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Triumph Rocket III Touring

Triumph Rocket III Touring

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If u have own or ride a Rockett 3 u have own or rode a BIKE.

& a really nice comfortable ride whether u are a big mother f----r or a small punch u in the face 5 times b4 u no it guy.
Heads turn heads use 2 turn for Harleys but now u get sick of the sound of them.
Every man & his dog has one. Anyway to the point my Rockett is a orsum bike.
Bike has done 140k & is still power on 2 wheels no probs what so ever. Always keep clean blood in your bike.
ONE MORE THING GET A GOOD RADAR DETECTOR. Excuse my email its the email i send to government departments & TV stations
Definitely not aimed at the bike riders on this earth.

Date PurchasedJun 2018
When i ride my Rockett 3 the mirrors don't even tremble. Smooth very comfortable ride. & i pull 200k now & then. Sensibly. Only in the right place.I c that someone on this site obviously by his review on the rockett 3 has a nervous disorder & gets a itchy bottem when he rode his rockett 3. Sorry m8 thats not the bike. ITS WORMS. JUST HAVING A LAUGH

idiots who defame the R3!

there is a guy here (wistawosta) who claims there is vibrations when riding a R3?
i am not sure he's has ever had one or he's making it up?
I have 2 of these bikes, smooth as silk, handling is beautiful and turns on a dime!
Anyhow just thought people should know that this message is untrue!

Date PurchasedJan 2016

Amazing machine!

I've owned motorcycles since the late 1960s including Harleys and this bike is my all-time favorite. I'm 68 and bought it new three over two years ago. I took it on a 6,000 mile solo cross-country trip a month or two after buying it and it was a dream on the open roads of the U.S. west. My wife, who is 67, loves riding it (as a passenger).

I won't go into all the reasons that I absolutely love this machine because all that's been said before by others and there are many articles online describing this incredible bike. But I'm amazed and a bit confused by the reviewers here who complained tthat the the bike vibrates. Either they never actually rode a R3T and are HD riders who just want to bad-mouth it out of jealousy or there was something wrong with their bikes because the R3T is about as smooth as any cruiser can be. Unlike a HD with it's two cyliders and missing a beat that actually does cause vibration and makes a wonderful sound (I know because I've owned HDs), the rocket's engine has three cylinders firing perfectly evenly spaced at 0, 120, and 240 degrees with no missing beats which makes for almost no vibration. It also has a huge counter-balance for the crank. Something definitely isn't right in those reviews.

On the negative side, there aren't many accessories for the R3T, either OEM or aftermarket and service can be hard to find although I do all my own work so that's not an issue for me. But the bike needs almost no work except normal maintenance.

A truly great machine!

Date PurchasedMar 2016

So Happy I got Rid Of It

Bad vibrations , Clutch Problems , Not many bikes have their own problems Facebook page but the rocket has , the vibrations took the pleasure out of riding it , these bikes are really heavy unstable and difficult to do u turns and other low speed manoeuvres , would not buy again .

Date PurchasedDec 2016

My husband loves his Rocket 111 !!

This is a big bike not for the feint hearted. Its powerful, its big and its heavy but I husband thinks its far superior than a Harley Davidson. It handles brilliantly on the road, but you got to respect the rocket (his words) He is happy that it was good value for money - we paid $18500 with only 7ks on the clock. As it is such a heavy bike you do have to be careful with itas he dropped it and was very hard to get back up. Parts are hell expensive though. Overall its a bike thats got the pull power and its one hell of a powerful machine. He is extremely happy with it. Triumph is very expensive though to service it and not a lot of mechanics for bikes do like servicing them .

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

When the whole is better than the sum of the parts.

My recently purchased 2010 Rocket 3 Touring has been a revelation in the short time I've had it. After 19 bikes including five HD's (two were dressers), I was not expecting such good handling and comfort when considering the weight of the bike at around 395 kg versus my own 77 kg. 42,000 km were put on by the original owner who also added a backrest, rack and front crash bars. All of the brake-pads needed immediate replacing for the RWC, the rear tyre also, the handlebars had to be adjusted, but that was all. Yesterday I rode it from 10 am till 7 pm including through peak-hour Melbourne traffic, where the stop-starting can wear you down after the first hour and wearying near the two hour mark. It is particularly brilliant on long rides which is what it was designed for, as a quick ride to Sale and back on a wet day proved, but it's proven itself a manageable bike through city traffic as well. The engine didn't show any signs of overheating and the clutch stayed light. Above all, the Triumph Motorcycle Company deserve congratulations on creating a solid bike with loads of character.

Date PurchasedApr 2017

2015 rocket roadster superb

I just purchased a rocket roadster 2015. I have had 12 bikes from Harley's to a busa. This is by far the most fantastic. It's not for the corners but off the mark and as a cruiser it is amazing. I love how massive it is and the look is one that grows. It's unique and there are not a lot out there. Low torque is mind blowing. Yes it vibrates and pops a little with the pipes (not stock) but it's a 2300cc inline that have its effects. The best thing about this cycle is it's in a league of its own. I have read all the reviews. I watched all the you tube clips. Just take one out for a test. Credibility wise it's got presence and the runs on the board. I am only five feet 7 inches and 75kg. So if it seems too big or cumbersome stop kidding yourself it's not. It is like a tractor on steroids. If you want a unique massive eye catcher that is literally like a rocket then consider the roadster. Be prepared because it's like nothing else out there. People do not know what this is. Not until they see the badge. They approach it because of its size. I love the new style away from the silver chrome side tank and with the forward controls. The passenger seat is easy to take off and with the rear fender exposed looks hot. You wanna be king get a rocket roadie.

