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Toyota 86 ZN6

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Also referred to as: Toyota 86 ZN6 2019 and Toyota 86 ZN6 2021. GTS, GT
4.1 from 46 reviews



46 reviews
  • Build Quality
    5.0 (3)
  • Value for Money
    4.5 (4)
  • Cleaning & Maintenance
    4.8 (4)
  • Noise Level
    3.0 (3)
  • Acceleration / Power
    4.0 (3)
  • Handling
    5.0 (3)
  • Braking
    5.0 (3)
  • Suspension
    4.7 (3)
  • Gear Shifting
    5.0 (3)
  • Fuel Efficiency
    4.7 (3)
  • Interior Design
    4.3 (3)
  • Boot Size
    3.7 (3)
  • Features
    4.7 (3)
  • Comfort
    4.0 (3)


  • 6 reviews

My GT86

Coleen Atkinson

Coleen AtkinsonAlbury

  • 2 reviews

Toyota 86, overrated?


On paper its pretty fantastic, 4 cylinder boxter engine, rear wheel drive with a rather attractive body and interior but I don't see it as useful.
I'ts pretty much a drifting toy that would really only be fun on a proper track but for everyday life its not really compatible. To even get reasonable traction to begin with I had to change the back Prius tires to something wider and even then it's just waiting to drift.
For $40,000 I guess it's a reasonable rear wheel drive sports car but I think it's far too overrated.
Fuel efficient if you don't constantly power it, Reasonable Price for intention
Impractical, Personally think it doesn't look great.


MasaNSydney, NSW

  • 9 reviews

Good Fun


Did 1000KM so far (in 4 weeks). Excellent car. Good value for the money.
I specially love cornering. Feel so in- control.
Petrol consumption is 8.2 L/100 KM average so far.
If you have spare $40K or so and love a sport car, buy this one or Subaru BRZ :)
Feel of cornering
No spare tyre

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  • 3 reviews

All good so far


I've put 5000km on my gt it has been perfect so far a good balance of power and fuel economy. Handles excellent. This is my daily usually just me in the car but I've had 2 baby seats in the back. Not much space but it does the job. The only bad part is having to buy from a toyota dealer and having them work on it
Good bang for buck
Toyota dealers and gets compared to the mx5

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  • 8 reviews

Exceeded my already high expectations

1 comment

Agree 100% with this review........ 86 is B R I L L I A N T for $32k (GT). Rear vision is better than my last 2 Celicas as no rear spoiler... not a problem really.

86 Loverr


The 86 Experience


I Cant beleive how good this car is, i have been waiting a long time for the Australian release and couldnt be more happy with it. the car drives fantastically, is well apointed and brings the fun back to friving, its so nimble through corners and the sound when you wind it out is just brilliant. Ridiculously cheap, if i were toyota id be upping the price on them as i would have happily paid 50k for mine, and it was substantially less than that.
Amazing handling, beautiful RAW sound, great features, excellent price, just altogether an amazing car!!

Transmission6 Speed Manual
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Questions & Answers

Hannah N.

Hannah N.asked

GTS Manual (2012-2020)

Hey guys.

I'm looking at buying a Toyota 86 GTS manual.
It has a fair few extras on it and it sounds a great.
It's only got just over 70 000 km on it and it looks like it's in really good nic.

I have done so much research on them but to sum it up the Toyota 86 GTS is not like a Hilux it hasn't been around for years and years so it's hard to try find the long-term practicality or full engine life.

When we went to test drive the car yesterday afternoon we found out that the guy who owns it has thrashed it in the time that he has had it.

My partner and I have researched them and we have read that on the racetrack those models get absolutely thrashed and they will have a lifespan of a round 150 000 to 175 000 km if looked after well and his seems to have been looked after.

Now I fell in love with this car when I took it for a test drive but because it was driven pretty hard I'm just not sure of its reliability.
Obviously Toyota have a great reputation for reliability in general again this is a relatively new car.

