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XR 50 (2006-Present), XR 10 (1990-2000) and XR 30 (2000-2006)
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I have a 2010 model with 215/55R17 tyres(as designed- low profile). Has anyone tried a a more standard size style to provide more width on the wall. Having issues with puncturing with collecting traffic islands / gutters.
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Hi Guys, Good day! Does any one knows or have an idea how to correct rear toe alignment of Tarago 2000 model acr30? Currently my Tarago have huge negative toe. Is there any other way to adjust except replacing the bushes. Thank you!
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Does anybody know where I can find a video on how to replace a 2007 Toyota tarago cup holder?
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Dose the 1998 Toyota tarago have a _2 Lt oil reserve bottle under bonet like the 1995 tarago ?
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Where is the dipstick located for the transmission oil level for Toyota Tarago late 2000 2.4 Auto?
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Sorry, I'm not familiar with that model Tarago - I don't know the answer to your question: but in Australia I think most cars now have a yellow coloured grip at the engine oil dipstick: Cheers

Hey will a 2005 tarago drivers door fit a 2007 tarago? thanks
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Probably depends if there was a model change between those years - suggest you contact a local panel beater they should know or at least find out. Cheers

Where is the speed sensor located in a tarago 1992 model?
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I have a 2001 Tarago 7 seater. Where abouts in the middle row are the anchor points for a baby seat? I thought it was in the back row till I read previous comments
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Hi Dan c : I'm not sure where the anchor points are in a 2001 model Tarago but in the 8 seater 2012 GLX model I purchased second hand the manufacturer provided anchor points to my knowledge are located in the lower back of the middle row. I don't actually use this vehicle but it was purchased for another family member to drive and they needed extra anchor points in the rear row and these were retro fitted by a certified installer. Not sure if this answers your question. Cheers.I can’t help on the 2001 either, mine is a 2014 and as the previous reply states the 3 points are at the lower middle on the back of the middle row. I have no points for the back row as they are tumble seats and would not be suitable for that use to my knowledge. Looking at photos of a 2001, you have way more space then I do in the 2014!! But I’d say you would need to have points installed probably on the roof if you wish to fit anchild seat on your back row.On the back of the middle row seats, near where the fabric changes to carpet. If they aren't already there, you may have to pick up some from Supercheap/Big W and they will screw right in.

My toyota tarago GLI (1999) with 60 litres unleaded petrol did just 300 km. Does anyone has any suggestion?
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Hard question to answer as there are so many technical factors including the style of driving. I recommend that you take the vehicle for a service at a trusted mechanic, if you are not overly technical as doing things wrong could end up coasting you more. Here is a list of items that typically cause poor fuel consumption in any car: - Incorrect tire pressures - Missed oil and oil filter changes, causing sludge and poor lubrication - Bad wheel alignment - Sticking brakes (brakes needing a service) - Old/clogged air filter - Worn spark plugs - Dirty airflow meter (if you vehicle is equipped with one) - Worn/dirty O2 sensor/s

Hi what other front seats fit a 99 Tarago?
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My tarago is stuck in park how do I fix it?
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Hi why is my 2000model tarago using a lot of oil?
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I recommend that you go please see a mechanic - as there are too many factors. Oil consumption can indicate wrong weight/type of oil, neglect (not changing oil on time), engine wear, engine design flaw, oil leaks, some engines by design small oil consumption is normal.

Anyone know where the fuel filter is located in Toyota Estima 2002 (ACR30)?
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Should b big metal filter under floor just behind passenger front door silver metal cilender on the outside edge of floor behind the sil good luckthanks

I'm asking on behalf of a friend, 1994 Tarago, she tells me the belt sounds like its slipping when its warm. Is there more then one belt? I'm assuming fan and maybe timing belt. I haven't laid eyes on the vehicle to know for sure.
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Will 2002 targo seats if in To a 1993 targo?
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Unfortunately not. The mounts are completely different. If wanting to change front seats, try and measure the rails and see if you can take the rails off your current seats and fit them to your new seats. Good luck.

How many litres of fuel can you put in a tarago
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I never leave my car to low petrol but I think last tme I left it near (a long time ago) I put 58 litres of petrol.70

Hoping to get some advice regarding my 98 Toyota tarago. The sliding door has been grinding at times the last few weeks and now at times it's a pain to open and close. It appears as though it's getting stuck or jarred on something? If anyone has had the same problem and has fixed it please let me know what to do to get it back to its usual self .
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Hi my Tarago 07 model have same problem, i just spray wd40 on the door bearings anchor and it works fine for few months.Yup, my 2015 model does the same thing. Using WD40, which helps a little, but, thankfully, it is still under warranty, so it will need to be sorted!Vacuum door track at the bottom (stones have done this to ours before. We own theee Tarago’s). Check door runner for bend in the track (the runner below the side windows) & also that the door slider part behind the slide door itself, isn’t bent out of shape.

How many a/c outlets in the Tarago 2016 ,the one I bought has 2 functioning and 2 dummies? I mean the ones located at the back seats.
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Bashar, It depends which model you have. The more basic models only have actual air-conditioning in the front. The rear outlets are only serviced by fans. If you have people in the rear, best thing to do is put aircon on lowest temp & max fan. Direct your front vents to the roof ... cold air will quickly transfer to the rear seated passengers. Higher level models have two separate air conditioners. one for rear as well. I have always coped well with the single unit - using the rear fans to circulate the cool air. WillI have a 2007 Tarago Gli and all 4 rear air vents work including with the air conditioning switched on. It gets too cold sometimes so I've modified a temperature adjustment knob for the rear. I unfortunately didn't get a GLX model which would have included heating for the rear vents too. We make do though by venting the heating to the feet which at least goes to the middle row. Heating travels more readily to the rear of the van so not such a big loss.

I have 2015 4cyl GLX model, bought new in Feb. It is very comfortable and easy to drive. One annoying problem is sometimes when I take the foot off the accelerator to turn a corner when I need to depress the accelerator again nothing happens. I have to depress the accelerator twice to get power. Does any other Tarago owners have this problem?
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Actually it also happened to my wife's Tarago Ultima V6. Felt like the transmission loss traction and went into neutral temporarily... Not a good sign.Was your wife's Tarago able to be fixed?what are the car mileage ? over 300K and an increase of power during the uphill drive?

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