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Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil

Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil

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30 reviews


Bad product & 0 rating


This product made my skin very itchy, red & swollen, It’s day 2 and it’s worse I have small pimples, in the corners of my eyes near my nose are like they have fluid in them & it’s puffy under my eyes I have taken antihistamines but doesn’t seem to helped, this sort of reaction is very scary especially at the moment it’s very hard to see a doctor because off the COVID-19. I usually use Nivea cream and this is what I should have stuck to.

Incentivised ReviewNo
Causes IrritationYes
Skin TypeNormal Skin


Every time I try it my skin looks better


I am 30 and I haven't taken a good care of my skin so far, I am starting to see wrinkles under my eyes and deep dark circles. I am trying different produducts and everytime I put this oil before going to sleep my skin really looks better in the morning. My skin absorbs it vey well, the only problem is the smell, I don't use it everyday as my partner doesn't like the smell, I personally don't mind but we sleep together...

Absolutely Love It


This product is amazing it leaves my skin feeling soft and rejuvenateated. I Love it and will be recommending to all my friends and family. I have noticed the improvement to my skin all together.

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Stella A.

Stella A.Sydney

  • 10 reviews

Great quality rosehip


I wasted money on other (cheaper) brands that had rancid smelling oils and have come back to Trilogy RHO. You get what you pay for. I think I have probably bought 15+ bottles. I try to buy it when it’s on special. I believe it has helped with my acne scars and dermatitis. I apply it after showering/washing my face.

Life savor !!


Since being pregnant my face just isn't the same going though all these hormone changes and different trimesters. My skin went from dry and flaky to oily and pimply

I had the same reaction


I have P I H. My skin is sensitive, I brought this oil and my skin was irritated and burning and it caused more pigmentation as a result. did yours clear up?

Love love this product


I had a very deep chemical peel earlier in this year and couldn't use the products I used to before peel so I started using this before bed in love my skin is fantastic and I love it's great for sensitive skin like mine can't live without really


Sandra56South East Queensland, QLD

  • 47 reviews

Good when I use it


Bought this as recommended by the famous Dr Oz ie rosehip oil (and the dermatologist he had on) to assist with wrinkles. I have always had combination skin, now in my early 50s. Have a significant line from side of nose to the corner of my mouth on one side and it is noticeably reduced when I use it. Dab it on directly from the tip under eyes, on forehead and near that lip region. Don't find it altogether comfortable, feels heavy, and sticky. Possibly put too much on.

T Trinket

T TrinketGold Coast

  • Verified purchase



Just purchased my 3rd bottle of Rosehip Oil and have had a massive reaction to the product. My face feels like sandpaper, burning and red irritation. I would like to hear from others who have had a similar experience.

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CH Girl

CH GirlSydney, NSW

  • 24 reviews

My Winter Survival


Best for dry and combination skins, I used it last winter. Apply all over the face including the area around the eyes ... What I also like about it is the cute affirmation : "I like your face and I don't mind your body either" :)



  • 15 reviews
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Great face skin moisturiser


I’m using this for about a month now to moisturise my skin and it feels and looks good. It has cleared up and improved my sensitive skin. I usually use 3 drops of this product to my face in the morning and before I sleep at night and has great results when you wake up in the morning, my skin is really soft and moisturise. It helped reduced marks on the face, and it moisturized quite nicely. My skin feels smooth and reduces lines around eyes. I will try to buy a bigger bottle next time.


FairygirlSouth-Eastern Region, NSW

  • 44 reviews

Amazing for dry skin


I have very dry skin, so I've used rosehip oil on and off for many years. I don't notice any anti-wrinkle effects, but it provides my skin with fantastic hydration. If I apply rosehip oil on my face at night, my skin is still soft the next morning.

I've used many products from Trilogy, and I know that their quality is excellent, so I trust that their rosehip oil is of a high standard. The scent of rosehip oil is a bit unusual for some people: it has an earthy tea-like scent.

