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Easy and cheap

Travel sim is great way to make and receive calls overseas without breaking the bank. It also means that you have an Australian mobile number for your friends and relatives to easily use to contact you when you are overseas

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Thank you for your review Robyn, knowing family and friends can reach you easily, and for the cost of a local call does bring peace of mind while travelling.

When we needed it , it was there and we used tt to full effect.

When we first started traveling there were No GPS or Mobile Phones. TravelSim now keeps us in touch with family and friends. Many institutions such as those doing Transfers, also require a mobile [Cell ] phone to contact clients .

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We are happy to see that your needs are being met, thank you.

Would not go OS without aTravel Sim

Have always found perfect reception and been reminded to refill funds when necessary.
VERY happy with all aspects and friends have also enjoyed the benefits that go with using it.

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A great benefit is free unlimited sms between TravelSim cards. We are glad to see you are taking advantage of this. Thank you for your review!

TravelSim, same number anywhere in the world. No need to buy local sim-cards for each country.

I have used TravelSim for many years now. I pop it into my smart phone as soon as I am onboard my overseas flight. It is so convenient to know wherever I happen to be, once landed, people can get in touch with me directly and of course, so can I with them. The constant international number is so reassuring to me and my friends and family back home.

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Thanks for the review! We are glad to see your needs are being met and hope to continue traveling again with you in the future.


Generally good service for local phone calls. I am not sure if all my text messages were delivered...New SIM card with Australian [+61] number is an improvement on the older [+37], especially charges for phone calls and the ease of contact for family/friends in Australia.

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Hi Shirley, thank you for taking the time to leave us with a review. We do strive to continually improve TravelSim where we can. If you would like to further discuss your sms, please do not hesitate to call us on 1300851676 to speak with a customer service agent. We are available 24/7.

Good Companion

Having a TravelSim is great for travelling. No need to buy SimCard from all over the world. And recharging is easy as well as checking your balance. Reception was good when we were travelling.

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We love to hear from our happy customers. We hope to travel again with you soon!

Embarking's TravelSim review

Simply can not go overseas nowadays without a data package to access the internet. Travel Sim's European data package saved me a few times when I needed to get online. Highly recommended

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It's great to see your needs are being met, thank you for choosing TravelSim!

Easy to use even for me!

The travel SIM card made contacting necessary contacts while overseas very easy! This was the first time we have ever used the travel SIM card and highly recommend it! Do yourself a favour and get one for your next holiday!

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Hi Josie, thank you for taking the time to leave us with a great review. Thanks for recommending us!

Great for peace of mind when overseas

I have just completed an overseas trip and am ready to embark on another. I have used Travelsim for a number of overseas trips. The Travelsim staff is obliging and professional, the call/text costs are excellent and, what I appreciate most, is the fact that I have the security of a well priced phone service whilst overseas when required. I recommend this service highly to family, friends and acquaintances. I have been reluctant to use data because of the cost. I need to investigate this further.

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It's great to see your needs are being met, Barbara. Thanks for the kind words on our customer service, and thanks for choosing TravelSim!

Economical alternative to roaming

When my normal mobile service provider wanted to charge $10 a day for roaming in the UK and Europe I needed an economical alternative for my 4 week holiday. TravelSIM was perfect. My partner and I each got one with the bonus of free texting between our Travelsims. Coverage was excellent throughout Wales, London and Paris.

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We love to hear about happy customers, Garry. Thanks for choosing TravelSim and we look forward to traveling again with you again.

3 months in Europe/UK and always in communication

Have had Travelsim on 5 previous overseas trips. This experience was the best of those 5 with no access problems, phone or sms. Travelled through 11 countries 9including Singapore and Hong Kong, and automatically connected to the local phone supplier. Travelsim is much more economical than roaming and is as effective.

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It's great to see your needs are being met, David. Thanks for the kind words and thanks for choosing TravelSim!

Simple for friends

TravelSim works perfectly in Europe.
However, despite assistance, it was a disaster in Hong Kong as it could not find the best operator.
To go to the 30 word minimum what else can one say!

