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Toyota Tarago
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2010 v6 GLi. Fantastic car for family with 3 kids

We are a family of 2 adults, 3 kids and usually my father-in-law too. We spent months test driving iMax, Odyssey, Carnival and looking for the best deal. Bought the 2010 v6 gli and couldn't be happier. Roomy, comfy, a shedload of power, can drive all day without getting sore, great to separate the kids, everything within reach. After years of paying out on Tarago owners I must admit I am totally sold on this car. I love it.


V6 Ultima bought with 203000kms on the clock.

Had it for a year so far and can't fault it.
Got it cheap 23k for a 2008. Powerful engine handles really well considering size. Smooth transmission.
Had a Prado, Kids much prefer the Tarago.
Love the captain seats in the middle row.
The electric doors, the electric foldaway seats. Everything works and keeps working.
Haven't even had it serviced yet. Better do that.
Engine Power, and those electric sliding rear doors
Light interior marks a bit easy.

Excellent people mover

We owned our 2000 Toyota Tarago GLi for 13 years - only tradiing it in yesterday. Nothing was wrong with it and we have never had any problems with it. We traded it in because two of our four boys are older now - in the higher teens - and don't wish to travel in one car any more.

It provided room for 8 adults - comfortably. The Tarago was extremely reliable - for 13 years. The Tarago was very easy to drive and great to park. I hope it is purchased by a family with a number of children who enjoy it as much as we did. Even though it is a big vehicle, it was economical with petrol. What helped make us decide purchasing the Tarago over other people movers, and we had viewed many different people movers, was that it provided air conditioning to the very back of the vehicle, whereas other manufacturers had their air vents only in the first and second rows of the car - leaving the third row without air conditioning.


My favourite car so far

I love the ergonomic design of the car, like a bullethead. My dad has been driving it for 7 to 8 years, and there have been any major problems, other than those caused by human error. It still looks brand new after that many years. The model I have is the GLI one. There are many seats, which is so comfy for a three person household like mine, where you can stretch your legs, or turn the seats into a bed. It is a good travel car, as my dad has used it to drive to other capital cities across Australia, like Adelaide. I would recommend anyone buy this car.
Spacious, efficient, durable and long lasting, good travel car.
I dislike the manual window openers? I prefer the automatic ones, but that is included in the GLX, which is more expensive. Only the front of the car has automatic windows, the others are manual.

Love tarago s

I am currently waiting delivery of my 5th Tarago, this is my first brand new one. A 2013 GLX. We have found them reliable, economical and comfortable. We are foster carers and need flexibility, we also take the grandparents on holidays with us regularly. Nice to drive does not feel like a tank, easy to park and they look great. It uses half the petrol of our much smaller Subaru forester. I have been driving Taragos since the 80s. We sometimes have 5 baby seats and booster with no issues. Love this car would recommend them to anyone. Very comfortable drive. I have sold the last 3 for what I paid so hold their value well. Sold privately as soon as they are listed
Style, comfort, fuel economy
Hard to get

Excellent Very reliable family car!

We are a family of 6 and we own a 2008 Toyota tarago glx. We bought it new and it has been a dream to drive since the time we drove it off the lot. I knew exactly what Tarago I wanted so had no hesitation In purchasing this vehicle directly from a Toyota dealer off the Internet.

It is our second tarago as we upgraded from the older style because of the back sliding doors. Our old tarago was always reliable and never let us down so there was no second thought In upgrading to the model we now have. A bit pricey than other vehicles of the same style but you will get a very reliable and large family comfortable car! Highly recommended! Oh what a feeling!
Great overall family car
The dashboard display is not easy to see. I can't see the 'nearly empty' petrol light when it comes on because it is at the bottom of the dashboard display.


Excellent vehicle...if your thinking shall I buy...BUY!

Bought a 2001 Toyota Estima model...yes I know...it's the the Non Australian version of the Toyota Tarago... but very similar to the Tarago. I thoroughly enjoyed everything about it! Tonnes of room for our big family, doors on both sides for ease of getting in and out. Tonnes of space in the back and very easy for kids to get to the back without standing on the seats. Motor is not thirsty either, very economical to run. Would absolutely recommend for a large family. Also, is great for sticking a DVD player on the centre cieling and the kids were entertained on every trip!
Reliable, fuel efficient, aesthetically pleasing, back window tints, back windows also power windows not push outs.

Looking at the Estima as well. Would you recommend the 2.4L or is it under-powered? There is the 3.0L version and it might just provide that extra boost?how many child anchor points are there in the car? Looking at getting a 2002 model but will need to have 3 child anchor pointsHi Sonny68, by Non Australian do you mean a Jap import? I am thinking of getting one too, as they seem to offer better seats and V6 motors as well. But where are you servicing your Estima? Did you buy your vehicle from a dealer? Hope to hear from you. Thanks!'


