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Couldnt believe they would be so forthcoming!

Took out excess cover for my daughter as premium was lower than others and easy to set up. When my daughter was "forced" to take out excess cover again with rental car company to avoid $2000 bond , I contacted Tripcover with a view to cancelling. Although it was already the first day of cover, to my surprise and delight they agreed to refund her full amount. I am gobsmacked by this level of service and common sense.Will undoubtedly use again.AAA+

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This is my go to rental insurance.

This company gives great price, peace of mind insurance that makes car renting sensible. I would definitely recommend this service.

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Great service

Like the idea of actually getting car rental cover without the rental company taking a cut..got covered for a lot less than what the rental company wanted. But no claims made.

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What it Doesn't cover!

The claim was paid less admin fees. This is stated in the What we Will Not Pay section of the PDS. But without knowing what these fees could be it's of little use in making a purchase decision. The admin costs to me were more than the amount I saved by using the TC insurance instead of buying from Enterprise. Lesson learned.

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Hi Russell, thanks for the feedback I am still waiting for Allianz to get back to me on this issue and how to improve our information on our site and to redress your out of pocket expense to some degree due to our lack of disclosure.

Always Good Value

Easy to set up on app and always half price of rental company.
Never Had to make claim, but dont hope to either
Always get email with cover, and details

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Excellent Service

I didn't have to make a claim but had questions and needed to change the detail in my policy. This was handled in a friendly and professional way via email chats!

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Stops the rorting of insurance premiums by car rental companies

Absolutely a fair price for excess cover for car rental.
Simple to set up online.
I've never needed to make a claim in several dealings with tripcover so I cannot speak for customer service, but I certainly hope it would be as per other positive reviews I've read.

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Thanks BZ, If you or any of our customer's claims process has not been satisfactory you can contact us directly at email @ Tripcover.com.au and we will get in touch with Allianz to see what we can do. We are on your side :)

Good value, great customer service and easy claims

Great value excess insurance (or "secondary insurance" as they call it in the US) to cover rental car companys' standard excess in Australia.

Customer service is also very helpful over the phone for anything that can not be done on the website.

Tripcover policies are issued by Allianz Global Assistance and I found claiming to be generally quite easy, as long as you supply the paperwork and evidence to support it. Unlike other travel insurers they do not usually require the originals to be mailed to them.

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Thanks Will, some useful information for me as well as potential customers.

Great service.

Simple process and very helpful staff. I had a query about renting across 2 States on consecutive days (but with different rental agreements) and received an immediate response to my email. The product offers good options for cover, great value when compared with others in the market and I will definitely be back with Tripcover next time I rent a car.

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something to think about

i only found out about you through a friend who hires out cars i think your services should be more widely advertised as the service and price is right on the mark

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I agree in part, but we mainly rely on word of mouth and reviews such as yours. It is an expensive process doing pure advertising, especially for a new category of insurance. Hopefully slow and steady will win the race.

Good value Australian car excess insurance

Good cover cost for car rental i Australia. No slug for older driver. Cost better than others looked at, no un-required frills, around $6 a day, whereas car hire companies 3 times this per day.

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2nd time i've used trip cover and will continue to use it!!!

Great value and easy to use. I saved nearly $100 by using trip cover instead of going through the rental company and only takes a couple of minutes to set up. Excellent.

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clicked tax invoice but not sent

Hi all
I clicked for tax invoice but not sent,two emails but no Tax Invoice and no link to resend,now have to waste time chasing it up,
But this is one of the best priced insurance
It would be nice for them to read this review and send invoice (lets see if they read them :)
Cheers Garry

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Garry can you check your spam folder, your bigpond and our emailer does not seem to work well together. I will resend the invoice now.Hi Was not in spam folder or junkResent it again Garry, hopefully you get it.

Nice and easy to navigate website and affordable.

The site was very easy to navigate around website and also called the customer service line and they were very friendly and helpful. Also very good value for money. Would recommend.

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sooo good

I cant believe the money ive saved by dealing with Tripcover instead of going through the rental car company.
Quick and easy, no hassle will not hesitate to use them again and again

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One of the better online experiences...

I find tripcover good value, easy to use and flexible. Purchasing the initial cover was easy, straightforward and inexpensive. I couldn't figure out whether or how I could extend my cover online, so I called customer support, who answered quickly and within a minute or two my cover was extended.

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Amazing price for cover

Cannot believe how much cheaper than anywhere else I looked Tripcover was. Hopefully I don't have to make a claim but at least I can relax and enjoy my trip without worrying about a huge excess if anything does happen. Very satisfied with their service. Yvonne

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Best insurance cover

Tripcover is the best insurance company I have ever used. Their prices are reasonable and their service is outstanding. I would definitely recommend this service to anyone who is looking for cheap insurance when hiring a rental vehicle.

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This review is going into the pool room! Thanks Anthony

Very cheap, very easy and quick to get a quote and apply. Excellent!!!!!