Just wanting to hear your opinions out there obviously it's more like a sports car so it's meant to be driven a bit more hard than your general Toyota Camry or something, but should I be worried if I continue treating it well will it last me 2 to 3 years or more?

No answers


86 ZN6 (2012-2020)

My 1st/2nd - 3rd/2nd gate, still crunches especially when cold even tho' the service people at 1000km & 10000km say it will get better. I'm at 14000 now and the improvement is very marginal. As most of my driving is short distance, I would appreciate any advice on this matter, it is a daily occurrence and very annoying and probably not good for the vehicle.

4 answers
Phil B
Phil B

Hi Andrew,
I am not experiencing this problem. I wouldn't stand for any "it will get better" nonsense. Get them to sort it out especially as the car is still under warranty.


Hi Andrew, it sounds like you are experiencing the same issues with your 86 as I was and from what I had researched a few others. I really don't know whether these gearbox issues are isolated and if there is a long term solution. Personally, If I had kept my 86 and was determined to find a fix to this problem, I would visit a reputable performance tuning specialist that modifies and specialises in 86/BRZ's and talk to them and get their opinion. I'm not sure if you're from Sydney but Tune House in Marickville or MRT in Rhodes might be your best bet in understanding whats going on. Might be well worth a visit. Anyway good luck with it, if you decide to go in that direction I'd like to know what their diagnostics are! I'm currently looking for a RWD sports car once again and a second hand 86 in on my radar, this way i can test the box before I end up with the car. If the gate is remotely the same as my previous 86 and scalped from my list, I'll have to consider a low km, 350Z, RX8, or even a sweet shifting MX5 or S2000 regardless of age. It would be ashamed because the 86 is such a great package and ticks so many boxes.


Hi Andrew - I experienced similar transmission issues with my 86 (3rd to 4th) crunch and rattle. The Toyota dealership changed my transmission fluid and the problem is now gone. It might worth giving that a try.

Apart from that, the transmission in this car is absolutely appalling and they should probably look at recalling all of them.

Good luck.



86 ZN6 (2012-2020)

To David Taylor

Say Dave do you actually own or have owned an 86GT? I can only assume that you haven't, because you wouldn't make rubbish statements about how many of them are on the second hand market. So what? I don't see the point. There are 10,000 VT commodores on the second hand market. Are you saying they are a rubbish car?

2 answers
David Taylor
David Taylor

Hi , according to car sales, 279 VT and VT 2 commodores are for sale on the market. Not a bad figure as it's less than the combined Subaru BRZ , 259 cars for sale and Toyota 86 , 392 cars for sale ....and way more commodore VT s were manufactured and sold than that car.

Now how did you arrive at 10 000?

So it seems, not surprisingly, it's got worse than when I wrote the the post. I've driven one, Toyota 86, and I own an Audi TT.


Product Review has asked me to respond to this question. My answer to the question of whether a car is rubbish according to how many used examples are on the used car market is that I don't necessarily believe that this is an indicator of a car's quality. I do believe however that some people who buy the GT86 "think" they want to own a sports car but what they really want is a sports looking car that rides rides, drives, and behaves like a good modern day refined passenger/luxury car. Eg low end torque, quiet cabin, insulation from external noise, buttery compliance. The GT86 is not that car, it is however a raw competent sports car meaning the main objective is chassis balance and dynamics, "feel" (communication to the driver of what is happening under the tires) and to certain degree performance. The GT86 was designed to be used hard meaning the engine needs to be wound right up near the red line and if you have never driven a car or wish to drive a car "hard" (above 8/10ths)then it's probably going to make you feel a little disappointed. Toyota/Subaru makes no apologies in making a car like this and fair enough. Even though it will do all the normal car duties its design brief is VERY specific to hard corner carving and wringing the engine out and needs to be experienced on a closed circuit to be properly appreciated, which most people won't or rarely do. If you want more of an all rounder look elsewhere this is a proper old school sports car. If you know exactly what your getting with the GT86 and really want to drive a car at 10/10th at some point YOU WILL LOVE IT ;)

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