I would recommend for reliability and space but I can't recomendd for seat configuration. It is dissapointing that it comes with 2 lap belts and only 3 anchor points which makes it difficult for people with more than 3 kids in child seats/boosters.
Very room, nice driver seat adjustability. Nice to drive and very reliable. We have had a secondhand 2005 tarago for 3 years and have had no problems as all.
Having 2 seat with lap belts makes those seat virtually usless unless you use have a baby seat in the middle seat of the middle row. Having no anchor points makes the back middle seat usless in all circumstances untless you are comfortable with compromising safety.

I love this car but Toyota need to re-think seatbelts and anchor points

We bought this model Tarago hoping it would be a safe, comfortable car for our family of 7.
It's been very reliable, comfortable and good on fuel.
The airconditioning is great, it goes right into the back so everyone is cool when needed.
I like the look of the car. I love that it has 2 sliding doors, it was what gained my initial interest. The air con that goes into the back is great when you have an entire car full of people in the middle of summer. The middle and back row of seats are on tracks that you can slide around to where is good for you. Easily adjustable. The back windows (over the sliding doors) wind down. My kids love that! Would be great if they were powered windows though.
The seatbelts are annoying. Why they put lap belts in the middle for both the back seats is beyond me. There are only anchor pointsin the middle row. They are on the back of the seat but apparently you can't put them in the back row without a big ugly CRAB bar. Not sure why they won't put them on the back of the back seat but it is really annoying. I'd have loved to have 3 anchored carseats in the back row but I don't have that option. If they sorted out those 2 issues, it'd be my perfect people mover!


I always said I would never drive a Tarago but with bub no.4 joining our family we needed a people mover if we ever wanted to go out as a family ever again! I love this car!It is easy to drive and smooth, it doesn't feel as though you are driving a people mover at all.Parking is easy too, if anyone finds it hard to park the Tarago, then they must also find it hard to park other cars also.The only issue is that I am short and can't really see how much room I have in front when parking, but I am taking notes and getting better at judging it now. I love it when it rains and I can get all the kids in the car, we close all the doors and I proceed to walk around the car to do up seatbelts.I then walk back to the front,hop into the drivers seat and off we go! No more wet bum from it sticking out in the rain. There is ducted air con all the way to the very back seat so everyone has their own air, the seats slide forward and back on rails also.Seats are comfortable and the driver and passenger have arm rests. Also lots of cup holders for everyone and 6 different lights inside. Feels like you are on a plane trip with your own cabin! I would recommend this people mover to anyone with kids. You don't even need a large family. We bought ours second hand (5 years old)and it's price was VERY reasonable!
Tarago GLX: So much space,well set up interior,easy to drive, smooth,very good on fuel
Love everything about it!

buying one for son and family could you suggest a good modleI brought one today a 2008 glx its great.


We love it. Apart from the "Cons" listed above, both my wife and I love driving this vehicle. We (a family of 3) have many needs that identified the Tarago as the best vehicle to suit our needs. We often need to move theatre props and costumes (and other related bits) as well as a number of elderly parents in the eighties with baggage. I equate the driving experience to low level flying. It is not as economical as our 1994 SAAB 9000 turbo estate, but we average around 10 litres/100K at the moment. That can blow out if you get stuck into the semi-auto gear box and have a bit of fun without a load. Relax and take it easy - and the fuel economy is fine, but get the V6 is you need more power! Seats are comfortable - as there are plenty of adjustments. We do a lot of long k's in this vehicle and find it most comfortable and easy to drive.
Lots of room, Reasonably flexible space. Great cruiser. Toyota reliability - and we need reliability being self employed!
Can't remove the last row of seats to get more room in the GLi version - basic problem that should not exist on such an expensive people mover. More expensive versions remove the problem - but is should not exist! Period! Not comfortable with the instruments being so far from the drivers view - messes a bit with the visually impaired (us glasses users)

Good for families with young children.

We have a 2007 GLX V6 and bought it as a second hand at a Toyota dealer with having 96K on the odometer at the time of purchase. We have had this vehicle now for 1 year and are quite happy with it. Toyota generally has a good build quality and it shows on this vehicle. Sound proofing and suspension are good as well as the list of safety features and number of storage, which is quite handy.

