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Bushy · RAV4

can rav4 be flat towed behind a motorhome?

???? · XA20 (2001-2005)

I have a 2005 rav4 sport and I thought when I bought it it had either a warning beep or the headlights automatically switched off when exiting and locking the car if the headlights were left on. Have had the car 5 years and recently my wife has been caught a couple of times with a flat battery after leaving her lights on. My question is does this model have an automatic off feature and/or an audio warning noise?

Adrienne J.
Adrienne J. · RAV4

What is the best year for the rav4


I don't completely understand your question, could you provide some more context. The current model came in 2020, and I doubt due to it's popularity Toyota will change it' s design anytime soon. If you are thinking of buying one, I would suggest buying the current model or if you are looking second hand a 2021/2022 model. In my experience every time a car manufacture brings out a new model with significant design changes, it's best to wait a few a year until they work out the kinks. That's why we waited until 2021 to purchase ours. We have had no issues at all with ours to date, and we are just about to hit 40,000km. Driven it everywhere, short and long distances, sometimes 1000km or more. Comfortable, quiet, great on fuel, great for a family of 4 just the right size.

Melissa C.
Melissa C. · XA20 (2001-2005)

Hi I have a toyota rav4 2005, I'm needing to replace the bumper & bonnet.
Will a 2004 fit my car?

Kevin B.
Kevin B. · RAV4 XA40 AWD 2.2L Turbo-Diesel GXL (2013-2019)

Reliability performance?

Albert S.
Albert S. · XA20 (2001-2005)

I own a 2002 Rav4 20 Ser 4x4 and want to replace Auto transmission with U140F. trans -Ao7A axle
will it fit

debra derby
debra derby · XA20 (2001-2005)

is my 2003 Rave 4 a all wheel drive or a 2 wheel drive

Mick pollard
Mick pollard · XA20 (2001-2005)

Hi needing advice I have a 05 sports Auto.
Will parts from a 2001 to a 2004 model fit my Rav4.
Any advice will be welcomed cheers Vicky

Javed Akhtar
Javed Akhtar · RAV4

Hi, I have bought RAV4 Hybrid so want to know if I can use E10 (Costco 94 Octane) ? Is anyone using ? Any noticeable issue ?

Steve · RAV4 XA40 AWD 2.2L Turbo-Diesel (2013-2019)

Hi .. I’ve heard people say that short trips build up deposits on Diesel engines .. can be pricey to repair.. has anyone had issues with the RAV4 diesel?

Ken C
Ken C  

Hi Steve... I bought my RAV 12 months ago. 2016 GXL AWD model 2.2 diesel. Travelled approx 30Kms since buying it. It had 140000 kms when I bought it. My mechanic has given it 3 services to date and nothing to report. I also have a Hyundai 130 turbo diesel 2010 model. It has done 257000kms..and still runs smoothly .. lots of short trips over the years.. So my view is that the motors as long as they are serviced regularly will not give you to minimal issues ..hope this helps.

Sash · RAV4

How do you turn off or only have one beep when the boot of my Rav 4 Cruiser opens and closes? Can’t seem to locate it. Thanks


On the infotainment screen in speedometer area, keep scrolling right then vehicle settings and that’s where the beep settings are

Southeast Appliance
Southeast Appliance  

You can make the beeps quieter but not turn it completely off.

Brian S.
Brian S. · XA40 (2013-2019)

Does a 2015 RAV4 Australian have a traction control button to turn on and off. I see the light come on on the dash but don't see any button.

Anthony H.
Anthony H.  

Did you find your answer mate? I was wondering the same thing but I think it may be on the left hand side of the clock. You can just make it out here: https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2016-toyota-rav4-gx-auto-awd/OAG-AD-19850638/?Cr=12 Why its not beside the steering column like on the other models is strange.

Madison B.
Madison B. · RAV4

Looking at buying a 2008 Rav4 for $8000 but it has 200000km on the clock. Is this too many Kms?


Hey Madison have a look here https://www.carsguide.com.au/car-advice/q-and-a/quality-of-rav4-as-a-second-hand-buy-43936

I have been looking at lots of videos, especially Scotty Kilmer, who is based in the states. He raves about Toyota’s saying they are the best cars. Have a look at his videos. Probably it would be a good idea to also get it checked by a mechanic

Foxie · RAV4

Hi all, I found a 2012 RAV4 in good conditions auto for about 14.000. it has 140km on it. I think it’s a good price and it would last us a while (we only drive 10k a year). Husband thinks it’s too old and too many kms. Being COVID used cars are very expensive and buying new feels like throwing money in the bin. Thoughts? Thanks

Judy · RAV4

How do you turn off "Mobile Speed Camera found" alert. I have googled and read the manual over and over and just when I think i have fixed it and everything is turned off, it still comes on and repeats the alert several times to the point I'm considering selling the car. It's a 2020 RAV4 hybrid AWD. I have also been to the dealership twice to help with this problem but the alert will not stop!

Braco · RAV4

Hi all, I have only recently purchased brand new RAV4 Hybrid 2WD and I am finding the suspension rather disconcerting. A normal drive has become irritating, particulalry on a longer journey as all road vibration is excessively felt through the vehicle. I have never experienced this in a new vehicle before and I wonder whether this could be a fault in my vehicle or whether this is standard with the new RAV4.


Hi, I only experienced this, when the tyre pressure was set to the dealer recommended 38psig. It was bouncy and noisy at the same time.
I checked the tyre pressure label on the door frame and it stated 32psig.
I reduced all 4 tyres down to 36psig and is lots more comfortable and stable. 32psig is too low for my liking and increases fuel use too.

Ali G.
Ali G. · RAV4

Review of Toyota RAV4 2017 GXL 2.5L

Brett H.
Brett H. · XA50 (2019-2024)

I have a RAV4 Cruiser Hybrid AWD and am wondering of it has remote start, have looked online and am getting conflicting reports. I am in Australia if that makes a difference.


I don’t have a RAV4 Cruiser Hybrid and am wondering if it has a steering wheel. Perhaps I will look.

Cecily K.
Cecily K. · RAV4

My rav4 navigation map shows the normal speed limit for a road. It is now changing to show a 40km speed when I go thru a school zone.
This has just started to happen. Is there a setting I can turn off so the map always shows the normal speed limit for that road?

Shae · RAV4

Hey, I am looking at buying a Toyota RAV4 cruiser (4x4) 2001 for $5500, but the kms are around 277/281000 kms is that too much and what problems would I have to look out for?


Yes. Everything

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