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Triumph Daytona 675

Triumph Daytona 675

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Don,t waist your money on one .

Been riding bikes 50years in a moment of madness i ended up with one , total rubbish i feel a fool, hard to sell , dropped money on the deal, glad to see it go .

Purchased in March 2006.

Amazingly bad quality control on parts!! Needs $2000 in repairs every year

Bought a new 2013 Daytona 675. Had the transmission fail 3 years in, failed again the same year within 8 months. Neither the dealer nor Triumph corporate is willing to help, it cost $2000 to fix at the dealership. Customer service is decidedly lackluster and pathetic. It is a known fact among Daytona owners that the transmission is prone to breaking and failing, still Triumph does not issue a recall. Spending thousands every year to keep it on the road.
Also has had continuous problems with the check engine light, comes and goes as it pleases. Dealer cannot figure out what the issue is. You are better off sticking with a more reputed manufacturer. You are on your own if there are any problems.

Date PurchasedFeb 2014


If you’re looking for a fun street bike that is at home on the track then this is the bike for you. I had a gsxr1000 prior to the 675 and the only thing the Suzuki did better was straight line speed. Also put a decent exhaust on and just enjoy that sweet tripple sound.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Perfect Bike

I've owned many bikes new and old of many types. Ive reviewed most of them on this site. When considering which one to assign the perfect 5-stars to out of the many very very good bikes I've owned, there could only be one 5-star bike... my 2006 daytona 675. Its a legend. If I had to pick one bike forever I'd have one of these. It looks so sexy still, it goes harder than the other supersports, it out handles the superbikes and it just doesnt age. Its a comfortable ride in bumpy or smooth roads, its stops, goes and corners intuitively. Its reliable when maintained and cheap to buy and run. It sounds really nice too, and Its sensible in that you can wring its neck unlike the unobtainable performance of a suerbike on the road. This is the one. LEGEND. Go up the shops on it, or ride it like troy bayliss on the twisties. Embarass bigger bikes and kick the other supersports into the dust. I still have a track bike since my wife demands that the road bike is a touring machine these days. But I still love munching through knee sliders like there's no tomorrow on ride days at Sydney motorsport park.

Insanely good bike, ahead of its time. known issue is the dodgey charging system, but triumph still honour recall warranty on that part even on 10yr old bikes. Once replaced it'll stay good. Buy one.

Date PurchasedFeb 2012

Outstanding Bike!

I purchased a brand new 2010 Daytona SE (MY11) in October 2010. I haven't used for commuting and as the bike has only 7000kms, you can see that I am only a weekend/great weather rider. To test my skills, I had two track days at Philip Island where the bike's limits were well beyond mine and was very happy with 1m55s lap times for a first timer where the bike performed flawlessly. I've ridden various 1000cc bikes but have never had the urge to upgrade as the performance of my 675 for the road and occasional track day is more than enough. Despite the leaping advances in bikes over the past 7 years, the 2010 675 is no where near obsolete and in my opinion looks just as good as any other new supersport. I have wide grin after every ride and am proud to own such an amazing bike.

Date PurchasedOct 2010

Fantastic bike, shame about the suspenion bracket failing.

My bike was the 2007 model and i loved the overall package awesome motor and great handling with excellent brakes. The suspension bracket failed in the middle of a corner resulting in the whole back end of the bike dropping on to the back tyre and no chance to make the next corner from there.After dealing with Triumph Australia who were helpful, Triumph England fobbed me off, despite that it had happened to other bikes of the same model in the US.It is ironic that the next model came with the bracket made of steel as opposed to cast alloy, no problem?My advice if you have a 2006 0r 2007 model and ride hard to replace the bracket and then you will have a great and reliable bike.
Looks, handling and useable torque and power through the whole rev range.
As mentioned above and regulator which was dealt with under a re-call.