Would recommend this vehicle for families with 3 kids or more who generally still use child/booster seats - very flexible. Mrs currently sits on the 2nd row with our 7 months. Our 2yo and 5yo sit at the back.
2nd & 3rd row space, which is far more superior than any other 7 seaters on the market; Deep boot space on the GLX V6, which accommodates our double pram and still has room for groceries and other stuff; Ability to fold the 3rd row seat flat on the floor, which is ideal for moving furniture and other like; Good configuration of having 2 seats in the 2nd row and having the capability of walking thru to the 3rd row (this is very handy especially when Mrs have to attend to the kids quickly at the back); Good bright dash to display speedometer; Front & rear parking sensors are a bonus for this long vehicle; Very good adjustable driving lights for night time.
Premium unleaded (95 RON) which is expensive; Beige cloth seat fabrics and carpet, which is not ideal for young families - would have prefered darker colours to hide those stains; No trip computer to display kms to go til empty; Spare wheel is not a full size alloy.

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I have a 2012 model. The Tarago is not long, it is horter than the old Falcon wagon. The third row is not suitable for adults above average height and weight, tall people might not like the driver's seat either. Truly a vehicle for the slim folk in Japan.The GLXs power drivers seat is great. Second row chairs can be pushed way back so an adult can use the footrest properly. Could do with more legroom when all rows are in use, and a bit of extra room in the luggage area would help. But the vehicle would have to be longer (500mm) to accommodate those sorts of changes. Over to you Mr Toyoda.


We love our Tarago. We initially bought it so we could easily accommodate 3 child car seats (instead of cramming into a sedan) but now wouldn't go back to a 'regular' car. It's a pleasure to drive around town or over long distances and has so far been easy to maintain.
Easy to drive, easy to see kids in both back rows (I recently hired a new model on holiday and couldn't see the kids in the back row very well). Easy to park, tight turning circle, reliable, reliable, reliable. More boot space in back than newer models and by flipping up one or both of back row seats it's handy for transporting the odd item of furniture or kids bikes.
No cruise control on Gli model.Roof rack position makes racks sit too close together. If you needed to use all 8 seats it possibly wouldn't fit in your jogger style pram very well. Also, only the driver and front passenger windows wind down, the middle and back row windows only pop open a fraction so on moderately warm days you often have to run the air con for the back passengers.


as a people mover the tarago is second to none especially between 95-99.if you have a large family and a low budget very good value for money as they range from 10,000 to 15,000 depending on year and kmh.
lots of room made for moving people safly and comfortably, rather than cramping retro fitted seats 6&7 in 4 wheel drives up againts the rear tail gate.
my 99 GLI has cruise control and is used regulary as i do lots of family day trips ,has all the mod cons cd player(retro fitted) AC,airbags,elec windows, int ok remembering the thing is over 10 years old like all vehicle service every 10,000 kmh and it wont let you down.very economical average 550kmh city driving,700kmh country.
engine will struggle on a hot day fully loaded with AC on.This makes it quite loud inside,seat belts on middle row seats are not height adjustable


I enjoy driving this car, this model is not equipped with too many electric gadgets, it is responsive, toyota reliability and great family car
Go the V6 Tarago. Finally a reliable people mover made with real power - Aurion/Lexus engine. I own the GLX (2007) model, bought near new and its a great car. I have 4 kids (ages 3 to 12) and easy for kids to get in and out - 2nd row has captain chairs (7 seater), rear seats go into floor, comfort plus and I feel safe. Beats my previously owned Chrysler Voyager (2003 model) by a mile.
No trip computer, too much front end power

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I read the Chryslers were real lemons. How was your experience?


We bought an 8 seater 2010 model V6 Tarago on the arrival of our twins. Having 4 children meant we needed a large car with plenty of space for a twin pram and and the luggage that goes along with a family of 6. We noticed there was an upgrade of fabric quality as an option on 7 seater models and tried to pay for the upgrade on the 8 seater but was told they wouldn't do it ( even though the car was yet to be built and we had a 4 month wait on it). We were only trying to change it to a darker colour (4 kids = dirty seats) as at the time we were unaware of the poor quality of the beige fabric we would be getting. When the car arrived we had two safe'n'sound baby capsules professionally fitted by kidsafe and had their bases resting on a towel. At the 6 month service we removed the capsules and were shocked to see that where they met the seat backs had nearly frayed the fabric. We were told it was normal "wear and Tear" (after 6 months?!) and Toyota will not fix it. They then added insult to injury by telling us the repair (on the middle row of seats only) would be in excess of $3000 dollars. We are now terrified the other seats will be damaged ( belts/buttons on rear of jeans etc) and wanted to buy car seat covers but guess what ... Toyota don't make them!! The capsules have been used without incident in two other cars for a far longer period of time so buyer beware!! The fabric will really let you down and it wont be a cheap exercise to replace it!!! It has really soured our opinion of Toyota and made the less serious issues listed in the cons section above seem even more annoying to us. We have now filed a complaint at consumer protection as the fabric quality is not fit for purpose.
Very spacious, rear seats split and even when in upright position has good boot space. Drives smoothly.
The fabric in the 8 seater model is VERY POOR QUALITY!!! Also only available in a very light colour and Toyota will not allow any upgrade. Ipod Docking set up is a joke (and so poorly configured it is a safety issue) and don't bother with the $4000 nav system with reversing camera. Reversing Sensors beep nearly all the time if you have a tow ball fitted. Toyota service is incredibly customer unfriendly. The basically tell you to get lost with a smile on their face!!

