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2.8 from 135 reviews

Good service! Friendly

Very nice staff. Helpful and kind. Very easy process. The rate was different on the Travel Money Oz website to what it was in real life. Overall I would recommend.

Competitive Exchange Rate Yes

Lovely lady at belmont branch last Thursday stayed back to serve me

Off to usa and Canada in a week. Lady stayed back past her knock off time to complete my transaction in 2 currencies onto card and in cash. 2nd timee to this branch. Highly recommend

CurrencyCAD and USD
Competitive Exchange Rate Yes

Very friendly staff

Changed pounds to AUD.Staff was very nice and had clear understanding on market rates.Received a decent rate as well.....as good service.Location was convenient to access at the ground floor of Glen centro.

CurrencyAUD and GBP
Competitive Exchange Rate Yes

easiest travel money exchange

Each visit to the Money Oz at Gateways in Success has been a very pleasant experience. Friendly staff and speedy exchange of foreign cash for travelling and after returning home. Can be busy but you dont wait long.

Grest service

Great place to buy foreign cash. Used for my last three overseas holidays. Better rates then the big banks and keep most major currency in stock.
I have bought USD / NZD /EUR /JPY / CLP and GBP now.

Great service

Got American dollars for friends children for a present as they were going to USA and staff couldn’t be more helpful getting me 50 worth of $1 bills for them


Good Service

We will be travelling to Switzerland and needed Swiss Francs. Store was very helpful and gave prompt service. Advised rate clearly to me and had sufficient funds to meet my requirements

Competitive Exchange Rate Yes

Great for receiving bigger Moneygram transfers

I have used one in Myer center in Brisbane cbd to receive Moneygram transfer through them.
Great service, plus they can cover larger transfers which was great as I had troubles to find Moneygram point that had enough of cash.

On the downside, probably that has nothing to do exactly with Money OZ is exchange rate when you receive money is as bad as it is when you use western union.


Please remove

Issue resolved - please remove review. Technology issue. I finally spoke to someone in Australia (and not the offshore call centre) who managed to resolve my problem (or at least help )

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We're glad we were able to help Tim! Thanks, Lucy

Counterfeit RMB for China

Be careful, when purchasing RMB Cash, myself and a friend were given counterfeit money for China from two different stores in Melbourne and we didn't find out it was counterfeit until in China. We exchanged it when we came home and they didn't check it so they had no idea.

Competitive Exchange Rate Yes
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Hi Ana - thanks for your feedback. We take counterfeit notes very seriously and the last thing we want is for customers to leave our stores feeling as if they were ripped off, OR given something that cannot be used. Has this been resolved with the store? If you need any further help with this, please do email me at feedback@travelmoneyoz.com and we can look into this for you Thanks, Lucy

Would never recommend this card to anyone

I would never use this card again, we are still waiting for the funds on hold to be returned its now 28 days were told it takes 21 days called 5 days ago and told it takes 30 days, lets see what happens after 30 days, as soon as funds return the card is being closed and cut up. Used for Canada had to call travel agent to get answered as to why funds not returned and why the transfer was taking so long no one from their help answered when l called them. it took 5 days for funds to arrive in the account, again when its all you have to use overseas its so frustrating. Would not recommend them to anyone. Told its master card holding the funds not them but other traveler with us used MasterCard and their funds returned in 5 days.

CurrencyCAD and USD
Just called again after 32 days of holding the funds and this is what they are now saying i need to send a form to the hotel in Canada and get them to do the following I would never recommend this card to anyone Thank you for contacting Card Services. In order to release a pending pre-authorization we do require the following requests to be in the format as detailed below. Customer full name First 6 digits of the card Last 4 digits of the card Date of transaction(s) Amount of transaction(s) Matching Authorization Code(s) per transaction Statement confirming funds will not be taken Signed by Front Desk Manager Booking Reference (if available) This document must be typewritten on their company headed paper, scanned, attached to an email and forwarded to Cardservices@accessprepaidww.com Once this has been received we will investigate and release as appropriate, if any of the details are missing or incorrect we will not be able to action on the pending transactions and we will let you know what else we require. Thank you for your assistance in this matter.Hi Mary, You may have seen my response to this on your social post, but if not, reiterating below... I can appreciate the frustration you're feeling. Waiting to access your own spending money can be a huge point - we completely understand this, it's a process we're working to improve where we can. Travel Money Oz and Mastercard are unable to release money back onto your card, unless it's cleared to us from your hotel. This measure is merely a way for us to ensure your hotel IS going to clear your funds, allowing us to release this back onto your card. You are always welcome to email us at feedback@travelmoneyoz.com to expand on your feedback, or if you have additional questions around this process. Thanks, Lucy

Great customer service

First time 2x international cash buyer.
Attendant at Chermside, Qld was very helpful and talked me through everything calming my excited nerves.
Showed no signs of frustration even when I had to return a second day because of a limit on my card.
$5 more per $100 than travelex 30seconds around the corner.
I'll definitely be back!
Employee exceptionally professional even when dealing with a verbally agressive unrelated shopping centre patron.
Travel Oz you have an asset in this young man.

Competitive Exchange Rate Yes

Terrible rate

I went to purchase some vatu for a trip to Vanuatu. I was told that the rate was a good one. I should have waited till I got to the airport next day. The good rate I got was a 10 vatu difference between there and in store. Absolute stitch up. Would not recommend them to anyone and I hate to the rates on other products. Minus 10 if I could and if there’s a reply don’t give any talk about “exchange rates can change” etc.