If your rosehip oil has a fishy odour, it might be rancid due to not being stored properly. For this reason, do not store your rosehip oil in a hot room.
Hydrating for very dry skin

Love Rosehip


I use Trilogy Rosehip every night before I go to bed, helps the skin to renew it's self while you sleep. Always apply it on a damp skin. I buy mine online and I have found a great site called onefloor.com.au. I have found that all the Trilogy range is great :)

ideal for getting that fresh glow


It's amazing the results you get from just a tiny little amount this product can offer. I'm in my early 20's and I have dehydrated skin with oily t-zone. After several weeks of using , I noticed the skin feeling fresh and the skin appearance seems rejuvenated . When my face looks fired, I just put some on and it instantly feels and looks incredible. I also mix a tiny amount to my foundation, I find that it allows the foundation to glide on and blend in better. I don't have problems with wrinkles but I used on it a small scar on my wrist and it seems like it's helping. It smells very off putting though but it goes away pretty quick.
affordable, easy applicator, organic, results delivered, availability,
smells funky,



  • 3 reviews

Amazing product - An absolute beauty essesntial!

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  • 3 reviews



I love love love this product this oil really is so far the best i have ever tried! and i have tried many...
it has helped me with scars, blemishes, wrinkles, spots, dried skin and uneven skin tone... not just face but all over body will definitely buy it again!!
Smell is lovely


delta56NSW, 2430

  • 4 reviews
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A Miracle in a Bottle!


After surgery,I was left with scarring.I tried Trilogy Organic Rosehip oil,and found that the scarring was visibly reduced.Another benefit was achieved by using on face with outstanding results.As you only need a couple of drops,this has to be the best value beauty product available.Mix with sorbolene for extra value.Beauty box essential.
Not oily.


TreenieGoulburn Valley, VIC

  • 8 reviews

The perfect skincare product


This is my 'go-to' product and i would be lost without it. I have very sensitive skin and have tried many many different products over the years, but i always end up coming back to this. I now use it everyday both morning and night, over my regular moisturiser. It makes an excellent primer for under makeup too. I find it leaves my skin hydrated, smooth and silky, and never irritates. It has saved my skin many times, and i use it also on my neck, decolletage and sometimes hands for an extra pick me up. Works better than any serum, and i love the fact its not a chemical cocktail - all natural ingredients that are very effective. Love it!
Great for all skin types, good multi-task product, all natural
wish it came in a bigger bottle!



  • 28 reviews

Simple, yet effective



  • 6 reviews

Great Product


I have been using this for about a month it goes on smooth only need a couple of drops then your normal facial cream.
I have also used sukin brand but find the trilogy better so far also use less of the trilogy one.
My skin is a lot smoother and radiant.
Great value makes your skin soft


I have been using this product everyday before bed for the last 4 weeks, on my face, and i have noticebaly found my face to be alot softer, i have very sensitive skin and found it does not irrate my skin at all. Highly recommend.

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Questions & Answers

Rajbaxha M.

Rajbaxha M.asked

Hey triology ur rosehip oil is avalible on ali express at rs658 20 ml so plz tell me isn't it a fake product bcoz I want to order it while on other shopping app it is very costly plz tell me quickly?

No answers


does it work on scars 5 yrs or 10 yrs old? pls reply asap... :)

1 answer

Well worked on my old scars. I fell off my bike as a child and was left with a scar on my face. Had the scar for 30 years. Now it has gone. Maybe it will work for you and maybe it won't. Only one way to find out.



Does it work on facial spider veins?

1 answer

Worth a try. I had some small red veins around my nose and they have gone. You do need to use it morning and night daily for a few weeks or months to see results. It is not an overnight wonder oil. Although having said that, rosehip oil is wondrous. I have recently swapped over to the Kosmea certified organic rosehip oil and love it. Raw vegan foods, live vegetable juices and 6 glasses of filtered water a day will help diet wise with appearance of facial skin.

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