The reversing sonar sensors can be disconnected. The light coloured carpets are indeed a big mistake. Even the base model Corolla has a trip computer. And the Corolla toolkit has everything, even a towing hook. The Tarago kit is just the wheel wrench and a socket and handle for lowering the mid-stored spare (on V6 models).I have a Toyota tow bar and rear step and the reversing sonar sensor beeps continuously when reversing. You would think it is compatible and should only beep when nearing an obstacle. I did consider a V6 Toyota but after finding out you could only have the light coloured interior fabric, I stayed clear of it. I don't understand that there are no options. I also believe that the V6 is considerable more expensive in fuel usage. As a matter of fact our 4 cylinder 2007 is thirstier than our 4 cylinder 2001 model we had previously. Not by much, but still... Anyway, we love our 4 cylinder GLX and the only thing we miss is a speed alarm. The vehicle is going faster than you think!!!


a great people mover that has a large enough boot to fit a twin pram, interior kiddie friendly material that is easy to clean after those accidental spills
this is a great people mover, we have brought the 7 seater vesion and i just love the room...great boot space plenty for our pram as having 5 kids ( 3 under 3) i found the boot space in many other cars insufficent to fit our pram.sat nav and inbuilt dvd player along with the foot rests for the middle row of seats make this car a superior car to have. easy to operate door opening by the push of a button and electrical fold down of the back row of seats
you cant fit an additional car seat bolt as it is illegal lucky for us our toddler is heavy enough to go into a booster seat.

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The statement about it is ilegal to fit another child restriant is incorrect. You can fit a crab bar in the back providing an additonal 3 child restraints. See your 4wd specilist for this

Excellent People Mover.

We bought our Tarago near new after comparing it to many other vehicles in the same class. We bought a GLI V6 with a few extras. This is our first Toyota and we had heard they were reliable and safe so we bought one. In all the years we have owned it it has never let us down on any level. Unbelievable reliability. We had 4 kids, all in car seats at the time so we bought the seven seat version. Ours has leather trim which I would recommend for any family - No stains, easy to clean and super hard wearing. The boot is deep and roomy with room enough for our 2 double prams.
The power of the V6 is awesome, 7 airbags, stability and traction control. Build quality is first class. 6 speed auto is smooth.
I've owned heaps of new cars so I've dealt with plenty of dealer service departments but I found Toyota service to be massively expensive so we've learnt to avoid using them. No trip computer. No button to turn the traction control off.

Transmission6 Speed Auto


Best car for a med/large family who also carry stuff and need flexibility of space. Reliable, comfortable, versatile and would highly recommend it ------ by why, oh why, did Toyota stop making it!?!?!?
The space is brilliant, nothing quite like it in the market, so it's a real pity they stopped making it! This is my fourth Tarago in a row, since 1993! I was thinking of replacing the current one (new in 2004) so have test driven everything else and none have the space and comfort, so I'll keep mine for now.
Wish the handbrake was somewhere else - it's nice to have space between the seats (the old Tarago had the brake by the driver's seat).


We bought this car due to it's good reputation and are still very happy with our decision.
I would recommend to families with 3 or more kids however the seatbelt issue may be a negative for some depending on childrens ages and the new seatbelt laws.
I love having the extra space, with 4 little ones it's practical and comfortable.
It's great to drive, nice and quiet and easy to park. Also having a sliding door on both sides is handy for accessing children and shopping.
I do dislike the fact that as a people mover a car perhaps for the larger than average family it only has 3 anchor points and has 2 lap only seat belts in the middle seats.

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I have a 2010 model with 215/55R17 tyres(as designed- low profile). Has anyone tried a a more standard size style to provide more width on the wall. Having issues with puncturing with collecting traffic islands / gutters.
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Hi Guys, Good day! Does any one knows or have an idea how to correct rear toe alignment of Tarago 2000 model acr30? Currently my Tarago have huge negative toe. Is there any other way to adjust except replacing the bushes. Thank you!
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Does anybody know where I can find a video on how to replace a 2007 Toyota tarago cup holder?
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