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Triumph Speed Triple R

Triumph Speed Triple R

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Poor manufacturing and unreachable Triumph Australia

I purchased my Street Triple R brand new in Nov 2015 after testing several bikes. I purchased new hoping for a long ownership. However after 14 month of ownership the bike Cam chain tensioner started making the noise. Returned back to dealer and was told it's quite normal. I was not convinced, took it to another Triumph dealer in VIC and was told that it's Triumph sound. The noise got worse and I returned back to PS in Kensington. It was deemed an issue. A bike that had done just over 7k had it's Cam chain tensioner replaced. The job took over a week to complete under warranty. After I received the bike, the noise was clearly there however something else had changed. However by the dealer it was considered to be normal. Few weeks into running and the engine warning light came on, I returned to the dealer and now I was told the alternator had been overcharging and needs replacing. I was quite concerned with the quality of build and contacted Triumph Australia to express my disappointment with the issues given that I had spent 17.5k on a bike that's barely done 8k. I asked for the warranty to be extended by another 6 months as a gesture of good will. Didn't hear anything back. I followed up again and received an email asking for VIN details and that was it.
The issue with the Cam chain noise became so worse that I finally sold my bike.
It was one of the worst experience I have had.
You can check the Cam chain noise issue on the web, and it's quite pronounced with these bikes.
I drove maturely, always filled with RON98 and had it serviced as per the logbook.
The issue here is that dealer would not care once the warranty is over and you can only contact Triumph Australia is only reachable via email. No accountability.
I am seeking advice to flag this with the consumer affairs vic.
My advice, if you are buying this bike make sure you get extended warranty included and be prepared to have your bike at the service centre more often than you would like.
Hope this helps you in making an informed decision.

Date PurchasedNov 2015

Triumph street triple RX 2016

What a good honest bike! This bike handles and stops like a cougar (thanks to Ohlins suspension and Nissan brakes), and provides a power curve that will accommodate almost any rider from beginner to a seasoned rider. It is not necessarily the fastest of its class, but provides a nice strong torque range straight off the bottom and rolls into a nice smooth but strong top end power curve. The only real negative observed would be the OEM mirrors, as they reflect more of your arms than the road behind you. Otherwise an excellent value for money bike!

Date PurchasedDec 2016

First upgrade

So, I ended up upgrading my Honda VTR250 to my dream bike the Triumph Street Triple R and I have to say it has met every one of my expectations.

From the time I took it out for a test ride, I don't think I've ever been so excited to be on a bike since the purchase of my Honda, and even though I could still keep and ride the Honda until the wheels fell off because it's just so reliable. But you don't want to hear about the Honda you want to know about the STR.

Firstly just to let you know I purchased the STR 2009 (The one's with the round lights) for me there was nothing even comparatively close to the aesthetics of the styling to this bike, I also looked at the Ducati Monster and even Kawasaki Z750R (I'm just a sucker for naked bikes) but there is something about seeing the engine and all the working components of what you are riding that you appreciate what engineers can do. It is a work of art.

The riding position on the STR is more upright than the VTR I notice more wind resistance on my helmet at speeds around 80km plus, the handle bars are also more straight which also keeps to sitting up rather than leaning on the tank. Speaking of the tank it is big but Triumph have managed to keep it flat on top so it doesn't dig in to your torso, this mean great egos for longer rides.

The ride height is about an inch and a half too tall for me, (I'm 5'4) but when i have my riding boots on it's just perfect (You should always wear protective gear - Do as I say not as i do haha) but you get used to the height and I have thought about adjusting the suspension and even lowing kits but to be quite honest you really don't want to be tampering with it because the way it's set up is just right.

Handling is unbelievable I don't understand how such a big bike can be so nimble, I mean i did my research and the majority of reviews and critics all say it is light and agile but you really don't get it until you ride one. The turning circle on the STR is very short but once you take a few corners you begin to feel like it's a bike you've always own and ridden many times.

The fuel consumption is not bad either although you will be tempted to rev the STR (It's candy for your ears, sooo sweet!) The STR does 20 less kms than the VTR250 and that's pretty good for a 675.

Now the for the engine the STR 675 just has so much torque no matter what gear your in, mid range it just eats up the road and at the high end red line my goodness! What a sound, what a feeling, I have found gear changes around 5k rpm and above gives you the most smoothest ride. But I have warn you about the first gear - on my second day taking the STR i went to over take a BMW and seriously, I only just opened the throttle up a little bit and I ended up passing the BMW wheelieing beside them. It was a shock to the system how easy it was, so just be careful in first. That said the power band is just phenomenal.

Insurance wise it was roughly around $500 cheaper across all insurance companies than the Daytona probably because you get more speed demons on the sportier Daytona. The price of accessories for the Triumph are quite expensive so if your thinking of customising your Triumph be sure to have some extra coin handy for some bits you just can't live without.

The Triumph Street Triple R is for riders who are purely for the enjoyment of riding, if you like the whistling sound of the straight 3 that makes candy from your ears, or the agility to feel confident taking corners, to the massive grin it puts on your face every time you take your baby out on the road. There is no other feeling like owning a STR, but the only way you will ever know is to take one out for a test ride yourself. All I know is one of my dreams has come true and I will be keeping this baby for a while.

Big bike light and agile, the unique sound of the straight 3, Eye and ear candy
A bit pricey

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Speed Triple R
Release dateJan 2012
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