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The solid luggages are great for long touring, but imposing for an ordinary use as a big cruiser.
Does any of you have an idea if the frame under the luggages and welded to the pipes can be removed without modifications? Thanks. Cheers. Tex

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Try some of the facebook or internet sites for rockets they have had discussions on this. I own a standard R3 , so didnt take too much notice.I seem to remember they dont look good without the luggage.

Gerritt Stassen
Gerritt Stassenasked

my truimph rocket 111 while i was riding the gauges flickered like a short what is the cause?

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it sounds like a loose connection, check the relay.. if not just take mention it when you get a service


Has anyone had a very hot petrol tank on the Rocket 3 Tourer?
I picked up my new bike yesterday and have only travelled 120 km’s on it and the last 50 km’s at 27degree ambient temperature in suburban traffic.
I am worried that the fuel in the tank is getting too hot.

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Hi Rick

i have a 2016 in Matt black, like most black bikes they do generate a bit of heat, but no problems at all.. over 6ks now


I checked the temp of the petrol inside the tank and the thermometer read 39.5 degrees C.
I went back to the dealer and the young mechanic said that it was totally normal as the headers were situated under the fuel tank.
1700km so far and no problems displayed so he is probably right.


I ride a Suzuki intruder 1400 and I am spoiled with superior power and torque but when I ride for more than 4 or 5 hours I am worn out. I am looking for a touring bike that performs as great as my bike but doesn't wear me out. Is this r3 tourer my bike?

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Brother the Rocket is great for touring. But it ian heavy. So this means if your touring will include bends and numerous turned it will be tiring. On weekend I rode 600km. By the end of it I could most certainly feel it in my legs. But in saying this the additional weight holds well on the long roads.

All in all it is a great machine. You have a lovely cycle. But honestly the torque is no comparison from the set of lights.

I have. Itching but great things to say about the rocket. Hope this assists. Kind regards.


My low milage (10,000) 2009 (pampered) Rocket 111 is down for clutch repairs. Almost a total redo. Is there a history of clutch problem?

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Not that I'm aware of. I've had mine since 2013 and it's a 2011 model I bought second hand wit 30.000 K's on it and it hasn't missed a beat and now she had 45,000K's and still going strong.
I would find out what oil you are using. I know it's tempting to put expensive oil in your bike but this bike came out with Casral 4t 10-40 or15-50 and that's what I put in.
She runs smoother and hasn't let me down.
Hope this helps.
Happy rocketing buddy!!


Thank you for the feedback! Much appreciated. Dave


Anymore reviews on the Rocket looking to purchase but that review is concerning?

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Mark B.Triumph

Hi Burgo,
There are plenty of reviews available online on the Rocket's. I can not comment on the above review as we do not know the circumstances. The Rocket is a very popular model, and rarely has much feedback at all. For those who love big power cruisers, you can't go past the Rocket III. There are some older reviews on bikesales.com.au.


Hi Burgo.
I wouldn't take his review to heart.
An opinion is like an a$&hole everyone has one!
i think he was a Harley rider who thought this was going to be like a Harley but guess what? It's nothing like a Harley.
Do yourself a favor and take one for a run.
You will not be disappointed!
In fact I just did a tour on my Rocket tourer 4.500 k's and she cruised like the wind and handled the corners like a sport bike on steroids.
Don't take mine or his word for it, take one for a ride and if you don't get back with the biggest grin on your face, then I'll be a monkey's uncle !!
And remember, it's not the bike you ride , it's the bike you love to ride !!


Concerning in what way buddy?

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