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There is no product support

My Trackimo battery broke and it was impossible to talk to Trackimo support... after numerous emails to the US I was promised a replacement battery... that was months ago and I have not received a replace the battery as promised and follow up emails have been ignored. I will be lodging a dispute with PayPal and be looking around for a reputable product with customer support !!!!

What a piece of crap

I've tried everything from just turning the Trackimo unit on and putting it in the glovebox; to turning it on, leaving it outside with a "clear sky view" for 20 minutes then putting it right on the dash, and it simply refuses to give me any decent information when I get back home and check the tracking map. I just went on a 25-minute drive, into town where cell coverage is outstanding, with the tracker set to ping every minute, and when I got home there was ONE ping location recorded. And that showed a location about 15 miles south of where I'd been. Trackimo support "reset" the unit after the first couple of times I had no luck with it, but that didn't accomplish anything and made absolutely no difference at all. If you need a tracking device, THIS ISN'T ONE. If you need a locator device, THIS ISN'T ONE. You'd be better off with nothing, at least then you'd be $120 richer.

Totally useless

We are an electrical service company and we have always had tracking in our trucks but the last one and best one was navman. However due to our equipment being too old we had to purchase a new one so we purchased the trackimo and we have found the software they use was good but the tracker does not work. It always comes up with the wrong location but after a few hours it seems to catch up with the proper location, but since we are in the emergency business that would be pretty useless to get the location of the car hours later.

Device is Garbage

These devices are absolute garbage, i made the mistake of falling for the low initial cost and the low monthly rate. I bought 10 units and all have failed at one point or another. The most common failure is the device will simply stop reporting its position even though if you press the power button it will show both blue LEDs as lit for connection to gps and cell network. After a reboot the device will work again for a time until it fails again. This might not seem like a big deal unless you have them installed in the dashboard of a vehicle like i do so you have to take the dash apart to get at it.

That however is not the only way they fail, some of the devices will stop reporting at regular intervals and only report in spurts so the device will be set to track once every minute and they will for maybe 5-15 minutes then stop tracking for an hour then track again for 5-15 minute on and on and on like that never tracking properly.

Also there support is absolutely terrible, after trying for a month to get them to resolve my complaints via email they simply closed my case and said problem resolved even though they had resolved nothing.

In conclusion do NOT buy these devices, you will be sorry, especially if they fail when you need them most tracking a stolen asset or abducted loved one.

Can't recommend this at all

Hi everyone,

I just thought I'd provide a quick review of the Trackimo GPS tracking device I bought about 3 months ago. To be honest, I can't think of a tech product in the last 10 years that I am most disappointed in. The performance of this thing is absolutely terrible. It takes FOREVER to lock onto Sats, typically 5-10 minutes, and you better have a wide open view of all 4 corners of the sky, otherwise you'll be struggling to get a lock. For those wishing to use this for pet / personal tracking - forget it. Once you get even the slightest indoors, even undercover outside, it will put you several hundred feet away from your location.

I have NEVER once been able to get any speed reading from the device, even when driving along with it in full view of the sky on my dashboard. The IOS app allows you to adjust the frequency of updates (down to every 1min) however the updates I received from the device were never under every 3-5 minutes, and even so had terrible accuracy. Seriously, the GPS on the iPhone 3 performs better than the Trackimo. For a dedicated GPS tracking device, you would expect it to at least perform similarly, if not better than the tiny GPS chip-set used in most mobile handsets.

What is worse however, has been the absolutely dismal support I have received from Trackimo in trying to address these issues I have had. Their support has been essentially non-existent. Several emails, polite and detailed outlining my issues have been completely ignored. The CEO of Trackimo Australia even bizarrely emailed his U.S colleagues (and CC'd me) stating "I can't help this guy", without stating any reason whatsoever for the comment. I have asked them if I can send it back to assess whether I have a faulty unit, and if not for a full refund, however each email has fallen on deaf ears. They are completely unresponsive.

Because of this experience, I simply cannot recommend Trackimo as a feasible tracking device, and in my opinion would suggest you look elsewhere.

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Questions & Answers

Good day, Urgently advise, I need a tracing device for both my kids under 6 years. Reside in South Africa, will this device work on real time notification? AND in all locations? Battery life duration? can this device be hidden in clothing items like inside a jacket on backpack etc. Regards
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Hi the device I purchased will not work in Australia because we do not have 2 G it will work in counties (eg Europe) where I understand 2G ia still in use. I do not know if 2G is available in S.Africa. battery life duration is Ok to allow a week of battery life being lithium they are rechargeable. the device is about the size of a matchbox - so it can be hidden I have found since better devices that work on 2G through to 4g - these are watches or pendant style - also capable of being hidden I would stay clear of trackimo as I find the seller in Australia is not reliable and actively avoids responsibility for sales and support. Go for a more global and robust tracking solution trackimo does not have the global support international buyers need.For me I had a few problems, but all is good now. Not sure as to what phone networks are in South Africa and whether what reception you have. Length of time for the tracker depends on when the device connects to the network and this is adjustable from 1 ( short battery life) minute to 120(longest battery life) minutes . Network coverage is the most important part I feel Cant say whether you should buy or not but you do need to do your homeworkGood day Thank you for the feedback, much appreciated.

Do you need a contact number for the SOS but ten or does it contact emergency services automatically [email removed]
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Yes, you need a contact number. You will have to enter contact details via the app to reach an emergency contact person when you press the SOS button.

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