Thank you for taking the time to leave us with a review. If you are traveling again with a TravelSim in the future, please call us on 1300851676 so we can test and ensure all is going to work as it should.Thanks, but, in principle, all is working well. We wont be going back to HK! We will use it again next year (from April 17) (Iran + Europe) and we would anticipate that, as this year, all will go well. The only problem that we have is telling our family and friends that they can call us for only 25c/min!!! They don't believe it! :) You have an excelloent product! George Paul

Happy traveller

Have used Travel sim around the world including USA. crystal clear. Just love it . Converted two fellow travellers into using it. Just try it ,you will love it also.

We are happy to hear that you have recommended our service to friends and family. Thanks for choosing TravelSim!Nice to hear from you.

Always in touch

I have used TravelSim in many countries including my last in South Africa. I needed data & hadn't prepaid for this. some places had no or very poor internet so I simply rang the provided phone number,. spoke to an Australian who sorted this out for me in minutes at a very reasonable price. Thank you.

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Thank you for your review, Lorraine. Our call centre strive to offer a fast and effective service 24/7. We hope to travel again with you soon.

Keep in touch with home

We have used it on all our travels all over the world. It’s a great way to keep in touch with home and gives you a secure feeling knowing you have communication whenever you need it without a huge bill when you get home. You are in control. Highly recommended :)

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Its great to hear that TravelSim makes you feel secure and in control of your roaming. Thanks for recommending us.

A must have when travelling overseas

TravelSIM is our sim of choice when travelling outside of Australia. Easy to use and gives us total control over communication costs. Works seamlessly with our Android phones in all countries visited.

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It's great to see your needs are being met. Thanks for the kind words and thanks for travelling with TravelSim!

Good price and free texts between SIM's

Simple to set up, good price if you don't need data, OK price if you do need data. The app gives your remaining balance. An unlimited text option to any phone would be nice but if you have two TravelSims you get free texts between them.

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Thank you for taking the time to leave us with a review, we hope you enjoyed your trip. Thanks for choosing TravelSim.

Fantastic to have

Great to have when you first land instead of trying to find out where you can buy one. Easy to use and keep track of your usage. Worked with my iPhone

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Hello Meg, thank you for the kind words.We hope to travel again with you again!

Don’t use if you have an iPhone

Firstly, I’m not sure that this issue is exclusive to TravelSIM but what a nightmare it is. The service itself is quite good but my wife and I returned home after 7 weeks in France/Netherlands, put our Telstra sims back in our phones and could not access the mobile data network. Called TravelSIM to be told it was a known issue with Telstra and iPhones, gave a bit of advice and left me to it. The advice they offered did not work so I went back to them and they said I needed to get Telstra to resolve the prob. No way, I said, you must have a structured way to resolve the issue if it is known rather than throw a customer into the pit that is Telstra. Nope, sorry, it’s a Telstra/Apple issue. As of now, 24 hours later, I am still talking to both Telstra and Apple. Done network reset without success and have done a full factory reset. Still no good. It is a nightmare. TravelSIM should be warning customers about this before they buy.

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Thank you for your review, this issue is not related to the TravelSIM and is an Apple/Telstra problem. We have investigated this matter and can see that other roaming SIM service providers are also experiencing this problem with Apple/Telstra. We have reached out to our contacts at both Telstra and Apple but they have not been able to provide with a fix for the issue. Apple have been replacing customers phones to try and fix the problem. Please be aware this is only happening for iPhone users on the Telstra network. Optus and Vodafone users are not experiencing this problem. We feel that Telstra has requested Apple to install some type of security into the handsets and this is causing a glitch. We dearly want to be able to get to the bottom of the problem but as this issue does not reside in our network we are unable to. We are keeping communication open with Apple and Telstra to assist them to rectify this issue. I'm really sorry you've had this problem, we don't want any customers to experience this inconvenience.

It was a necessity and it worked beautifully in all countries visited

It was the best communication assistance that we could have purchased. It worked a treat in all countries we visited. We were updated by TravelSim in every country we entered. It was great.

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Thanks for the kind words on our customer service, and thanks for choosing TravelSim!

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