Date PurchasedOct 2016

My unbiased view

Wanted a fair dinkum two up touring bike , have a Harley twin cam & tried several pillion seats to entice better half to tour more. Test rode Rocket 3 Touring in Brisbane and wife thought it was pretty comfortable. Long story short , wife & I [ both late 50's ] bought a Rocket 3 Touring in Perth WA and rode 7,000 k's back to Queensland in 11 days in reasonable comfort.
Performance bog stock is outrageous , handling is excellent for a touring bike & fuel economy comparable to my Harley . Still have the Harley but as a non member of the black tee shirt / Johnny Reb's wearing brigade I don't have an axe to grind and can give an honest opinion .
Cheers "Different Strokes"
p.s. : " willo.harley" may have been lugging his Rocket 3 the way a lot of people ride Harleys, ridden normally I don't get that vibration.

Rocket 3 touring is the winner!

G'day all, bought my Rocket tourer back in 2014.
She was a pre loved one owner with a low 30,000 k's on the dial.
First thing I did was give it a service even though the log book showed it had just been done.
The reason for this is so I have an actual true reference point that I can believe and my derive intervals will now be accurate.
The bike was completely standard when I picked her up.
My first ride was a 470 klms dash up the mountains just to get use to the big girl.
I found myself cornering much easier and faster than I thought it could and thanks to the slightly higher running boards only touched down a few times.

For the size of this bike, it is very surprising how agile she actually is.
Over taking is a breeze without shifting down gears and breaking (thanks to ABS) is superb.

I decided to carry out some slight modifications not that it needed it only that I wanted it.

The suspension remains as standard. I found that the standard suspension to be very well set up for the bike and didn't need to be replaced.
I replaced only the pipes with the original TOR pipes supplied by Triumpd and removed the cat, I replaced the filter with a K&N replacement and remapped to suit.

Since then I've done two tours to Tasmaina at a total of 6,500 klm each time.
This bike fully loaded with all my gear and the wife with her gear didn't even notice it.
Performance and economy is very good at an average of 325 klm per tank @20 liter fill ups.
Handling is superb, doesn't matter if it's windy or not, it rained a few times and the bike just handled perfectly.
This bike is truly the best tourer in my mind I've ever had and if I was to sell it, it would only be to buy another one.
Look no further if your after a great tourer that can carve up the twisties and go the long haul.
The seating is by far the most comfortable and will allow you to ride for hours and hours.
I had a back rest on my seat which allowed me to ride for 11 hours straight only stopping for fuel and a smoke.
The handle bars are well spaced apart to allow handling to be effortless,
My favorite way of riding this bike is without the shield specially when riding up through the mountain roads carving it up.
This love affair will stay with me for a long time!
Good handling, great brakes, good seating for both, good fuel economy, great power and scares the crap out of anyone you over take.

Harley riders don't like you! A real head turner and conversation drawer,


I just want to ride!!!

What a disgrace Triumph,

If you want to feel a bike with a vibration, you should buy one of these, I bought one and it is shocking and the service from Triumph is the same

Bad vibration at mid range rev's, bad warranty service and parts supply

Questions & Answers

Has anyone had a very hot petrol tank on the Rocket 3 Tourer? I picked up my new bike yesterday and have only travelled 120 km’s on it and the last 50 km’s at 27degree ambient temperature in suburban traffic. I am worried that the fuel in the tank is getting too hot.
2 answers
Hi Rick i have a 2016 in Matt black, like most black bikes they do generate a bit of heat, but no problems at all.. over 6ks nowI checked the temp of the petrol inside the tank and the thermometer read 39.5 degrees C. I went back to the dealer and the young mechanic said that it was totally normal as the headers were situated under the fuel tank. 1700km so far and no problems displayed so he is probably right.

I ride a Suzuki intruder 1400 and I am spoiled with superior power and torque but when I ride for more than 4 or 5 hours I am worn out. I am looking for a touring bike that performs as great as my bike but doesn't wear me out. Is this r3 tourer my bike?
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Brother the Rocket is great for touring. But it ian heavy. So this means if your touring will include bends and numerous turned it will be tiring. On weekend I rode 600km. By the end of it I could most certainly feel it in my legs. But in saying this the additional weight holds well on the long roads. All in all it is a great machine. You have a lovely cycle. But honestly the torque is no comparison from the set of lights. I have. Itching but great things to say about the rocket. Hope this assists. Kind regards.

My low milage (10,000) 2009 (pampered) Rocket 111 is down for clutch repairs. Almost a total redo. Is there a history of clutch problem?
2 answers
Not that I'm aware of. I've had mine since 2013 and it's a 2011 model I bought second hand wit 30.000 K's on it and it hasn't missed a beat and now she had 45,000K's and still going strong. I would find out what oil you are using. I know it's tempting to put expensive oil in your bike but this bike came out with Casral 4t 10-40 or15-50 and that's what I put in. She runs smoother and hasn't let me down. Hope this helps. Happy rocketing buddy!!Thank you for the feedback! Much appreciated. Dave

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