Very cheap, very easy and quick to get a quote and apply. Also, it covers tyre and windscreen, and you can pay by PayPal, so no charge for credit card! Highly recommended. Excellent!!!!!

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Excellent product

A top quality, easy to use website for an excellent product. I have introduced it to family and friends. But what will I do when I turn 76 in 2018?

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We are working on this Alan.....coming soon.

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Questions & Answers

We will be hiring a 4WD from Hertz for a week in early July. Hertz says that if the vehicle is lost, stolen or damaged, we are responsible for: "the loss or damage to the vehicle; the Hertz Claims Management Fee and External Damage Assessment Fee; any towing and storage charges; loss of rental income; and other losses or expenses related to the incident". The accident excess amount on a 4WD hire is $6,000. Does Tripcover cover each of these types of claim up to the policy amount ($6,000)? We are particularly concerned about any loss of rental claim by Hertz while a vehicle is being repaired if an accident happens or the vehicle is damaged. Thank you.
3 answers
So if the car was stolen they would charge you $6000 and yes our policy covers this and other accidents. Their loss of use fee is not covered however.Thank you for your response. Your advice as to the full payout of $6,000 if the car was stolen is what I would have expected. My question was more directed to each element of what might be claimed by Hertz if the vehicle is damaged. Hertz would charge $50 per day to remove the risk of all of the elements I listed, which makes Tripcover’s premium of $21.56 per day look attractive (and is the reason for my enquiry), but only if Tripcover covers the same risks. Could you please let me know what the payout by Tripcover/Allianz would be in respect of each of the following components listed by Hertz if I took out a $6,000 excess policy with you, the vehicle was damaged and Hertz made the following claims against me: Repair of damage to the vehicle $2,000; Hertz Claims Management Fee and External Damage Assessment Fee $200; Towing and storage charges $1,000 (Northern Territory); Loss of rental income $2,400; and Other losses or expenses related to the incident $400. Thank you.Repair of damage to the vehicle $2,000; Yes Hertz Claims Management Fee and External Damage Assessment Fee $200; Not sure, unless it is part of the excess Towing and storage charges $1,000 (Northern Territory); Not sure, unless it is part of the excess Loss of rental income $2,400; and No Other losses or expenses related to the incident $400. No

Hi, Does Tripcover cover the deposit for the rental car? The car rental company already have my card details but can pay the deposit on the day, Will i still have to pay this deposit once covered by tripcover?
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Hello - we are considering to rent a motorhome from Wilderness Ltd In New Zealand. Their deductible is NZD 7500 for each event (Per clause 26. of their insurance T&Cs Pate’s below). Does the TripCover / Allianz excess insurance provide coverage for multiple events during one rental? Please provide a link to the TripCover / Allianz T&Cs for a Motorhome rental in New Zealand (renter resident in Switzerland.). Best Regards, Ted Wilderness Motorhome Ltd. insurance T&Cs: 23. Any driver described in this agreement as a person permitted to drive the Vehicle is, subject to the exclusions set out below, is indemnified to the extent of NZ$1,000,000 in respect of any liability he or she might have for damage to any property (including injury to any animal) belonging to any person and arising out of the use of the Vehicle. 24. The Hirer’s liability will be for any loss or damage to the Vehicle, however caused, and for any consequential loss or damage, during the term of this hire, or during any authorized extensions to the term up to the applicable excess amount (Note >>> Basic is NZD 7500) 25. The Hirer is liable for payment of the applicable insurance excess in the case of damage to, or accidents involv- ing the Vehicle when the Hirer has not taken liability reduction insurance. On payment of the liability reduction insurance by the Hirer, the excess payable by the Hirer is reduced or eliminated depending on the liability reduc- tion option selected and subject to exclusions in clause 28. The Operator may make the applicable deduction from the Hirer’s credit card following notification of any loss or damage to the Vehicle. 26. In the event of any damage to a Vehicle or third party property, another bond shall be collected to cover the excess for any subsequent damage. 27. Where the total cost of a claim is less than the excess then the Hirer shall be liable to pay that lesser amount. 28. The Hirer acknowledges that the cover referred to in clause 22 will not apply when: (a) the Vehicle is driven by anyone not named or described in this agreement as a person permitted to drive the Vehicle; (b) the driver of the Vehicle is under the influence of alcohol or any drug; (c) the Vehicle is in an unsafe or unroadworthy condition, such condition arising during the course of the hire, that caused or contributed to the damage or loss, and the Hirer or driver was aware or should have been aware of the unsafe or unroadworthy condition of the Vehicle; (d) the Vehicle is wilfully or recklessly damaged or lost by the Hirer, a nominated driver, or a person under the Hirer’s authority or control including sitting or standing on the roof, driving on any beach or surface likely to damage the Vehicle or cause it to become bogged or trapped, driving through flooded areas, submersing in water, contacting salt water; (e) the fuel or freshwater tanks are contaminated (f) the Vehicle was operated outside the terms of this agreement or any agreed extension of this agreement.
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Not really Ted, the way it works is if you did have multiple events you would still only be covered up to the value of the policy.

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