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Disappointed with reply


we purchased our trickimo watch for our 14 yr. old daughter who is heading overseas in January. We have only had the watch no longer than 2 months and the band has already ripped. We contacted Trackimo and was advised " just buy another watch!" not happening! very bad customer service. Be wary when purchasing these watches, you cannot replace the band

Purchased in September 2019 for $249.95.



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Terrible . No response . Rip off stay away


I ordered item been trying to contact them for a week no one is responding , paid express shipping havent received my item. Worst experience ever with this company . Stay away

Purchased in November 2019 for $500.00.

Small, strong, secure attachment, accurate readings.


The device works well, even under the car body. I tried various locations on the vehicle, I found the accuracy to be within about 10-15 feet. This was true when located under the trunk, under the swing arm, under the engine block, and under the front passenger seat area. I even mounted it under the tow bar frame ( 3/8" plate ) and the little unit performed without a problem. You should definitely purchase the magnetic attachment and silicon case: it kept the GPS unit clean, dry and instantly attaches to any steel surface. I got the double rare earth magnet case, and the unit held securely to the undercarriage when driving across rough roads and speed bumps. I would purchase this item again.

Great for tracking cars and kids


Perfect for tracking a child. Just put it in their backpack and off they go. I don't use the app to track, just use the browser on my phone and it's great. When not being used for that, I put it in the console of my car and keep it plugged in. It definitely works as advertised. I have no complaints. Customer service was prompt -- but I only needed to change the credit card number for my monthly service fee. I didn't have any problems with the unit itself.

Do not subscribe yearly, they will continue to debit/not respond after unit does not work/do not need it!


Bunch of con artists - debit after year is up regardless of not subscribing. No communication about renewal - do not give them your account/card details. They do not respond to emails, had to cancel card to stop them...local agent refers to usa. Units fail after a few months.



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They take your money and ...



AliHialeah fla

Great product


Trackimo is the best ever it is super accurate, the price is super good
It is excellent I love it
Is the best
I love my trackimothey have great customer service

No customer service at all


Same as a lot of other reviews. They have sold 2g TRACKIMO to people in Australia knowing there is no coverage. Try and get a refund and they don’t care at all.


eddyact, 2611

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Hidden costs on sale of new Trackimo devices (sold since year 2016).

Mckinley L

Mckinley LShepparton

Trackimo surpasses my expectation to a tracking device




Inaccurate an not practicle


My wife bought me a TRACKIMO so I could check in when I'm in the backcountry, out of cell range. While the device uses gps locating, it only works when I have a cell signal. Even as a locator for a pet, child or for theft prevention, the device is far too inaccurate. It tells me right now that I am at a location ten blocks from here. A ten block radius would be very little help finding a stolen vehicle or lost pet/child. What works better with a cell signal is.....a cell phone

Zach B.

Zach B.Mackay

The tracking device is worth it!


Codey M.

Codey M.Devonport

A fairly reliable tracker for its price.


Nate D

Nate DMildura

Trackimo can still improve their CS


I just bought my new 2005 HONDA VT750C SHADOW
and I’ve been looking for a good GPS tracker for security purposes. I found this Trackimo brand, which has a low startup cost, and an even lower monthly ongoing cost, so I decided to give it a try.

I got the Trackimo TRKM002 GPS Tracker for 3 months now and I am fully satisfied with it, considering how much I paid for it. The company could probably improve their customer support and equip them with better service regarding issues and problems. It took a while for my CS ticket to get addressed.

However, once it was up and running, it worked very well for me. Its features, functions and tracking capabilities work great and is accurate to up to a few feet.



Trackimo save my drone


I used some heavy-duty velcro to keep my Trackimo fixed to my drone, and added a small tether to ensure that the GPS tracker does not fall off.

When I tried to take videos from my drone, I adjusted the camera too far up, so it was mostly pointing at the sky. Because of the inaccurate navigation on my end, the next thing I knew, I got the drone stuck on a tree while pointing at the sky. I pulled out my phone to check, and thankfully, Trackimo was accurate to about 30-40 ft at the time, and I was able to see the headlight from my TIANQU XS809W, so I was able to get my drone back.

Trackimo works well, is very accurate, and simple. It’s also very easy to use, which is why I recommend it to others who use drones.



The tracker is a lifesaver




The tracker works perfectly




Trackimo is very helpful




I am a Trackimo user




Be patient with the device


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Ive purchased this tracker without the magnetic case with the view of mounting it underneath the undercarriage of the car. I am just wondering if anybody else has had it mounted this way and had success with it in terms of it not falling off the vehicle say if it goes over a bump. The magnet does have a small surface area and although it sticks well to any metal object of the vehicle i am just wondering if the magnet is strong enough to stay attached particularly if the car goes over a bump in the road. Any comments would be much appreciated

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Good day,

Urgently advise, I need a tracing device for both my kids under 6 years.
Reside in South Africa, will this device work on real time notification? AND in all locations?
Battery life duration? can this device be hidden in clothing items like inside a jacket on backpack etc.


3 answers

Hi the device I purchased will not work in Australia because we do not have 2 G
it will work in counties (eg Europe) where I understand 2G ia still in use.
I do not know if 2G is available in S.Africa.

battery life duration is Ok to allow a week of battery life being lithium they are rechargeable. the device is about the size of a matchbox - so it can be hidden

I have found since better devices that work on 2G through to 4g - these are watches or pendant style - also capable of being hidden

I would stay clear of trackimo as I find the seller in Australia is not reliable and actively avoids responsibility for sales and support.

Go for a more global and robust tracking solution trackimo does not have the global support international buyers need.


For me I had a few problems, but all is good now. Not sure as to what phone networks are in South Africa and whether what reception you have. Length of time for the tracker depends on when the device connects to the network and this is adjustable from 1 ( short battery life) minute to 120(longest battery life) minutes . Network coverage is the most important part I feel Cant say whether you should buy or not but you do need to do your homework


Good day
Thank you for the feedback, much appreciated.



Do you need a contact number for the SOS but ten or does it contact emergency services automatically
[email removed]

1 answer

Yes, you need a contact number. You will have to enter contact details via the app to reach an emergency contact person when you press the SOS button.

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