, this could be due to understaff. From there I booked a tow for my broken down car where I was told I would get a text message on an estimated arrival on the tow truck, I how ever did not get a message and was left in the dark not knowing what was going on so I called the back 3 times over 3 hours where I was told each time there would be a message sent to me, again each time I had received no messages. So I tried to call back the fourth time when they told me they would not be able to tow my car til the following day. So I booked there services for ten o clock the next day where again they did not arrive keeping in mind I have already paid for the services, by this point I had no choice but to choose a different company and have my money refunded as tow.com.au could not follow through with there services they had promised and there was no courtesy call to tell me my job would not be completed again. I would strongly advise against using this company unless you want to waste your time, it would be a good idea to look at other company's before considering this company. This is my first review I have ever written as usually I would not go out of my way to write one but for the first time i feel that I had to tell people how poor the services were.

Under no circumstances should you rely on this company.

The real rating is ZERO but I couldn't publish this review without giving at least one star. Do not under any circumstances rely on any assurances that those at this website give you. After booking a job yesterday morning and being assured a number of times that my tow would be picked up at 2.00pm today I had heard nothing by 11.30am. I rang and was told it would not be done with no explanation. I was put through to a 'manager' who was rude and unhelpful. Do not under any circumstances rely on this company. Reading recent reviews it would seem this this conduct is par for the course for them. The 'refund' promised was less than that which was debited form my account.

Payment for tow and then cancelled service

We paid for our vehicle to be towed and our account was debited. They called us 2 hours later and said they cannot make it to tow the vehicle. They promised to refund the funds back into our bank account. 7 days later and still no refund. I contacted them again and asked for them to email me a confirmation of my refund. Still no email received. Even though we offered to pay cash on the day of the towing, they insisted on debiting our account. Poor service indeed!!

Shocking! Avoid at all costs. I would give no stars if I could.

I ordered a tow from this company for $120 and was later told because my car had been in an accident the actual legislated cost was over $300. This would have been fine if I had been advised in advance or it was clear on their website. When I called to have this clarified, the representative who 'had just come on shift' made it my problem and was most unhelpful. A supervisor helped smooth things over and I paid the difference and was told an accident tow would be organised. I was advised that I could leave the key for the tow driver and would not need to be onsite. Two hours later with no update, I called this company for the third time asking what was happening as I had received no information. I soon received a text message saying my tow was on its way. Fast forward an hour and I got another call from a different provider asking for a written release form on site - I live a hundred kilometres away was assured that I didn't need to be there! The whole debacle took 5.5 hours I had to call this company for a 4th time and demand a refund. Avoid at all costs!

Guy on phone hung up on me

The operator on the phone couldn’t locate where I was on the map and hung up on me. I am very disappointed with this as I am in a bad situation.

Poor communication and service

Disappointing experience. There's a huge disconnect between what this company promises and what it delivers. The website looks professional and claims there is a fleet of trucks - but on making the booking I was told there are only two in Brisbane. The sms you get with booking is nice, but the promise of getting an ETA soon translates to 40 minutes of no ETA and no communication from the company. I had to call several times to find out what's going on, eventually to be told that the driver had cancelled.
The 24/7 call centre seems to equate to two women and long periods of being on hold waiting for one of them to get to me, during which you have to listen to a long, repeating spiel of how many awards the company has won.
The website claims they reach most customers within 60 minutes, with most metro customers in 30 minutes. I find that hard to believe after waiting 40 minutes for just an ETA.
The website goes on to promise "There will always be a tow truck available near you, whether you’ve broken down in the middle of the CBD at rush hour, or stuck on a country road in the early hours of the morning."
I call lie.

Look, I get it. Things happen. Everybody has a bad day now and then. Tow trucks break down. The problem here is the lack of communication and the gratuitous and all pervasive advertising of how great this company is, combined with claims that they just can't back up. If you promise a prompt ETA, make sure it happens. Implement a system or policy to make it happen. Get on to drivers that don't follow the policy. If that's too much and you can't do it - then don't make the promise. Being honest is fine. Tell us it's going to take 15 minutes to get an ETA, or 40 minutes. That'll give us a choice whether to take your service or look elsewhere. All the advertising and claims in the website, sms's and phone dialogue needs to be reviewed for how credible it is. Otherwise it's false advertising.

Worst company ever

Very prompt with taking your money but don't uphold their part of the agreement of their eta. An hour late and rude over the phone (after you've already waited 10 mins on hold) I'm SO disgusted with their lack of costumer service quality. I WILL NEVER RECOMMEND THEM!

Worst service in my life!

Very bad service. I was waiting for the tow from 1 pm until 3:30 pm and they never arrived. At the last moment I got a text message saying that the driver of the tow canceled the service. And they never called me back to find someone else.. I had to call other tow service and wait. The mechanical waited for me to leave the car and I could not get there in time because of tow.com.au so I had to pay double service to take the car to my house and another service to take the car ar the mechanic the next day. the worst service in my life!

Waste of my time

Ordered a tow at 4.26pm. Employee advised that I would receive a confirmation sms with approx time within the hour.
Waited an hour and called back as no sms was sent. I was advised that the driver is not answering his phone, and neither are the other drivers in the city so my tow is cancelled.
Poorest customer service I have ever experienced. No sympathy, didn't offer any other alternatives.
I wonder how a business can run with such poor service.
Online quote was $40 cheaper than the eventual price but was willing to pay as there apparently was a truck ready to pick up now.
False advertising and honestly a disgrace.
Wonder if the driver will have a job to come to tomorrow?


Very bad service.Kept waited 5 hours.Inexperienced driver.Very bad service.Big rate.Driver doesn't know how to park,load or drop the vehicle.avery poor customer service.Took money upfront.

Inconsiderate and unorganised

Broke down in Narellan today and booked a tow truck at 8:45. Paid over the phone and was told I would recieve a SMS with ETA after the call. Called again at 9:15 to ask if my truck had been confirmed. It had not. Was told I would be contacted shortly. At 10am I called again, when I was asked if I'd prefer to arrange pick up for this afternoon. At this stage I had been waiting over an hour. I cancelled the truck.
Noone had attempted to contact me during that hour!
Thankfully I was able to contact [name removed] from Narellan Towing who arrived within half hour!

Absolute worst experience imaginable

Called at approximately 3pm to get my car towed, telling me the driver would be 90 minutes away (5pm). I called them 45 minutes after their eta of 90 minutes (5.45pm) to be tolled their was traffic and that they would be around 30 minutes (6:15) from an already 45 minutes late. after waiting for 2 hours after initial eta of 5pm. It is now 7pm and they have told me that my current driver has cancelled due to "too many accidents in Sydney to service me". Fair enough if I was told that no one was coming for me, but I waited 45 minutes for nothing because they couldn't communicate with the driver. i was then told that I couldn't be towed until the next day, after waiting for already 4 hours (3pm - 7pm) I threatened a refund but was then guaranteed anothe driver would be 50 minutes away no later. After contiuously ringing, the second driver made it to my car 50 minutes later than I was told (8.40pm). For a total of 5 hours and 40 minutes I was contiuously reassured the driver was nearby. The staff appear to have no care for ensuring the drivers are enroute, and don't let you know that your truck has been canceled until you ring 45 minutes later.
Would not recommend this business to anyone. Stay clear and pay the extra fees for nrma roadside assistance.

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