Competitive Exchange Rate No
Hi Michael thanks for taking the time to review us. I'd love to know more about the rate you received with us, and the rate you saw at the airport. That is correct that our rates do change daily, however, we pride ourselves on having competitive rates and stand behind our Best Price Guarantee. If you could please send through any additional feedback to us at feedback@travelmoneyoz.com we'll look into this further for you Regards LucyThank you Lucy for your reply. I will come back to when I am home from Vanuatu

If I could give 0 I would!

Travelled to Italy. Attempted withdrawals at several ATMs over 2 days. Nothing. Tried calling 24/7 numbers, not available! Emailed, still waiting for a response! Have called to complain today asking to speak to supervisor, still waiting for a call back. Garbage card, even worse service!!!!!

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Hi T.Williams - we're disappointed to hear you weren't able to reach us when you needed support. I'd love to find out more about your experience - including what happened at the ATMs. Are you able to email us at feedback@travelmoneyoz.com and we can look further into this? Thanks Grace

Excellent- Wouldn’t travel without it!

Used this card in: Hong Kong, France, England, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Spain and Italy, and used the Travel Money Oz Key to The World before that in America, Japan and Malaysia and going to be using it for a Europe trip this year

Never had the card decline or had the card refused, it has a pin and PayPass function. Friends I have travelled with in the past have taken their Travelex card or normal bank/credit card and had issues with loading or with it being declined in certain places.

App works well, you can easily transfer between currencies and load onto the card via bank transfer or debit/credit.

When I return home I just transfer any foreign money back to AUD and spend it in Australia or withdraw it from an ATM.

Have always had a very positive experience at any Travel Money Oz branch I’ve been to, staff are always friendly and knowledgeable and happy to talk you through how to load the card when away etc.

You’re also insured $10,000 AUD on this card and are able to go and pick up the money on your card from a Western Union if you lose it whilst away which I’ve used before and then just ordered a new card when I got home.

CurrencyAUD, EUR, GBP, HKD, JPY and USD
Competitive Exchange Rate Yes

Card doesn’t work in places, poor customer service, app and website constantly down.

App balance not up to date when it works and often isn’t available.

Had to call customer service twice once because their site wouldn’t let me reload and another because it was locked for suspicious activity and they were no help at all.

Card often not accepted online when booking trips (name on card is prepaid currency card, so often gets rejected). At random other times card doesn’t work in the USA.

Would not recommend.

Competitive Exchange Rate Yes

Easily the worst travel card I've used

- Used to be 'key to the world', old card is still accepted and current details work on the website which is good
- I have approx. $20 AUD left. I can't refund to my bank account via their website or app. Must call them
- Took 15 mins to go through their automated phone service. Finally was put on to an operator, did the whole security check, to be emailed a form that I need to fill out and send back to them to receive my money (minus fees of ~$12 AUD)
- Try to exchange to AUD instead and use the card at my local supermarket, but find that it also has a fee of ~$12 AUD....
- I don't think it's worth the time to get back around $10 AUD

- Conclusion: This company makes it extremely difficult for you to get any money back from the card after you've 'charged' it. Absolute scam. Meanwhile I have a Travelex money card with better exchange rates, and I was able (through their website) to transfer money directly back to my account, without needing to jump a million hoops. If you want a travel card shop around, but the best bet at the moment are the 'non bank' lenders like ING - lowest rates and you can actually keep your own money at the end.

Competitive Exchange Rate No

Reliable, easy to use travel money card

We found the travel money oz card to be fantastic. My husband and I spent a month in Europe, and we had no problems with the card. It was reliable to pay with, and we were able to use the card at every shop and cash machine we used. The only small issue is that the app is a bit slow. We originally were not going to use this card because of the bad reviews. However we worked out that most people only review travel money cards if they had a bad experience. In comparison the commonwealth bank travel card had thousands of bad reviews.

Efficient service and pricing

Our last trip was to Thailand and we only ever purchase currency, the balance we use our Citibank debit card. We never have any issues topping the card up when needed. The staff at Travel Money
were very good

Competitive Exchange Rate Yes

Makes travel easier

Takes the hassle out of getting foreign currency with fast efficient service all done with a smile. Had PNG Kina within a week and will use later this year for future travels

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Questions & Answers

My husband and I are in Hawaii and the Trevel Oz card works in shope, restaurants etc but we cannot get cash out of the ATM'm. We currently have no cash left for tips. It says the chip has an error?? Will try again today but not confident. What do you suggest?
2 answers
call them on +61 300 786 403Hi Greg - if you could please give us a call as soon as possible that would be great! You can reach us on +61 2 8974 0856 from Hawaii or email us on feedback@travelmoneyoz.com I hope this helps, Thanks Lucy

Can you get a card in one name with two access cards ?
1 answer
Hi Marl S Yes you can have 2 cards, but probably not in the same name. We had two cards one in my name and another in my wives name. However you have to give an email address for each card and you can not use the same email address for two or more cards. I have 3 email addresses so we were able to have the other card with one of these email addresses. We thought that it was better to have two cards for if you would loose one for instance you still have the other to use while the lost one get replaced which would probably take some time. I am not sure if you can have two cards in the same name as we did not ask them, but I don't think you can, but I can't really see why not, just ask them. Personally I think it is a good idea not to put all of your money on the one card. Hope this helps you.

My daughter and boyfriend transferred all their savings into a Travel Money Oz MasterCard before travelling overseas. They both have been unable to access their money and have had NO luck trying to contact the company. Their 1300 number on website is unavailable and nobody responds to their email. Does anybody have an emergency number to call or any suggestions?
1 answer
Try lodging a complaint with the Ombudsman

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