its an excellent bike both on and off the track. its great power, comfy ride and great looks are very appealing.after 3 yrs on my daytona i still am yet to find a bike i would rather ride. from one "average joe" to another, this bike out performs and out manouvers every bike in its class.i have no hesitation in recommending this bike to anybody who is looking for a bike to either turn into a serious racer or just to have fun.
everything. its cumfy to ride, slick looks and suprising power for a middle weight super sports bike are very appealing. origionally i went looking for the 2006 650 version at my local dealer. the dealer informed me the 650 was no longer in stock and showed me the 675. that was it. without telling the misses or even test riding the bike i ordered my 675. when i first recieved the bike i was not disappointed. having owned and ridden many other road bikes, both of larger and smaller cc's, i was immediatly impressed with the sound the standard exhaust made and the power generated from the bike. once at home, reading through the owners manual, i was stoked by the number of simple yet impressive gadgets on the instrument panel. weather it be on the road or the track i have not found a bike i would rather be throwing around the corners then the daytona 675.
after 3 yrs riding my daytona, i havent found any major cons with the bike.


nice bike but with electrical problems wait and see if triumph and going to rectified the problem. google 675 exhaust valve and check triumph clubs WED Sits
i got one 6 mouths ago, nice bike to ride and sound great handles very well
the bike has a electrical problem with the exhaust valve. my bike has 7000klms and in the last 4 weeks it been back 4 times with the engine light on.


Sensational motorcycle, enough low-down torque for city commuting and enough real power to handle the rest. Huge amount of instantly-available power, unlike the Japanese in-line fours which need a good winding-up. The best factory braking set-up in its class, (comes with SS braided lines as standard)and cornering ability is fantastic. It is also the narrowest mid-size sportbike too, which helps if you're short. Ergonomics: riding position is race/sports oriented, so if that doesn't appeal, consider a tourer. That's not to say this won't tour - I have done several long trips and it's fine. It's not the most comfortable option for a pillion, but what sportbike is?
Summary: if you're in the market for a middleweight sportbike, test-ride one of these, you will probably be hooked.
Looks, torque, cornering, brakes, build quality, sound, uniqueness.
Factory steering damper is a bit feeble. If you're serious you will want an after-market one and they are not cheap


Extremely usable bike... 3 cyl engine gives you the torque down low and the high end (hold on to your handle bars) top end.
It's just so much fun to ride.. I've had mine for over a year, and i can't complain.
Its very comfortable too.. I thought it'd give me a sore back/wrists... but i've been on some all day rides with this.... can't can't complain.

It's same frame/chassy as the street triples..
Light weight, fast, handling, looks good,
Should replace oil dipstick with a portal (like the jappas have), should have fuel gauge, easy to lose license,

Fantastic bike, shame about the electrics

Torque to weight is the best thing and the torque is everywherre in the rev range. Really love the bike, in its handling, looks and sound and that is the reason to ride. Unfortunately after 2,700 km, the bike has had the stator replaced, main light and high beam replaced and now needs another battery. Apparently the rest of the bike is still under warranty but the battery warranty has expired. This pisses me off on a new bike. I would buy another and if it does the same I would throw it in the rubbish tip and never look at Triumph again. Its a shame because the rest of the bike is flawless. If it wasn't for the electrics I would have scored the bike 5 out of 5.
Price, Looks, Sound, Handling, Feel, Engine and eveywhere Torque, Poise and did I mention Looks!
Electrics and Electrics.

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In four years I have found only one problem and that was the alternator which was the cause of baterry issues, bugger!


By far the single most outstanding motorcycle I have ridden.
The first time I saw a photo of the new model I fell in love, two weeks later I had my test ride, 30 minutes after the test ride (for the paperwork) I had paid my deposit. I have clocked up 14,000km in the first year and a half and have not experienced one problem. The bike is faultless. You have to ride a 675 to experience the torque in every gear - its awesome. Roll on from 60kph in top gear or hammer it from 1st up to top (if you have enough clear road)and you will have a grin from ear to ear and sore arms from hanging on. The combination of noise from the butterfly valve cleverly positioned in the intake, the engine and of course the exhause is nothing short of symphonic! I regularly find myself banging up and down through the sweet-changing box just to hear the induction roar and the backpressure cackle :)
Well done Triumph - you have created a Masterpiece.
Andy Davies
South Australia
There is NOTHING to dislike about this awesome motorcycle! If I must name a few pro's then here goes - Looks, style, first class build quality, awesome power delivery, handling - goes exactly where you point it, performance, classiness, head-turner, heritage, sound, sound, sound - did I mention sound??? (especially with the Factory aftermarket slip-on).
Absolutely nothing - and I DID sit and think about it!

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Triumph Daytona 675
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